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Jon Whale is an electronic design and development engineer working exclusively on medical applications. He is also a graphologist, transactional analyst and teaches and lectures internationally.Jon has  researched the effects of the energy body (Unified Field or Aura) on psychological and physiological diseases combined with Ayurvedic Medicine and Electronic Gem Therapy. His books include Naked Spirit: The Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Maps for Health and Disease Including The Assemblage Point Blueprints. He can be contacted via whalemedicalinc@aol.com  www.whalemedical.com

Articles by Jon Whale PhD

  1. Radiometric Thermal Diagnostics and Dielectric Resonance Management Techniques

    Listed in energy medicine

    We emit electromagnetic waves, which are undetectable by ourselves, conventional photography or video. It takes very sophisticated and finely calibrated radiometric apparatus to det...

  2. Core Energy - Case Studies

    Listed in energy medicine

    Case studies from the patient files of Jon Whale and Shanti Patricia Cole

  3. Core Energy Surgery for the Electromagnetic Body

    Listed in energy medicine

    The short cut back to health, normality and freedom. The information presented below is not a theory but the result of 20 years of clinical observations. Anyone prepared to investig...

  4. Core Energy: Locating the Assemblage Point

    Listed in energy medicine

    Every so often, a beneficial discovery or invention comes along that changes the course of fortune and history. Discovering and proving that every human has an Energy Body and Assem...

  5. Core Energy - Case Studies

    Listed in energy medicine

    The following four cases illustrate when it is and is not appropriate to shift a patient Assemblage Point manually

  6. CORE ENERGY: Shifting the Assemblage Point

    Listed in energy medicine

    In the final part of this ground-breaking series, Dr Jon Whale describes how to shift Assemblage Points. Instructions regarding how to locate Assemblage Points, pre-requisite to act...

  7. The Medical Power of Precious Gems

    Listed in crystal healing

    With death, our vital Life Force departs and the organic body becomes overrun with bacteria whilst it decays. It is the Life Force or Chi energy that protects living cells from inva...

  8. Gem Therapy Healing - Back in The Saddle

    Listed in energy medicine

    This article focuses on gem therapy and the healing properties of gem stone powder. Medicines prepared from gem stones are believed to date back to the 12th century.

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