Issue 86 March 2003


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Articles in this issue:

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  1. The Industrialization of Farming and Childbirth

    Michel Odent

  2. Trauma Release Body-Mind Processing

    Louis A Gross BSEE

  3. Case Study Issue 86: Tomatis Listening Therapy

    Ella Williams

  4. Radionics in the IT Era

    Gordon Smith

  5. Detoxification and Emotional Balancing for Optimum Health

    Sandra Hallawi

  6. Natural Health Holidays in Sunny Spain

    Jan Williamson

  7. The Healing and Transformative Qualities of Natural Cooking

    Montse Bradford

  8. The Trade in Wild Plants

    Chrissie Wildwood

  9. Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH)

    Melissa Ann Kennedy

  10. Editorial Issue 86

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  11. Letters to the Editor Issue 86


  12. Unwind and Relax

    Ruth White

  13. What We Fear The Most

    Dorothy Rowe - Deceased

  14. Chronic Inflammation

    Linda Lazarides BA

  15. Homeopathy & Colitis

    Dr Neil Slade

Research updates in this issue:

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  1. acupuncture

  2. antioxidants

  3. asthma

  1. cancer

  2. diabetes

  3. herbal medicine

  1. hypnosis

  2. nutrition

  3. pain relief

  1. women's health

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