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CORE ENERGY: Shifting the Assemblage Point

by Jon Whale PhD(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 17 - January 1997

Clinically depressed patients such as M.E. sufferers will have a dropped, or low Assemblage Point location. Patients with anxiety or panic symptoms will have a high location. Shifting the patient's Assemblage Point to the central position will relieve the symptoms. Observing patients recover as their Assemblage Point stabilises in a new location provides the final proof. It proves that:-

Surrounding every human being is an energy field. It puts the patient and the clinician in touch with the 'unseen self'.

* Misalignment of the Energy Body and dislocation of the Assemblage Point adversely affect the way we think, feel and behave.

* Centralised Assemblage Point location has a beneficial influence on our biological energy levels and physical health.

* The central location is beneficial for mental health. It directly influences our interactions with others and the world at large and can improve our fortune.

Those of us who are fortunate and possess a stable, centrally aligned Assemblage Point prosper in health, performance and success. The average person's location is to the right of central. Many retired people maintain a good high location and by doing so remain active and happy, well into old age.

People with unstable or misaligned Assemblage Points do not get the best from life. Misalignment detrimentally affects physical and mental performance. Dropped Assemblage Points, in particular, cause unnecessary suffering and are a tragic waste of human potential and resources. Long-term gross misalignment can cause serious physiological and psychological symptoms. It is often reflected in a hunched or slumped body posture.

Shifting the Assemblage Point will change the patient's complexion, posture and medication requirements. For some patients, for example, those who are suicidal, the shifting procedures can be life saving. Before diagnosing and prescribing any treatment, the clinician's first consideration should be the assessment and correction of their patient's Assemblage Point location. In many cases, medication will not be required after correction.

Locating and shifting the Assemblage Point takes about 5 minutes. The procedures are painless and the experience can be exhilarating, stabilising or a profound relief, depending on the direction of the shift. The procedures are compatible with most therapies. The medical and financial benefits for the patient and the health services are enormous.

Accelerating personal development

Regular central shifting of the Assemblage Point will significantly improve mental and physical efficiency. It also improves reflex times, muscular coordination, posture, confidence and assertiveness. The central location will increase performance in employment or a profession, sports, team sports, marshal arts, dancing, singing, yoga, meditation.

Esoteric disciplines like Tai Chi, Kundalini, Raja, Chakra and Tantra yogas all use special techniques to increase psychic powers and control vital life force energies. The Energy Body and Assemblage Point extends beyond the physical body as an energy field. The field can influence other people and events. Paying close attention to the Assemblage Point location will speed up and enhance results from these disciplines. Psychic abilities are acquired by gaining control of the Assemblage Point location and by increasing the efficiency of the seven Chakras in the central core of the Energy Body.

The Shaman's blow

It is possible for a trained person to shift the Assemblage Point without any aids or tools: –

'With that blow they made their apprentices enter into a state of heightened, keenest, most impressionable awareness. . . . The force of the push creates a dent in the cocoon and it is felt like a blow to the right shoulder blade, a blow that knocks all the air out of the lungs.'
(C Castaneda. The Fire From Within)

This somewhat frightening account talks about the right shoulder blade. Most people's Assemblage Point enters the right side of the chest and penetrates through to the right shoulder blade. This is the 'Rear Location' or 'Pivot Point', see Fig. 13 below. The rear location must be found to shift the Assemblage Point (refer to Part II in Issue 16 of Positive Health).

Figure 13

Figure 13

A trained and strongly 'centred' person can shift and centralise anyone's Assemblage Point by shoving the rear location using the heal of the right hand. The clenched left hand is placed on the centre of the subject's chest. The technique requires great mental concentration and personal energy, as well as the full cooperation of the person receiving the shift.

Native medicine men can shift Assemblage Points with a single blow, catching their apprentices by surprise. The Shaman fixes the direction and location of the shift using his 'unbending intent'. These types of shifting techniques although effective and spectacular are not suitable for clinical work. They are too abrupt and require too much personal energy and self-discipline to be effective. In a clinical setting patients frequently have a low location and poor health. In such cases a softer approach, using the special techniques and tools recommended below is called for.

Shifting Tools

To undo or tighten a nut or bolt, we use a spanner. Precision realigning and shifting of Assemblage Points are best done with a special quartz crystal. The crystal should weigh 200 grams or more, have a length of a least 18 centimetres and a diameter of 3 centimetres or more. The crystal must have a ground and polished convex or domed end. It should be as clear as possible, although it could also be of Amethyst or Rose Quartz. It must have a well-defined point. The point should have at least 3 perfect triangles among its 6 facets, Fig. 14 below shows examples.

Figure 14 Assemblage point shifting crystals

Figure 14 Assemblage point shifting crystals

The crystal must be 'alive' or active. To check this, hold the crystal with your right hand and direct the point at the palm of your left hand. You should feel a breeze of cool tingling energy penetrating the skin of your left hand.

Charging a crystal with your 'Chi' energy will increase its activity. To do this hold the crystal tight in your right hand, as you would a screwdriver, breath in and out, slowly and very deeply three times. Hold the third breath, contract your sphincter muscles and swallow simultaneously, direct your Chi energy up your body and down your right arm into the crystal. This will increase the energy emitted from the point.

Sliding Shift

Shifting the Assemblage Point by sliding it from one location to another is the easiest and most straight-forward method. It is the preferred method for training purposes and best practised with friends and colleagues or in a group situation. This method has disadvantages in a clinical setting. The subject must be bare chested. It can be difficult to use on female patients where the location has dropped below the breast.

To use this method of realignment, the subject or patient must cooperate.

1 Locate the subject's Assemblage Point as instructed in part 2. Mark the locations on his chest and back with a marking pen.

2 Instruct the subject to stand upright, head up and chin back, looking straight ahead.

3 You must stand facing the subject's left side. Hold the quartz crystal in your left hand, place the domed end on the subject's Assemblage Point. Use the palm of your right hand to cover and slide the rear location around the shoulder blade area. See Fig. 16 below.

Figure 16 Photograph of sliding shift

Figure 16 Photograph of sliding shift

4 Instruct your subject to take three deep breaths, slowly in through the nose and out of the mouth.

5 On the third breath, when the chest is expanded and the lungs are full with air, tell your subject to hold the breath in. Next instruct him to contract his sphincter and other muscles in the anus and genital area and keep them contracted. Then instruct him to swallow and close the throat a the same time (head upright and chin back).

6 This effectively closes the upper and lower exit and entry gateways to the body. With the retained breath and closed gateways, pressure builds up and pushes or loosens the subject's Energy Field from his physical body. This situation will allow you to slide the Assemblage Point to the central location using a quartz crystal. Most subjects can hold their breath for 5 or 10 seconds and this is sufficient time.

7 Using the quartz crystal, slide your subject's Assemblage Point to the centre of the chest. Use the palm of your right hand to drag the rear location into the centre between the shoulder blades. Twist the crystal half a turn and remove it from his chest. Simultaneously, tap him lightly on his head with the palm of your right hand and tell him to breathe normally.

The shift should be in the directions shown in Fig. 17 below. Never shift in a diagonal direction. It helps to lubricate the domed end of the crystal with vegetable oil or lubricating jelly. It can then slide easily over the skin.

Figure 17 Shifting direction

Figure 17 Shifting direction

Sometimes the subject will forget to swallow or lets his breath go. When this happens the shift may be lost, then the Assemblage Point must be relocated and the procedure repeated.

Clinical Shifting

Shifting and realignment of pathological Assemblage Point must be backed up with professional patient management and should only be carried out by professionally qualified personnel. Clinical shifting associated with physiological and psychological health problems requires two experienced professionals attending. At least one of them should be qualified in the psychological field. One is required to locate the Assemblage Point and the second to do the shifting. Each will double-check the other's work.

The sliding method is not normally used, except perhaps for patients with breathing problems, heart problems or a pacemaker. With the following method, the patient keeps his clothes on. Instead of sliding the Assemblage point towards the centre, shifting is done in several stages (see Fig. 18).

Figure 18 Photograph of stage shifting

Figure 18 Photograph of stage shifting

The rear location or pivot point is dislodged with a firm push to Patient's back. Normally, the heal of the right hand is used to deliberately thump the pivot point. Shifts of a short distance require only one stage and two pushes. Large distances may require three stages and four pushes to shift it to the centre. The rest of the procedure is the same as for the sliding method above.

A) Use two small adhesive labels to mark the front and rear Assemblage Point locations. Plan the number of stages you will use to move the Assemblage Point to the centre, normally not more than four.

B) Use your left hand and position the crystal on first stage. Firmly instruct the patient through steps 2 to 6 above. When the patient is holding his breath and ready, with the heal of your right hand, give a firm push to the patient's Assemblage Point rear location. The Assemblage Point will jump and relocate at the crystal. Note: Large strong willed subjects often require a firm shove or thump.

C) Rapidly move the crystal to the stage two, again push the rear location. Long shifts may require a third stage, so push the rear location again to shift the Assemblage Point to the third stage. The patient must continue to hold his breath throughout. You only have a few seconds before he will need to breathe again, therefore you must be practised and swift.

D) When you arrive at the centre give a final firm push between the shoulder blades and remove the crystal from patient's chest with a half twist. Simultaneously, using your right hand, tap the patient lightly on the head and instruct him to breathe normally.

Allow the patient a few moments to rest. Always recheck his location, making sure that the Assemblage Point has not been left behind at one of the stages. If necessary, repeat the procedure. After the shift, get the patient to lie down, breath freely and relax for about 15 minutes. This helps to 'fix' the new location.

Psychiatric patients suffering from schizophrenia or manic depression often present with 'energy shadows' and 'split' Assemblage Point locations. The dominant Assemblage Point must be located and shifted to the secondary location or shadow. Both are then picked up with the crystal and shifted to the centre. Examples are shown in Figure 21 below.

Fig 21 Hot Ruby Rays

Fig 22 Cold Emerald Rays

Dropped rear locations, (see Figure 13) adversely affect muscular coordination and mobility. Several patients on long term drug management have presented with Parkinson type symptoms. Their rear location was below the shoulder blades. In each case, shifting their Assemblage Point up to the centre stopped the symptoms. This suggests that rear brain energy levels and activity may fall as the Assemblage Point drops towards the navel.

Shifting with Energy Medicine

The Assemblage Point can be shifted by more subtle and pleasurable means. Assemblage Points move around in trance and dream states of consciousness. The dominant brain frequencies in trance and dreaming states are Theta i.e. 3.2 to 7.8 HZ (cycles per second). Theta states of consciousness can be extremely pleasant. Slow Theta brain waves unite both halves of the brain. They are especially beneficial for de-stressing and physical healing. The Shaman enters the trance state, assisted by the sound of drums and rattles at rhythms of around 3.3 HZ. Clairvoyants and mystics utilise Theta trance states for their work. Most people experience Theta states during sleep. It is a dreamy, pleasurable state of semi-consciousness.

Electronic Gem Therapy can induce Theta states of consciousness. The procedure is called 'Samadhi Therapy' and it is often used to 'fix' the patient's Assemblage Point after a manual shift. Blue Sapphire emits a soft, pleasurable, calming energy. It is used in two violet filtered Lamps. Sometimes Diamonds are added to the Sapphire. The lamps are directed at each side of the head as in Figure 22 above. The patient is kept warm, fully relaxed and comfortable in quiet surroundings. The sapphires are electronically pulsed at 3.3 HZ. Most patients will quickly enter a dream state of consciousness. The heart beat and blood pressure will fall and stabilise. This treatment induces pleasurable bodily sensations. The Lamps are adjusted to balance the patient's Energy Field and alignment. Maximum body and mind integration occurs with the centre location.

In old age the Energy Body's vibrational rate slows and the Assemblage Point falls. The Energy Body can be realigned by energising and balancing the seven major chakras. Chakras are associated with the endocrine glands. Energising under-active or calming over-active chakras promotes a profound feeling of wellbeing (Figures 19 & 20 below). It is also accompanied with higher levels of physical and mental energy. This type of energy medicine will shift the Assemblage Point Location and raise the vibrational frequency of the Energy Body which is reflected in patient's attitude and complexion.

Figure 19 Photography of Chakra Therapy

Figure 19 Photography of Chakra Therapy

Figure 20 Chakra Energising and Balancing

Figure 20 Chakra Energising and Balancing

Confirming the new location

It is helpful to familiarise the patient with his original location and his new position after the shift. Touching or pushing the spot with your finger, will causes the skin to redden more than skin elsewhere on the chest. The spot is often tender, sore or uncomfortable. Pushing it causes the subject a feeling of slight unease. The feeling passes deep into the chest, often right through to the shoulder blade. Helping patients take conscious note of the new position allows them to keep track of their Assemblage Point and arrange to have it corrected when necessary.

Frequency of Shifting

For personal and group development purposes the Assemblage Point can be shifted monthly. It can also be centralised before important meetings or after stressful events. Sports and other teams can benefit, since all members can be given the same alignment.

Patients should be reassessed and their Assemblage Point corrected within 10 to 14 days of their first shift. It should then be corrected monthly until their location stabilises. Patients taking antidepressants or tranquilliser and other types of drugs, may require lower dosages or a different type of drug after realignment. Patients withdrawing from non-prescribed drugs or alcohol may require shifting daily for a week or more until their system adjusts and stabilises.

Case Studies

Hospital and clinics use a laser for surgery. A Ruby crystal generates the laser beam. Ancient medical books are full of prescriptions prepared with gem stones. In spite of this, many educated people do not believe that Gem stones have powerful medical properties. The following Arabic prescriptions are from a Spanish book, circa 1200 AD. “Of Ruby . . . When reduced to powder, (they) are mixed with remedies for weakness of the heart, and can be used effectively to cure sores and break blood clots.” also: “Take the weight of one drachma of pulverised Emerald and give it in water or wine to a poisoned man, and he will not die, nor lose his hair, nor will his skin drop off.”

In part 1, we saw the photographs of Baby Jade’s agonizing skin condition. Her liver was energised with cool, calming Emerald and Sapphire rays, followed by her rapid recovery. Cold Emerald rays have repeatedly been successful in treating hot symptoms such as eczema, psoriasis, cystitis and irritable bowel syndrome. In part 2, we saw how hot Ruby rays were used to increase circulation and combat a long standing infection, where 9 months of antibiotic treatment had failed. We also saw how cool Carnelian and invigorating Diamond rays were used to treat Asthma.

This issue, the first case illustrates the importance of considering the location of a patient’s Assemblage Point before prescribing powerful drugs. Correcting the Assemblage Point instead of prescribing drug therapy would have spared the patient and his family considerable hardship and suffering. The financial saving to the NHS and the social services would have been substantial.

Conditions such as back pain, depression, bronchitis, or rheumatism do not lend themselves to providing photographic evidence. The second case, with four photographs, illustrates the effectiveness of Electronic Gem Therapy where standard drug therapies are ruled out due to conflicting symptoms and treatments.

Mr John A. 41 years old. 1987. London. An extrovert, hard working and creative man. John accidentally received a severe electric shock of 10,000 volts to the back of the head. Several minutes after the shock a dangerous psychotic episode resulted. John managed to get him self into a cold shower and recover his composure. Two days later John went to see his doctor. He reported that he felt like he was dying. He felt a deep feeling of falling away and had no physical or mental energy.

His doctor referred him to a psychiatrist, who prescribed a powerful central nervous system depressant drug. He became withdrawn and forgetful, often felt suicidal and seldom left the house. Over a period of several months John’s personal and professional life started to crumble. The medications where changed periodically and his health continued to deteriorate. Eventually the psychiatrist suggested lithium medication normally used in cases of manic depression, John refused. He tried several other therapies, including rebirthing, floatation tank and acupuncture.

A year after the electric shock, circumstances eventually led John to have his Assemblage Point shifted. It had dropped to a very dangerous location only four centimetres from his navel line on the right side. His Assemblage Point was shifted up and across, a total distance of 22 centimetres to the centre. John had several more corrections in the months following and stopped all medications. It took him some six months to regain his former health and rebuild his personal and professional life. Eight years on he is still in good health. From John’s story, it seems that the electric shock had shifted his Assemblage Point dangerously low, the resulting psychotic episode would seem to confirm that view. Most central nervous system depressants can shift the Assemblage Point to a low location. The medications, both prescribed and recommended were contraindicated by John’s low Assemblage Point position. As his location was only a few centimetres above ‘The Gap’ it is hardly surprising that he felt suicidal.

Mr Robert B. 50 years old. Lancashire. 1996. Robert returned from a holiday in the Canary Islands with an infected leg injury. The injury had occurred 10 days previously. The infection was gaining ground each day (Photo 1). The central part of the injury was becoming ulcerated. Robert also had skin burns and contact dermatitis covering 80% of his body (Photo 2). The dermatitis was caused by a faulty domestic water supply in the holiday accommodation. The water had contained dangerously high levels of chlorine. His travelling companion had also received similar skin burns from the water. Robert’s doctor could not prescribe antibiotics for the leg injury because of the risk of exacerbating his dermatitis. However, he expressed his concern that, without antibiotics, the infection would spread. This view was confirmed by a second doctor.

Photo 1 - Leg Injury
Photo 1 - Leg Injury

Photo 2 - Contact Dermatitis
Photo 2 - Contact Dermatitis

Robert refused to use steroid creams. His view was that the applications of creams might dissolve the toxic chloroamines [resulting from chlorine’s reaction with the skin] deeper into the dermis, making matters worse. The burning, itching and stinging sensations associated with Dermatitis indicated that a cooling treatment was required.

His Dermatitis was treated using a mixture of Emeralds and Blue Sapphires in a violet- filtered lamp. The rays were directed to the pineal gland (top of head or crown chakra). The gem mixture was pulsed at a hypnotic frequency of 3.3 cycles per second (Theta brain wave frequency). Within a few minutes the irritation and itching subsided and Robert was in a profound state of relaxation.

Simultaneously, his infected leg was treated with yellow sapphire with a blue lamp at 8.3 cycles per second for 15 minutes (Photo 3). This treatment triggered the wound to discharge pus. Afterwards the redness, swelling and pain had subsided.

Photo 3 - Treating infection with Yellow Sapphire and Blue Light
Photo 3 - Treating infection with Yellow Sapphire and Blue Light

On Robert’s next visit, his dermatitis had almost cleared, although the skin was burnt and patchy. His leg injury infection had improved and the top part of the wound had closed over. But there was concern for the lower ulcerated part. The wound was treated as in a similar way to the first visit, described above. A second lamp containing stimulating diamonds with an indigo filter was directed at the skin surrounding the injury and then directed through the bone from the back of the leg. This was to encourage the wound to heal from deep inside, rather than have the skin heal over a remaining infection.

With the diamond treatment Robert experienced his leg beginning to tingle with energy. The result of this drug-free, energy medicine treatment is shown in Photo 4. Energy medicine was introduced into the cells of the infected tissue. It encouraged a healthy, uniform cellular vibrational rate with a higher ‘Chi’ or ‘life’ energy and resulted in a rapid healing process. (Note: Diamond is a very stimulating treatment and, in some people, may cause temporary insomnia or even dreaming episodes if they are over-exposed to its rays.)

Photo 4 - Injury after treatment
Photo 4 - Injury after treatment

Future Medicine Energy Prescriptions

The position of the Assemblage point is directly related to predominant brain frequencies. Its location dictates the patient’s vibrational rate. Healthy cells, glands and organs have an optimum vibrational rate and resilience against invasion from infections. Unhealthy cells have a sluggish vibrational rate. Dead cells produce organic waste which feeds infections. The energy rays of Electronic Gem Therapy influence cellular behaviour at the atomic level were gross drugs and chemicals cannot reach.

AIDS and Hodgkin’s disease are marked by erratic behaviour of lymphocytes. Leukaemia is marked by erratic behaviour of leucocytes. Psoriasis is marked by erratic cellular behaviour, when the uncontrolled multiplication of skin cells means that cells die too quickly and dead cells becomes dry and flaky. In 1200 A.D. Emerald was used to ‘stop a man’s skin from dropping off’. Today, some psoriasis patients are offered chemotherapy. Does this imply that skin specialists consider psoriasis as a form of cancer? Medical experts claim that psoriasis and eczema cannot be cured, some claim that it is genetic. Emerald and Sapphire rays are effective in reversing erratic behaviour of skin cells. They are also very effective in treating pain. With psoriasis the pineal gland is calmed and cooled. With eczema, the liver is treated. Directly treating the affected skin is also effective but progress is slower.

Leukaemia may be thought of as a type of psoriasis of the white blood cells. Energising the spleen and bone marrow at the correct frequency and gem mixture may prove of great benefit in finding a solution for Leukaemia. Many HIV positive patients do not develop AIDS. Energising the spleen, thymus and lymph glands of AIDS patients with stimulating, invigorating gem mixtures might ‘wake up’ the lymphocytes. With Hodgkin’s and leukaemia, parts of the body are bombarded with deadly radiation rays to kill the leucocytes or lymphocytes. Perhaps Hodgkin’s disease would respond to calming, cooling rays. Combining Assemblage Point correction and energy medicine, together with a high ‘Chi’ Energy diet, may prove the most effective and economical means of tackling today’s ‘terminal’ diseases.

In the final part of this ground-breaking series, Dr Jon Whale describes how to shift Assemblage Points. Instructions regarding how to locate Assemblage Points, pre-requisite to actually shifting them, are found in Issues 15 and 16. Part III of a 3 part series.


Under no circumstances should these manipulations be carried out without full training and prior supervision of therapists qualified and insured to carry out these manoeuvres.


  1. Kingsley said..

    Can you tell me of any Assemblage Point Practitioners in Australia ?

  2. Elena Evtimova said..

    A very good article explaining the importance of the assemblage point location for human health conditions and the benefits of its proper treatment for restoration of our well being. The position of the assemblage point as the epicenter of human energy fields (aura) via which passes one of the energy flows though our physical bodies (past - rear flow; future - front flow)is crucial for personal development and higher awareness.
    Thus, it is highly recommendable to know d-r Whale's methodology and type of management of the assemblage point, in order to prevent or cure (when necessary) many undesirable health experiences!

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