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Frances Coombes Advanced Dip CBT/REBT Dip CBT offers one-to-one therapeutic coaching in North West London and on Zoom.  She is a is a CBT/REBT psychotherapist in North West London, a NLP Master Practitioner and Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapist and runs life coaching groups in London and on Zoom.  She teaches NLP at The City Lit in Central London and tutors at the City Lit and Mary Ward Centre in central London on Using REBT for Managing Stress and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). She runs goal setting and REBT coaching groups for vulnerable people for inner London authorities and charities.  

Her most recent book is Motivate Yourself and Reach Your Goals, pub, November 2013, Hodder Headline. Available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com  For extract visit www.francescoombes.com To inquire or book personal development courses contact Frances on Tel: 07818 896 795;  francescoombes@yahoo.com    admin@francescoombes.com 


Articles by Frances Coombes

  1. Intuition at Work

    Listed in psychospiritual

    This article focuses on intuition, which can be complementary, providing leaps of imagination, gut feelings or flashes of insight into strategies and timing of actions. The author s...

  2. Success Strategies that Work

    Listed in nlp

    This article focuses on success strategies that work, based on NLPs most powerful tool - modelling, such as a practical skill, what to look for in the people who produce successful...

  3. Creating the Circumstances for Success

    Listed in nlp

    In this article the author suggests ways in which we can create success in our lives and achieve our goals. She stresses the importance of being finely-tuned to our feelings, and do...

  4. When Did You Last Check Your Values?

    Listed in nlp

    This column focuses on the importance of Personal Values, how it differs from Beliefs and how to use them to decide what is important for you. The author says our values define who ...

  5. Does Changing Pictures Motivate You?

    Listed in nlp

    In this column, the author, an NLP Master Practitioner and Performance Enhancement Coach, presents a case to demonstrating how she motivated a client into doing something she felt u...

  6. Motivation and Personal Mastery

    Listed in nlp

    In this column on Motivation and Personal Mastery, the author says many of us have problems in this area because of the tendency to move through life with a few goals and objective...

  7. Tips for Staying Motivated

    Listed in nlp

    In this column the author provides some useful tips on how to stay motivated when working for oneself, or when things are not going according to your plans.

  8. The Power of Pre-Supposing

    Listed in nlp

    This column focuses on our mental pictures and beliefs and how they work for and against us. According to the author this cinematic power to run frames of thinking to construct mean...

  9. Mind/Body Talk: NLP Talking Therapies - The Brooklyn Program

    Listed in nlp

    Many of the basic techniques used in the Brooklyn Program were taken from NLP, therapy tools and strategies developed in the mid-1970 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who modell...

  10. Mind/Body Talk: NLP as 'Software for the Brain' - Chunking

    Listed in nlp

    The author expands the subject of chunking, a relatively straightforward concept taught in NLP training, and shows how it can lead to very powerful interventions in the context of c...

  11. NLP and Confidence Building

    Listed in nlp

    This article points out that lack of confidence comes from negative beliefs which we have often formed in childhood as a result of experiences at home or in school. The author takes...

  12. Developing Mental Muscle

    Listed in nlp

    The author points out that we are very much influenced in the ways that we think and communicate by the use of computers, managing our time in chunks and conversations in sound-bite...

  13. Creativity and Lateral Thinking - Use It or Lose It

    Listed in nlp

    The author has concerns that in this age of instant knowledge, familiar procedures and so much reliance on computers and the internet, we are replacing absorption of information and...

  14. Anchor Confidence and Build Self-Esteem

    Listed in nlp

    This article discusses self-esteem

  15. Notice How People Make Decisions

    Listed in nlp

    The author, a Performance Enhancement Trainer, opines that one of the most useful skills you can develop is that of noticing how people make their decisions. She states that if you ...

  16. NLP and Peak Performance

    Listed in nlp

    Motivation and peal performance come from knowing what you want to achieve in life.

  17. NLP Training In The NHS Workplace

    Listed in nlp

    Four Main Areas for Using NLP in the Workplace. 1. Self-management Skills in Relation to Work. 2. Building better Communication Skills. 3. Modelling Successful Outcomes. 4. Listenin...

  18. Successful Health Recovery Strategies

    Listed in nlp

    I run Healing Power of the Mind workshops at City Lit London in which learners are encouraged to adopt a positive attitude about their health, and write their own, or adapt other pe...

  19. Unravelling Superhumans Thinking Strategies

    Listed in mind matters

    Many of the people we hail as genius are simply clever people who have developed strategies for doing things incredibly well. Human beings have limited brainpower; there is only so ...

  20. Recognizing Thinking Styles: George Soros 'Big Pic'

    Listed in nlp

    Recognizing someone’s successful thinking style allows you to take that person’s habitual thinking patterns and make them your own. If you are stuck, or need bigger or better solut...

  21. 8 Tips to Motivate Yourself and Reach your Goals

    Listed in nlp

    New Year’s Eve night is when I sit down and set my goals for the coming year. Usually I set six main goals and two big fat hairy goals that push me outside of my comfort zone.

  22. NLP Teaching Social Interaction skills - (Theory of Mind)

    Listed in nlp

    There are serious consequences for a society in which an increasing number of children grow up being able to talk but not to communicate with people.

  23. Knowing the Score - the NLP SCORE Pattern*

    Listed in nlp

    There are times when we need solutions to problems that are outside our current frame of thinking. It may be that we are getting limited results in the things that we are trying to...

  24. Integrating Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) with NLP: Substituting Rational Thinking for Irrational Thoughts

    Listed in nlp

    The world has not changed - it is not a more dangerous place - however many of the people who inhabit it are thinking more irrationally, and this can impact on us all.

  25. NLP and Aphantasia – having no ‘Mind’s Eye’

    Listed in nlp

    If you find it Impossible to Visualize Objects, People’s Faces, a wedding scene in your ‘mind’s eye’, scientists have coined a name for your condition – aphantasia.

  26. Aphantasia and Dyslexia - No ‘Mind’s Eye’ for Visualization

    Listed in nlp

    Children who have aphantasia, (find it impossible to visualize a scene in their mind’s eye) or are poor visualizers are disadvantaged if they cannot read or spell. They may lack the...

  27. Unshackle Yourself from Limiting Beliefs

    Listed in nlp

    A belief is a strategy that lets you know you can or cannot do something. If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t you are probably right. A belief is the strategy, the s...

  28. NLP Sports Techniques - Getting in the Zone

    Listed in nlp

    NLP Sports practitioners use some of the most powerful belief change techniques in the world. It is necessary because if a championship pistol shooter makes a bad shot he needs to ...

  29. Trump’s Smart at Mesmerising Metaphors

    Listed in nlp

    Linguistically Donald Trump leads the field with his power of persuasion and he uses metaphors to do it. Language such as “America is sitting in a bubble about to explode” enhances...

  30. Understanding NLP Thinking Styles

    Listed in nlp

    Our thinking patterns affect how we respond to situations in the world. Yet often we run thinking patterns, called ‘metaprogrammes’ that are outside our awareness. Understanding th...

  31. NLP Tools for dealing with Addictions

    Listed in nlp

    Not all addictions are drug-fuelled but all blend seamlessly into problems related to impulse control. Whether it’s chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, gambling or cocaine, they ...

  32. Logosynthesis with NLP – to Lessen Impact of Unwanted Images

    Listed in nlp

    Logosynthesis is a new and gentle concept that works well to dispel unhelpful thoughts and to neutralize their associated images. The name is made up of two ancient Greek words, ‘l...

  33. NLP and Time Management - Getting Time on Your Side

    Listed in nlp

    You don’t use time, it uses you. Whether you race to complete tasks as quickly as possible or you sit at a desk and do nothing at all – time still passes at the same rate and you c...

  34. Flirting for the Over 50s – NLP and Building Rapport

    Listed in nlp

    Socially there are Changes in the Way that We Communicate. Building rapport with others can help you to establish or promote a better relationship between yourself and others and to...

  35. Procrastination: An NLP Strategy for ‘Doing it Now!’

    Listed in nlp

    When you find simple strategies for doing things that work well, do you collect and incorporate them into your everyday life or simply forget them? Learn how you can collect other ...

  36. Reframing AlphaGo - When Failure is not an Option!

    Listed in nlp

    The belief that ‘failure is not an option’ is often used to spur people on to greater achievement; but it can also destroy them. Perfectionist traits can stir dysfunctional unhealth...

  37. Using Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy (REBT) – for Managing Internal Stress

    Listed in nlp

    Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) is one of the cognitive behaviour therapies under the CBT umbrella. It is a trans-diagnostic, evidence based, and philosophical therapy d...

  38. When Emotions Overtake Rational Thinking

    Listed in nlp

    Does displaying how you feel count more than engaging in rational thinking? Rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) has been around for a while and, for those who need some balanc...

  39. NEW: Effectiveness of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Tapping Research – Focus Bands for EEG Neurofeedback.

    Listed in eft

    To demonstrate that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) techniques are being taken seriously there is now an EFT International Level 2 Practitioner training for therapists, counsello...

  40. High Functioning Autism in the Workplace

    Listed in mind matters

    Lots of adults with high-functioning autism go through life without ever having a diagnosis.  They may be thought of by colleagues as just like anyone else but a bit ‘quirky’ or di...

  41. Learn to Listen, Think + Connect to Others – Planned Thinking Sessions Help People Think

    Listed in nlp

    Our thinking depends on the quality of attention that we give to each other.  Creating planned thinking sessions can help people think for themselves, and think well together.  Thin...

  42. Synchronize Mind and Body - Instant Brain Boosters

    Listed in mind body

    Do you ever get one of those days where your fingers and brain don’t co-ordinate? You may hit the wrong computer keys, or transpose letters in words you would normally spell correct...

  43. Successful Health Recovery Strategies

    Listed in eft

    There are brief strategies for achieving a better than average recovery from different forms of health adversity. i.e. ‘My successful stroke recovery strategy’, …,’Hip replacement o...

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