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Core Energy - Case Studies

by Jon Whale PhD(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 15 - October 1996

Baby 'Jade'. Kendal. Cumbria. Four month old baby girl. 26 March 1996

Baby 'Jade'. Kendal. Cumbria. Four month old baby girl. 26 March 1996

Photo 1

26 March 1996. Jade was suffering from contact eczema. Her mother reported to us that the eczema spread all over her body. It originating at her right eye after she received chloramphenicol medication to her right eye, she had a 'sleepy eye' condition. Jade and her mother stayed in hospital and underwent various unsuccessful therapies during which, her mother reported that Jade became increasingly distressed. Her hands and arms were bound and restrained to stop her from scratching away her remaining skin. Other physical symptoms were evident, swollen thyroid and glands, also elimination abnormalities. Her general behaviour was extremely distressing and volatile. She received a short, mild treatment of cool emerald and calming blue sapphire to establish her response.

On the 11 April 1996 there was a 15% general improvement in her condition. She received a full 20-minutes treatment to her skin and liver area. During the treatment Jade became increasingly exuberant.

2. Baby 'Jade'. Kendal. Cumbria. Four month old baby girl. 26 March 1996

Photo 2

22 April 1996 illustrates a 50% improvement in her condition after her last treatment, new healthy skin growth establishing more ground. The eczema was contracting back towards the original point of contact, her right eye. This eye was treated using blue and yellow sapphire. Her mother reported that she had more energy than usual after her last treatment.

3. Baby 'Jade'. Kendal. Cumbria. Four month old baby girl. 26 March 1996

Photo 3

7 May 1996 shows a 90% improvement including her eye. Her mother reported that it was an absolute joy to have her baby back to normal. She had been ill for so long that she had forgotten how much she enjoyed Jade before.

4. Baby 'Jade'. Kendal. Cumbria. Four month old baby girl. 26 March 1996

Photo 4

Photo 4 illustrates the none-invasive treatment lamps in use with Jade. The Electronic Gem Therapy Equipment is Caduceus Lux II. Rates:- Liver:- 16 HZ, skin at 3136 HZ, 12 volts, Green filter with 40 carats of emerald and blue sapphire mixture. Eye:- 2093 HZ, 6 volts, blue filter 30 carats of yellow sapphire.

Tony B. Carnforth, Lancashire. Age 13. 5 March 1996

Four years previously, Tony fell backwards from a high stone wall at his school. He was unconscious and hospitalised for concussion. He suffered headaches and vomiting after regaining consciousness. Later he developed alopecia and eczema at the site of his head injury (parietal bone left side).

His mother reported that he had been a very energetic and extrovert boy before the accident. However, since the accident he had not attended school, developed agoraphobia, insomnia and hardly ever left his bedroom. Over the years he had seen many specialists for various examinations, X-rays and scans. He received extensive treatment from homoeopaths, osteopaths and a physiotherapist with some improvements. More recently, his psychiatrist held the opinion that he was suffering from ME and that he would have to go into hospital for drug tests. His medication was anti-depressants and anti-inflammatory analgesics.

On examination, the location of his Assemblage Point was found very low down on the right side just above the critical line at the navel. (Fig 4 The Shift Below) His depressed attitude, slurred speech, monotone voice and a hunched posture were confirmation of the low location. Tony admitted that he was always staring at the ground. He complained of having no energy and extensive pains.

Tony co-operated, so shifting his Assemblage Point up and across to the central location was easy. He agreed to further treatment with Electronic Gem Therapy. His head trauma, back pains and other complaints received treatment with a strong analgesic mixture of emerald and blue sapphire, with a violet Lamp at a frequency of deep Theta (3.3 HZ) for 30 minutes.

Two weeks later, on his second visit, his mother reported he had been cycling and attending local social functions and that he had been sleeping far better. Tony told us that he had experienced much more energy, but over the last few days, he complained that it had 'dropped away'.

Examination revealed that his Assemblage Point had partially dropped. This is normal with long term misalignment. He received treatment similar to that of his first visit. On his third visit, he arrived on his bicycle (having cycled 12 miles). His complexion, energy, speech and posture were much better. His Assemblage Point had slipped down a little. Tony said that his psychiatrist had noted a significant change in him.

Tony's alignment was corrected 5 times over a 3 month period. Each time the correction distance was less, and the interval between visits was greater. At the time of writing (six months later) Tony is free on pain, sleeping normally, off all drug medication and is taking up extrovert activities, including archery and fishing. Given the length of time that he was ill, his recovery has been remarkable. He has left behind four years of negative states of consciousness. Tony's case is a classic 'Dropped Assemblage Point'. The disruption to his education and personal development is regrettable.

Mrs A B. Yorkshire. Retired. 12 April 1996

This lady had developed eczema with very irritating symptoms 18 months before, following the sudden death of 2 close relatives. She was taking sleeping pills, antihistamine tablets and hydrocortisone ointments. More recently her skin was showing abnormal discoloured patches. The hospital had suggested that it might be skin cancer and that she required tests. She was hot and itching all over her body, also anxious, nervous and angry. Her Assemblage Point was below her right breast and aligned downwards to the right side.

Her Assemblage Point was corrected and she received Electronic Gem Therapy using green filters, emerald and blue sapphire mixture. The Lamps set at a slow relaxing Theta frequency were directed at the crown of her head to interrupt the itching sensations. As treatment went on, the itching and redness subsided. Mrs B required 2 more treatments, after which she was free of all her medications and her husband was "absolutely delighted".

Mr David H. Labourer. 32 years old. Lancashire. 12 October 1994

This strong hard working man complained of being different to other people. He wanted to know why other people avoided his company. He was drinking too much and felt dejected, his behaviour was unpredictable, this was getting him into trouble with the police. He also thought others were afraid of him. He further added that his troubles started some years back, after someone gave him a bang on his head with a lump of wood.

David's alignment was abnormally different to that of the average person (Fig 4) and that it was probably due to his head injury. We pointed this out to him and located his Assemblage Point and realigned it to the chest centre. This was his turning point and as the months passed, his behaviour became more socially acceptable. His misalignment was responsible for his unsociable behaviour, he projected his feelings of paranoia onto external situations, this triggered his incidences involving the police.

Ms Grace R. Lancashire. Born 8th April 1953. 10 October 1995

This educated introvert lady with a rational disposition had been suffering ME for a number of years. She complained that her general health had been gradually deteriorating, presenting chronic tiredness, excessive menstruation, bleeding gums, sore throat and constipation. Grace told us that she was a nutritional vegetarian, had stopped taking her doctors prescribed medications, and had tried various other therapies.

Grace's Assemblage Point location was below her right breast with the alignment at a steep downward angle veering off to the right (Fig 4). Her crown, brow, navel, base and spleen chakras were underactive, her heart chakra was normal but her throat chakra was overactive. Her Assemblage Point had to be corrected and she required Electronic Gem Therapy to energise and balance her chakras. Her throat chakra was calmed with emerald and sapphire mixture. This included a profound 30-minutes relaxation therapy, using diamond and blue sapphire to her head at a brain frequency of Theta (3.3HZ).

This single treatment was her 'turning point', shortly after this Grace took up Tai Chi lessons. She has made a full recovery in less than a year.

Assemblage Point shift on ordinary people. (Non pathological)

John C. Engineer. Born 1947. British. 19 January 1987

I read about the assemblage point in Castaneda's book. At the time, I had not realised the full truth of his book. I was under the misunderstanding that shifting the assemblage point was a shift in the mental attitude. The book did not put me in touch with my own assemblage point. I did not realise that the assemblage point was more than a psychological thing.

Attended a workshop by Jon Whale, I was told that the assemblage point was a component of the human aura. I had my assemblage point moved to the centre of my chest and down a little and was surprised at the straight-forwardness of the procedure. I felt no pain.

When straight afterwards, I was asked, "What was I experiencing?" I replied that I did not want to talk about it. This was a notable change from my previous habit of thinking and intellectualizing about almost every experience that comes my way. Since that first shift, I feel much more centred and in touch with my body, also much calmer. I like my new state of consciousness, I am experiencing more, and thinking less. I now have my point moved every few weeks.

Vikki C. London. No other data given. 3 March 1987

Before the shift I felt out of centre, a bit low in my mood, self conscious and anxious. I also felt separated from many people in the group. After the shift, I saw things much differently, I felt centred and easy with myself. My spirit lifted, my eyes got much brighter. I seemed to have more energy and I could feel more empathy with the whole group. I no longer felt anxious and could perceive myself in relation to others differently.

Browen R. London. Physiotherapist/ Therapist. 18 February 1987

Tricky question, "How I felt before and after the point shifting?". The most noticeable thing after I had my point shifted was that I felt even more charged and open, I had more energy. Not only that, I was also more integrated. It was a pleasurable experience, I was more 'aware' more 'alive'. All my senses sharpened, hearing, taste, – food was more subtle and the taste of some food was exquisite. Also my sixth sense became more active and I found that I could tune into other people more easily. In brief, I felt very at peace with people and the world.

Heather C. Surrey. Deer Tribe Medicine Society member. Born 1957. 10 March 1987

I always have my assemblage point shifted before healing and other ceremonies. Normally I don't feel much different afterwards, I am not the best person to talk to for a good report. I really get into moving other peoples' assemblage points and watching their reactions, not only watching, I feel when I move them, I get a hot rush from doing it, it depends how much resistance there is. I am a teacher and organizer. There are many aspects to the path that I have chosen, and I am busy with all of them, I have just got back from America, where I was working with healing plants with Swiftdeer.


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