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Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH)

by Melissa Ann Kennedy(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 86 - March 2003

ARCH™ (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) is an amazing form of vibrational medicine that has re-emerged bringing us all the frequencies of life force energy and the ability to heal instantaneously. I have just returned from Hawaii, where I had the honour of being in the first group of teachers initiated by Laurie Keako'a' Grant as an ARCH Healing Teacher. I made a commitment to spread the wisdom of ARCH Healing with love and compassion and this is my first step towards that goal. I wish to share with all of you the amazing story of ARCH Healing, as told by my teacher Laurie Keako'a' Grant, explain what happens in an ARCH treatment and share some case histories.

A Session


Laurie Keako'a' Grant's ARCH Story

In 1996, Laurie was in a car accident that seriously injured her right knee. At this point she was a successful Reiki Master Teacher, but despite believing that Reiki would heal her injury, it did not. Laurie also went to other Reiki Masters in the hope that they could help her in healing her knee, but to no avail. In 2000, Laurie tore another ligament in her right knee, injuring her knee even more seriously. The orthopaedic surgeon said the tear would take months to heal, and told her not to travel. However, as this was five days prior to a trip to Hawaii where she would be teaching a Reiki Intensive course, Laurie went anyway.

Laurie was teaching in a hotel across the street from Hawaii's famous Stones of Life. On the day after she arrived, as she was meditating at the Stones of Life, she prayed and asked that, should she be given a permanent healing on her knee (at this point it was so swollen her trousers would not fit over it) she would do whatever she could to get that mana (spiritual power) out to the world. Suddenly a column of shimmering rainbow energy that she could both see and feel came down through her. Her MCL (knee ligament) was healed instantly, and all the swelling was gone. Her knee felt normal for the first time in four and a half years!

In a vision, Laurie saw that she was part of a group of ancient Rainbow People. There were about 50 of them. Some had lighter bodies than the hard dense ones we have now. All were standing round a pond, holding hands, making a commitment to remember the ancient rainbow wisdoms. When the time was right they would come back again and spread these ancient secrets to all races and cultures. Laurie was re-initiated and asked to share the ancient teachings with the world. She intuited the name ARCH – Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing.

At first, the visions she was receiving were so overwhelming that Laurie thought she may have 'lost it'. She remembered thinking at least "what a way to go!" ... She then began extensively researching all the information she had channelled, to attempt to verify the information she was channelling. She was pleasantly surprised to find that 80% of the information she had channelled was validated in ancient Hawaiian literature.

Background on Laurie Keako'a' Grant (ARCH Healing Founder)

Laurie is an internationally acknowledged healer and psychic teacher with over 30 years of experience in the field. Laurie's extensive qualifications are backed by her impeccable integrity, ability to empower her students to find their truth and great sense of humour.

Laurie has received support and been given blessings by many Hawaiian Elders and Kahunas (Kahuna is a Hawaiian word for master, expert, priest, keeper of something secret). Laurie has also been honoured by a Kumu (teacher) from Molokai who is a respected Kahuna.

The Legend of ARCH (as intuited by Laurie Keako'a'Grant)

When early beings inhabited Earth they knew they were not separate from the Divine Source. These ancient beings ran all frequencies of divine life force through their bodies and appeared to have rainbow bodies. All of their chakras bodies were wide open, they had a pure connection with the Divine Source. The Rainbow people were limitless and were able to use their unlimited energy to create amazing feats (perhaps even some of the pyramids in Egypt).

As these ancient beings took on more of a body personality, they became more and more dense and began to forget their divinity and their oneness with the Divine Source. The Rainbow People's energy became more limited and they began to split into three parts of themselves – the unconscious, the conscious or intellect and the Divine Conscious.

Some ran more survival energy and became greedy. Others were more psychic and wilful and used their ability to gain power and control. Still others expressed angry emotions and lost their connection with the Divine Source altogether.

The priestesses and priests became very concerned and knew it was time for some of them to leave if they had any hope of keeping any of their Divine energy intact. Some relocated to Polynesia and called a gathering of all the Rainbow People. (The natives called them 'Rainbow Woman and Rainbow man who see all' and represented them in petroglyphs.)

About 50 of them came, mostly women, but a few 'beautiful men'. They vowed to go through many lifetimes to different cultures and races and to remember the ancient wisdom. They vowed to come back when the time was right to teach the ancient truths to those who had forgotten.

Now is the time when the world is ready and needs to be reminded that none of us are separate from the Divine Source and that divinity is in everything and everyone. ARCH, Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, is living the truth of oneness by integrating again the three parts of ourselves into divine oneness. ARCH is not a religion but a path to enlightenment.

ARCH Healing Treatments

Although the foundation for Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing – ARCH™ – is found in the basics of Hawaiian mysticism and healing, ARCH goes far beyond those teachings. The goal of ARCH is Oneness with the Divine Source which creates love, bliss and conscious healing, and to honour that Oneness in everyone and everything. ARCH is about empowering people in their connection with the Source. It helps people discover why conditions may have arisen and what lesson or pay-off it has brought to their lives.

The client remains fully clothed throughout the session and the treatment can be done either lying on a couch or sitting in a chair (latter recommended as it is easier to access both sides of the chakra energy points when sitting).

The ARCH Practitioner asks the client what they want healed and then helps the client establish what the perceived lesson or pay off may have been in association with that 'dis-ease'. The client is then encouraged to visualize the dis-ease leaving their body and then imagining a state of perfect health and well being down to the level of their DNA. They imagine the healing already done.

The ARCH Practitioner always asks for permission from the person's being and assistance from the Divine Source, client's higher self and any other healing guides that wish to assist the treatment.

The ARCH Practitioner brings down in turn various columns of Rainbow energy. For instance, they may bring down Kala Kahiko, Rainbow Mana and Rainbow Mana Mana columns of energy that help clear, heal, harmonize and balance at various levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, conscious and unconscious).

The energy is run through the client's body and concentrated energy bubbles are placed in key energy centres (including in each of the main chakras). More attention may be given to the area(s) of concern. The energy is grounded into the Earth, and more energy is sent back from the Earth through the client out back to the source.

ARCH is a powerful healing technique that can facilitate instantaneous healing. The real miracle occurs when the person is ready to allow the healing to take place – the ARCH practitioner is a mere facilitator in the process. All ARCH treatments are immensely helpful, even if there are no immediate 'miracles' or instantaneous healing. ARCH works on numerous levels and always works in the way which is for the client's highest good.

ARCH – A Quantum Leap Beyond Reiki

Reiki has been around for almost 100 years. I believe Reiki has played a crucial role in increasing consciousness and awareness in this planet and paving the way for energy vibrations such as ARCH (in the same way that in a 100 years' time or sooner other energy vibrations will be probably be revealed to us).

Reiki has been called the 'Emerald Ray' due to its connection with the green heart chakra. Dr Usui, the founder of Reiki, saw, during his enlightment, millions and millions of rainbow bubbles and then shared only the Reiki wisdom. ARCH is the full spectrum and encompasses all of the rays. It has the ability to heal instantaneously and resonates at such high frequency that it can make people go into altered states, and even levitate!

Clients describe feeling various sensations during ARCH treatments such as: floating, heat, cold, tingling, state of deep relaxation despite full awareness of the treatment room and even outside noises. Clients have noted that the energy feels very different to that of other energy treatments such as Reiki. They describe that during Reiki they are more aware of 'physical sensations' perhaps due to it working first on a physical level; whereas they seem to be more aware of 'ethereal sensations' during ARCH treatments, probably due to the fact that ARCH seems to start working with the unconscious.

ARCH Results

ARCH Healing has produced many instant physical healings. Students and clients have had success with a wide range of conditions such as: melanoma growth, torn disc in lumbar spine, long standing abcess in molars, near vision improved by 80%, anxiety attacks, TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) problems, broken arm, long term bronchial congestion, pinched nerve healed, lump in breast, glaucoma, torn rotator cuff, blood clot in leg.

The potential for healing is unlimited. However, it is important to remember that ARCH Practitioners will bring the highest level of ARCH energy that is beneficial for both the client and the practitioner, the client then has the opportunity to allow the healing to occur if it is for their highest good. The healing is therefore facilitated by the practitioners, but enabled by the clients!

ARCH Case Histories

AH, female, 32, suffering from stomach pains and ulcers impairing her from work. Doctors unable to find the source of the problem. During ARCH treatment, client received clear guidance on emotional source of her problem and what next steps to take in her life. Outcome after ARCH session – during the week that followed client was very tearful and cried many times, at the end of this week felt enormous joy and harmony in her life. The stomach problems healed.

MC, female 35, chronic low back pain from snowmobile accident several years ago. Doctors released her saying there was nothing more they could do – client would have to deal with pain for the rest of her life. Outcome after ARCH session – low back pain 98% gone and no return to date (2 months later). Client is now referring patients and will be signing up for ARCH class to use with family.

MA, female, common cold and flu symptoms, low in energy and suffering from headaches, earaches, running nose and sinus pain. Outcome after ARCH treatment: headaches and flu symptoms improved and healed.

AB,75-year-old man with inoperable lung cancer. Doctors said they would give him chemotherapy to shrink the tumour and to give him 3-6 months to clear up his affairs. We started ARCH at a distance on the week he began chemo – he received ARCH every week from the ARCH group. On the 6th week, he had a check-up and the doctor said it was unbelievable, but the cancer had shrunken, and was now operable, and that they would take out one lung. More ARCH was sent every the 10th week, at operation, the tumour had shrunk again and they only removed half a lung. He recovered. Also, the client's private Medical Insurance had cut him off because he had a terminal diagnosis, and the client had spent all his money including sale of home...ARCH was sent to the private medical insurance manager. The client was awarded all the money for the operations and treatments, £165,000. He told the doctor, who was truly astounded, that he had angels who prayed for him every Thursday.

M, female, 17, with chronic ulcerative colitis. The girl had been losing weight steadily, was down to 80 pounds and unable to go to school. She suffered a haemorrhage and was in the hospital where they had transfused her entire blood supply four times in 36 hours. The doctor said M could not be saved and that they could not keep on transfusing her entire blood supply. Her mother called someone who is part of an ARCH group. ARCH healing was sent at 8pm and by morning the bleeding had entirely stopped and M was stable. ARCH was sent every week for several months. She went back to school, finished up her final year at school, graduated, and then during summer, had her first period in over a year. Again, the doctor had no explanation of how M survived and regained her health.

Melissa's Journey to Discover ARCH |||Healing

About three years ago, I received a wake up call during recovery of a personal healing crisis. I realized that although I was leading a successful corporate career I had neglected my personal and spiritual journey. I had to dig deep to find answers to some tough questions. During my recovery I had a Reiki treatment, during which I felt the clear presence of my spiritual guide. This prompted me to take my first Reiki class a few months later.

I had been looking for a more spiritual Reiki Master Teacher to take me to the next level in Reiki. I was part of a Reiki group in London, and one of the women, an American from Seattle shared with us a leaflet that had been sent to her parents' home address in America addressed to her (incidentally she had not lived with her parents for over 20 years). As I read about the Reiki class and the teacher, Laurie Grant, I noticed a little article about ARCH. I went to her website and the more I read about ARCH the more I just knew that it was part of my journey to learn more about it.

At first Laurie was only teaching ARCH to her Reiki students, so I took her last Reiki Intensive course (which was in New York two weeks after September 11th) in order to start learning ARCH as soon as possible. I was back in NY in November 2001 for my first ARCH course. And since then have taken all the various levels of ARCH, and completed the ARCH Teacher Training course in Hawaii in November 2002.

I believe that each and every one of us has Divine Essence. We are created from this beautiful perfect loving energy. This essence is pure, whole and complete and is always there within us. There are times in our lives when we forget who we really are and what we really stand for... almost as though we are suffering from an 'amnesia of being'... Who am I? What am I doing here? Why am I doing this? How did I get stuck in this job, or relationship, or dispute? These are some of the questions I have had and that may have arisen at some point in your life.

It is now a time of awakening, a time to remember who you truly are and feel totally empowered by this discovery. A time to take control of the driving seat of your life and steer your life in the direction that brings you love, truth, knowledge and wisdom.

It is no coincidence that ARCH has resurfaced now. Laurie is but a vehicle, a re-discoverer of this ancient wisdom of healing. Laurie's research shows there is mounting evidence from many sources that these truly are extraordinary times. Times of great change, times of a Great Re-Awakening. Drunvalo Melchizedek (in his book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life)[1] suggests that just as we have our daily cycle of falling asleep at night (losing consciousness and awareness), human civilization also goes through a cycle of awakening, falling asleep, and reawakening, over a 26,000 year period that is called the Great Year, the Platonic Year, or the Precession of the Equinoxes. Drawing upon ancient Hindu sources, as well as his own guidance, Drunvalo suggests that we are right now at the time of greatest awakening, and that 13,000 years ago was the time of falling asleep. He further suggests that ancient peoples, living during this awakened stage of human consciousness 13,000 years or so ago, knew that a time of falling asleep was coming, of a prolonged Age of Darkness, and sought ways to preserve their wisdom and knowledge. Secret societies and isolated outposts of peoples became the keepers of this ancient knowledge, retaining it through the millennia as best as they could, awaiting a time when human civilization as a whole was ready to recall this knowledge. That time is now. I believe Laurie found a part of this ancient wisdom, ARCH, and that there is a growing population that is ready to reawaken to these higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

I believe ARCH is an ancient wisdom that is now once again available to us in this time of Re-awakening. ARCH is not a destination, it is part of a journey to re-connect to the Divine Source. ARCH is not a religion yet it can support us on whatever spiritual path we may already be following. It helps us to reawaken the enormous power we have within us. ARCH has found me and maybe now, it has also found you.


ARCH would not be around today if the native Hawaiians had not kept the mana (spiritual power) energy alive. ARCH is incredibly powerful energy and needs to be treated with utmost respect. Many Hawaiian myths have pieces of the ARCH legend in them. Some even prophesied that the ancient wisdom would be shared when the time is right. ARCH suggests that the ancient wisdom is realizing that we are not separate from the Divine Source.

Recognizing the Oneness in everyone and everything (including yourself) is the key to conscious healing. Again, while the foundation of ARCH is found in the basics of Hawaiian mysticism and healing, it goes beyond these teachings. ARCH is the bridge back to Oneness with the Divine Source.

Life is a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Remember to enjoy the journey!


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About Melissa Ann Kennedy

Melissa Ann Kennedy was born and educated in Brazil, by her Brazilian mother and English father. Melissa grew up with a spiritual upbringing (from her mother) and intellectual balance and rational thinking (from her father). Melissa has been studying and exploring a wide range of complementary therapies over the past seven years. Melissa also has three and a half years experience working in the corporate world. Melissa has qualifications and practices in a wide range of therapies including: Professional Kinesiology, Aura-Soma, Reiki Master Teacher and ARCH Master Practitioner and ARCH Healing Teacher. Melissa has made a commitment to share the wisdom of ARCH with integrity, love and compassion. She believes in assisting her students in reconnecting with "who they truly are" through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. ARCH is one of the paths of enlightment in this journey. Melissa is now teaching ARCH Healing classes for those are ready to take this next step. If the story of ARCH Healing has found you and has touched your heart, then you can find out about courses and individual treatment sessions via Tel: 07811 267 834; melkennedy@aol;

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