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Radionics in the IT Era

by Gordon Smith(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 86 - March 2003


Dr Albert Abrams, the father of radionics whose work formed the basis for many therapies in energy medicine, died in 1924.

The world of 1924, six years after the First World War, was very different to the world we know today. Cars were few and far between, scheduled air travel did not exist, television was only a dream, cancer was significantly less prevalent, physics was moving slowly towards the new thoughts expressed today. It was a 'steam age' based on the Newtonian/Cartesian concepts of reality. Electricity was around but electronics was not part of everyday life. Wireless had arrived, but computers were part of science fiction.

It was in 1924, in London, that the Royal Society of Medicine set up a committee to investigate the new system of diagnosis that Abrams' was teaching to other doctors of medicine. In 1925 the committee reported that the diagnostic system worked but that the physics behind it were unknown. Therefore, the Royal Society of Medicine, along with the rest of the world, took little notice of the advent of energy medicine.

Homoeopathy had been around for some time, but like herbalism was generally thought to be derived from chemicals. Patent medicines promising the relief of illness abounded, and many were used by the professionals as well as the public. Medical research hardly existed and the pharmaceutical industry was in its infancy.

The Second World War suddenly brought medical doctors a new tool - antibiotics - which were easily seized upon as the answer to all illness. This, of course, was not true but many people were helped and the commercial rewards were enormous. Unfortunately, possible disadvantages were glossed over, and it is only in recent years that the dangers of over-use of antibiotics have been acknowledged.

The money generated by this new method of treatment enabled the pharmaceutical companies to research and design new methods of chemical intervention, and medicine generally became confined to drug and physical approaches treating physical disorders. 'Psychosomatic' was a dirty word.

In the latter part of the last century the shortcomings of a purely physical approach began to get recognised and more note was taken by main stream medicine of the effect of psychological imbalances on the state of physical health. Of course, the medical establishment followed the mainstream scientific view in the West, i.e. that thought arose in the brain from a chemical reaction and that spirituality did not exist.

Meanwhile healing, by laying on of hands and other means moved quietly along, scorned by the scientist, but loved by the people.

As the side effects of drug therapy and the trauma of other conventional techniques of medicine became recognized in the West, many people started to look at therapeutic systems outside the confines of the conventional, and many therapists arose purporting to offer health giving modalities. These ranged from the free treatment of spiritual healers to the mainly physical techniques of massage and manipulation, from simple homoeopathic preparations to complicated analysis from expensive equipment purporting to measure life forces etc. All these things are part of energy medicine of which radionics is an outstanding component. Radionics is dedicated to the holistic approach of treating mind, body and soul, which is not true of all the modalities of energy medicine. However, we must remember that in 1924 physics could not produce a rationale of the workings of radionics. Today the situation has changed and a paradigm shift is on the horizon.

Radionics on screen

Quantum Physics and Radionics

The world as we see it today is quite different to what it was at the beginning of the last century. Probably the greatest difference is in transportation and information systems and in physics where the implications of the Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics are having far reaching effects on conventional thought.

Scientific revolutions have a pattern that was identified and described in 1983 by Thomas Khun in his classic work The Structure of Scientific Revolutions in which the term 'paradigm shift' first appeared. No scientific revolution ever succeeds until it is adapted and adopted by the main stream through whatever lengthy process is necessary. It was in fact in the year 1900 that Max Planck wrote a mathematical formula on a postcard which he sent to his friend and colleague Heinrich Ruben. On this postcard Planck introduced the notion of tiny, discreet bundles of energy, which behaved both as waves and particles and came to be known as 'quanta'. The concept has become the basis of quantum physics, the strange new science that tells us that reality is discontinuous and deeply paradoxical - a reality which obeys statistical laws rather than the cause and effect rules of classical science.

The rate of scientific evolution depends on the flow of information, as does the stability in our civilization and the health in each of our bodies. The current orthodox view of information in the body is dependant upon an understanding of the nervous systems and the cardiovascular flow. But in alternative and complementary medicine other systems of communication are recognized.

Theoretical physicist Amit Goswami[1] has summarized the nature of reality in a Quantum world as follows:

1. A quantum object (for example an electron) can be at more than one place at a time;
2. A quantum object cannot be said to manifest in ordinary space-time reality until we observe it as a particle;
3. A quantum object ceases to exist here, and simultaneously appears in existence over there. We cannot say it went through the intervening space (the quantum leap);
4. A manifestation of one quantum object caused by our observation, simultaneously influences its correlated twin object no matter how far apart they are (quantum action at a distance; non locality).

The application of the principles of quantum physics have led to the development of some advanced technologies like lasers, transistors and the CAT scan, but we have difficulty contemplating events in our everyday lives as quantum phenomena. For instance, when we return to our parked car it seems to have existed there even when it wasn't observed, and it is only in one place at a time. However, the reality we experience in radionics seems to combine the conventional and quantum realities into a pattern acceptable to some particle physicists but not by the medical establishment. It must be appreciated that a viewpoint at sub-atomic level is different from that at everyday life.

Are we at the beginning of a paradigm shift taking medicine out of a physical domain into a more holistic understanding of health? It is only in the last 30 years that the term 'psychosomatic' stopped being a dirty word in orthodox medicine. Psychological approaches to illness have expanded enormously since the medical establishment adopted the concept of psychosomatic illness to explain illnesses that could not otherwise be diagnosed or cured.

In radionics, we add to the physical, the emotional, and mental, the spiritual level at which most illness originates. By helping the patient to be balanced at all four levels, they are given a a better chance of meeting their soul's requirements for incarnating at this time. There is no other therapy so comprehensive as the communication system that we use in radionics. Can this be adapted and eventually adopted by the medical establishment? If so, a paradigm shift to the holistic approach might be managed.

Many of you will have read Peter Russell's latest book From Science to God[2] in which he discusses the similarities of consciousness and light. As you know, light appears not to be affected by special relativity and appears to be constant under all known circumstances.

Consciousness as used in radionics, and indeed a number of other therapies, appears also to be constant and also to fit into the parameters of quantum mechanics. How else can we explain the type of instruments we have been producing at the Maperton Trust (see below) which automatically provide the patient with the choice of the energies of many therapies such as homoeopathy, flower remedies, anthroposophical medicines, ayurvedic medicines, psychological and physiological information to help the individual find the way back to health, to calm the emotional trauma, to clarify the mental process and increase the flow of the Divine Energy? This is the choice of realities we can now offer our patients! Why is it, that not everyone is not running to learn to use radionics, either for their own use or for the health of humanity, when the scope of what is offered is greater than anything else? The fear of the unfamiliar?

The Work of the Maperton Trust

In England where radionics has benefited from the freedom of common law, we have been fortunate to be able to carry out research into radionics, which has produced fully automatic systems, which anyone can operate, based on radionic principles. These provide the local and non-local treatment that is required by people, animals, crops and the soil. Our courses are named 'radionics' and 'energy medicine' as energy in medicine provides many meeting points for complementary and conventional therapies which require the use of energies. Matter is energy, and are not emotional, mental and spiritual aspects some form of energetic activity.

Modern medicine claims to be scientific but is based on empirical science that in turn is rooted in 17th century Newtonian cause and effect, mechanical physics and the Cartesian split of mind and body, rather than on the latest realities presented by modern physics. It is out of date and not in line with current science. Were medicine to change its reality to bring it into line with modern physics, adoption of alternative and complementary medicine would naturally follow. This would lead to reduction in medical costs and improvement in health care. The cost of the Maperton Trust's automatic systems are much much less than that needed for conventional medicine and they cover more aspects of health care.

Adoption of these systems would, of course, require expansion and reorientation of medical research. If it is accepted that humanity exists in the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual, and needs a balance in all four departments in order to be healthy, then medical research needs to be based on holistic lines to provide holistic information as well as the information obtained at a reductionist level.

If it becomes accepted that disease results from an imbalance and the disease works to return the patient to balance and to health, whether there is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual cause, this would radically change our view of illness, and indeed of death. This would of course be a huge leap forward in the evolution of humanity in the West and would lead naturally to eliminate our current propensity to damaging our habitat. It could lead to a worldwide brotherhood of man seeking sustainable spiritual happiness.

The research produced by the Maperton Trust indicates how the cost of medication can be radically reduced by using the energies of the many modalities and systems of medicine in the Maperton Trust data base. Treatment is selected automatically from the information obtained from the patient's body, thereby reducing the the time needed for diagnosis.

The Maperton Trust data base has well over one million treatments available to treat the patients continuously at a distance, or by local treatment, or indeed to produce remedies that can be taken by the patient. This form of sustainable medication, coupled with organic farming and growing to produce food of high nutrition, would meet many of the health problems that beset Western civilisation.

Our experience at Maperton suggests that the techniques that we have developed have considerable potential for group treatment. We feel that we have met the ethical requirement for such action by working only within the parameters of bringing everyone to optimum health so that they may evolve in accordance with 'Divine Will'.

Since radionics is primarily a holistic approach, treating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, the chances of helping people on their evolutionary path is much higher than with other therapies.

Early in our research we built some excellent conventional radionic instruments. The last one had the capacity to treat 18 people at a time with a maximum of 24 different treatments each and included sound and automatic timing. Our departure to the modern automatic range of instruments came when we decided to make an instrument based on the concept of Chinese medicine where various organs are treated at certain times of the day, this is the Universal Rhythm Harmoniser which automatically treats at a distance on a 24 hour basis. After this we computerized and I used the first of a new range known as ACTS (Automatic Computerised Treatment Systems) at an Ayurvedic Seminar in Poona in January 1995. After the seminar this instrument was used in the hospital's outpatients department by the medical doctors, with considerable success. On my return to England we made some alterations and set up a trial treating over 300 local people free - the results of this are on our website. Using the same data, we then produced a 'stand alone' instrument known as the BIORON to treat people in a normal clinical setting. At this time, the original data base of 250,000 was gradually being increased and before long we had a data base of 500,000 different treatments.

We have been making 'remedy makers' of various types and the AURM Mark III provides a system with a data base of over one million which can either treat an individual at a distance by giving stated treatments or by putting up the intention on the display panel; most commonly used intentions are C for constitutional and S for symptom. The state of intention is met automatically by selection from the one million data base. Another 'world wide first' is our ability to treat over the internet. So if you haven't tried it, it is worth having a go as a lot of people are being helped, although it is only a short treatment. We do have other automatic time saving equipment.

This is the new age of radionics, the quiescence of information technology; the techniques I learnt 30 years ago are consigned to history.

Notes and References

1. Professor Amit Goswami taught physics for 32 years at the Institute of Theoretical Science at the University of Oregon, USA. He is now at the Institute of Neotic Science. In 1993 he published The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Mind, and has started an on-line newsletter Science Within Consciousness.
2. Russell P. From Science to God. ISBN 1-928586-0606. 2002.


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