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Dr. Graeme Munro-Hall BDS has over 40 years experience as a GDP both in the UK and abroad. He was awarded his Fellowship of the IAOMT in 1992 for work on Dental Detoxification. Graeme is President of International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology – Europe and Chairman of the Transition & Training Task Force of the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry.

Dr. Lilian Munro-Hall BDS graduated in 1988 from Lund University, Sweden, one of the leading research universities for state-of-the-art dental materials and techniques.

Together they developed Hall V-Tox Therapy – a method of removing toxins from the body using intravenous Vitamin C and have lectured world wide about the benefits of the Hall V-Tox Therapy, Amalgam, Mercury, Fluoride, Root Fillings, Cavitation Infections, Detoxification Methods and Protecting patients and staff. Their book Toxic Dentistry Exposed explores in detail the link between dentistry and chronic disease. They currently run a holistic, metal free dental practice together in rural Bedfordshire, with some residential places, set up to treat the sensitive and ill patient as well the more normal dental patients. The Clinic is as environmentally clean as possible and located at Munro-Hall Clinic, Rushey Ford Business Park, West End Road, Kempston Rural, Beds MK43 8RU. Tel: 01234 840099; Fax: 01234 855844. enquiries@munro-hallclinic.co.uk  & www.munro-hallclinic.co.uk

Articles by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

  1. Mercury Free Dentistry

    Listed in dentistry

    We are dentists. Definitely not normal dentists. We realised over ten years ago that mercury from amalgam fillings could injure patients, so we became Mercury Free.

  2. Hall V-Tox: Part I

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    V-Tox treatment is a combination of high dose vitamin C infusions, dental treatment and diet alteration to restore patients to optimum health.

  3. Hall V-Tox: Part II

    Listed in dentistry

    Continuing with the second and final part on the Hall V-Tox treatment for the removal of metal and environmental toxins

  4. The Hazards of Water Fluoridation

    Listed in environmental

    Drs Graeme and Lilian Munro-Hall look at the impact of fluoride on the health of the nation. About 10% of Britain has fluoride in its drinking water already and the government has a...

  5. Case Study Issue 98: Ultrasound 3D for Treating Dental Cavitations

    Listed in case studies

    This Case Study discusses the little-known problem of cavitations. These are chronic infections in the jawbones. They can be painful as Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis...

  6. Cancer Detoxification Approaches

    Listed in detoxification

    Drs Graeme and Lilian Munro-Hall advocate a program to support cancer patients consisting of physical, psychological and spiritual elements. They recommend Gerson Therapy and both v...

  7. Thermography in Dental Practice

    Listed in dentistry

    Thermography is not new in dentistry. The first articles about thermography in dentistry appeared in the 1970s but it has never been taken up as a useful adjunctive diagnostic tool ...

Book reviews by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

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