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Case Study Issue 98: Ultrasound 3D for Treating Dental Cavitations

by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 98 - April 2004

Cavitations are chronic infections in the jawbones. If painful they are called Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis (NICOs), but mostly they are painless osteomyeletis. A cavitation is a hole in the bone filled with highly toxic anaerobic bacteria. There is no blood supply and the bacteria are wrapped in a protective bio film that prevents either the immune system or antibiotics from reaching them. The toxins produced by these bacteria are extremely toxic and can cause a myriad of mental and physical symptoms from chronic fatigue, lack of mental acuity to pain in different parts of the body.

Cavitations form when the blood supply to the bone is disrupted due to tooth extraction, root fillings, trauma and gum infections. 94% of teeth extracted end up forming cavitations.

Case Study Dental Cavitations

X-Rays show cavitations very poorly if at all but an Ultrasound Cavitat examination gives a highly accurate 3D picture of the bone and shows the dimensions of a cavitation to within 1mm.

Since no radiation is used the device is intrinsically very safe. Sound waves are sent through the bone from a small transducer held against the cheek to a tiny receiver placed on the opposite side of the bone.

Treatments consist of opening up the gum and bone and extremely thoroughly and gently clean out the cavitation space. All the infected tissue has to be removed without further damaging the bone and the cavitation washed out. In order to prevent re-infection the site is dressed with cotton gauze soaked in a special iodine mixture, which is changed once or twice a day. The mixture, which contains hyaluronic acid, kills all bacteria, encourages new tissue to grow over the bone and allows oxygen access to inhibit growth of anaerobic bacteria. New tissue covers the bone usually within 5 days; when this 'velvet' stage is reached the danger of re-infection is passed. It is called the 'velvet' stage because it looks like the velvet found on newly formed deer antlers. The hole fills rapidly with tissue and healthy bone follows after 6 to 18 months.

To control infection, up to 5 intravenous infusions of vitamin C (Vit C) are essential. The infusions of Vit C control infection, swelling and speed up healing enormously. Sometimes in severe cases, intravenous antibiotics like Clindamycin, designed for bone infections, are included in the infusion but this is rare. Oral antibiotics disrupt gut flora but given intravenously this does not happen. Vit C infusions mean antibiotics are seldom used.

Case 1 Male university student 21 years old. He had two wisdom teeth removed 6 months previously and went on a rapid decline. He had no pain where the teeth had been extracted but suffered from chronic fatigue, inability to concentrate and study, headaches and frequent illness that had started within weeks of having the extractions. He had to suspend his studies; neither conventional nor alternative medicine could offer a diagnosis or effective treatment. Examination showed cavitation infections not visible on X-Rays where the teeth had been removed. Both cavitations were opened up and cleaned out and dressed. This curettage is done by hand to avoid the hairline fractures of the bone that using a dental drill would cause. Vit C infusions were administered for 5 days. Recovery was rapid and 6 months later he had rejoined University and has since graduated and is in employment.

Case 2 Is the 29-year-old sister of Case 1. She had severe disabling ME for 10 years, kidney and urological problems, heart irregularities and poor brain circulation. Once again neither conventional nor alternative medicine could offer a diagnosis or effective treatment. She had been unable to continue her education, work and led a very limited existence. Clinical examination of the wisdom teeth and the x-ray did not show any overt pathology. Cavitation examination showed chronic infections behind all four wisdom teeth. Over 2 days all the cavitation sites were open up and cleaned as before and the wisdom teeth removed in association with 5 Vit C infusions. Again recovery was quick, a little slower than her brother but she has now well enough and has started university and found a partner. All her symptoms have subsided and she can live a normal productive life. When we cut the wisdom teeth in two to see the nerve, all we found was empty space and infection. The teeth were long dead but by sight and by x-ray looked normal.

Case 3 A 50 year old lady who came to us with all dental metals removed and having undergone a series of intense detoxification regimes. She had 3 teeth root filled and 2 cavitations where teeth had been removed. The Cavitat confirmed the size and shape of the infections in the bone. Her symptoms were a burning feeling on the head, eyesight deterioration, fatigue and sensitivities. Again, neither conventional nor alternative medicine could offer a diagnosis or effective treatment. The root filled teeth tested positive for toxicity so they were removed and the cavitations opened and cleaned as before. Within days the burning feeling had gone and she felt well enough to embark on a gruelling photographic trek in the Far East.

In none of these cases were antibiotics used; all the surgical sites were left open, not closed with sutures, and dressings were changed daily. This way of extracting teeth and cleaning cavitations does take some time to do to avoid trauma to the bone leading to more cavitation formation. However, the extra time and trouble taken using this surgical technique means a much-reduced chance of re-infection.

All the patients go through a preparation phase of pH control and supplementation before any work is done. For best long lasting results all toxins (metals) in the mouth should also be removed under controlled conditions using intravenous Vit C.

To date there are only two Cavitats in Europe. It is FDA approved and comes highly recommended. Prof. Boyd Haley PhD, Dept of Chemistry & Pharmacology, University of Kentucky, Lexington. "It would be difficult to exaggerate the detail and accuracy with which the Cavitat reveals osteonecrosis in the jaw. It provides not only dental but systemic health benefits previously not available."

We can only agree with Prof. Haley 100%.


  1. susann said..

    How can I find a dentist to remove a failed root canal tooth that stinks and I have a persistent mucopurulent post nasal drip. I have seen 10 oral surgeons who all refuse to extract the tooth??

  2. John Kozub said..

    Have problems for 10 years. Had sugar diabetes out of control for 2 years, mostly in the 700's??, was heavy smoker at the time. First doctor told me not to test my sugar, gum lines were open and bleeding, sure bacteria was crazy, got fungal toe nails at the same time. Had 4 previous root canals, one came back re-done, then removed. All symptoms upper right. When another bad tooth was removed on other side all my health issues went away for a couple of days while the gum was bleeding? Had all my uppers removed to solve the problem, thinking something would come out on the root of a tooth. Didn't work. Still get overwhelming toxic? thin fluid discharging into my sinus and lungs. Lately been going to joints and heart, weak and heavy muscles. Strong for 10 minutes then can't walk for 20. Can always tell after it releases, especially when I exercise and use saline, I'll go from running healthy and strong,to not being able to stand up in about a minutes time. It has found a way to go up into lower right area of sinus. Have had 2 brain mri's 6 sinus cat scans, panoramic x-ray,2 complete stress tests and everything is fine. Can't work and need to find out where in N.J. a cavitat test is available. Please include a phone # if possible as I have limited access to a computer. Thanks John

  3. Terry Harnden said..

    Mercury and subsequent magnesium depletion and recirculation seems to be the primary source profiteering allopathic medicine. Often via cavitation's production of methyl mercury sourced by mercury amalgams and root canal mercury resistant bacteria

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Dr. Lilian Munro-Hall BDS graduated in 1988 from Lund University, Sweden, one of the leading research universities for state-of-the-art dental materials and techniques.

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