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  1. Case Studies Jo, mother and author relates her personal story on the healing process for her baby son

    by Nigel Bergman

    I have had asthma since I was 12, as a result of being allergic to grasses, tree spores, and most animals. In 1992 (aged 32) I went on holiday to New Zealand with my husband and I ...

  2. Case Study 145: Psychosomatic Eye Disorders

    by Liz Middleton

    Through the use of two case studies the author explains to us that in some cases eye disorders may have their roots in psychosocial situations, as opposed to medical problems. The ...

  3. Case Study Crohn's Disease - My Inspiring Life following Surgery

    by Krystal Weir

    Unusually, in a journal devoted to alternative and complementary approaches to health, this article is an enthusiastic account of the benefits of surgery for this very debilitating...

  4. Case Study Issue 100: Overcoming Advanced Invasive Breast Cancer

    by Hazel Scade

    This case study is Hazel Scade's personal testimony on how she recovered from advanced cancer of the breast. She was first diagnosed in April 2000 and told she should have immediat...

  5. Case Study Issue 101: Healing for Second World War Trauma

    by Michaela A Sorensen

    A full time healer, Michaela often works with terminal patients and the very elderly. One such was an 82-year old ex-serviceman who had suffered from night terrors since he returne...

  6. Case Study Issue 102: The Tale of Two Left Feet

    by Kath Morrell

    This case history features a husband and wife, both in their seventies, both amputees for different reasons, both successes for reflexology practised by the author. Eva, the wife, ...

  7. Case Study Issue 103: Bi-Aura Therapy for Osteoarthritis

    by Lesley Gibson

    The author reports the case of a 68-year-old woman, Anne, who was so crippled with osteoarthritis that she became housebound. She had suffered a progressive deterioration of the co...

  8. Case Study Issue 105: Overcoming Breast Cancer Through Macrobiotics

    by Meg Wolff

    This is a personal odyssey by a cancer victim who had first overcome bone cancer and then, at the age of 40, discovered a malignant lump in her right breast and recovered from that...

  9. Case Study Issue 106: Tribute to Mrs Ann Warren Davis

    by Joanne Masters

    The author suffered a massive haemorrhage three months after giving birth. She required a hysterectomy  after which she went on to HRT. Her depression grew and her GP put her on Am...

  10. Case Study Issue 107: Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME

    by Mary O\' Dowd

    This case study is Mary O’Dowd’s personal experience and gradual recovery, over the past ten years, from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or ME), a condition many people, especially i...

  11. Case Study Issue 108: Breaking the Migraine Pattern with The Bowen Technique

    by Janie Godfrey

    About two years ago, Nikke Ariff, a Bowen practitioner and member of the Bowen Therapists’ European Register, carried out a research programme into the effectiveness of the Bowen T...

  12. Case Study Issue 109: Fibromyalgia - My Experience

    by Angela Mathis

    This case study is Angela Mathis’ personal experience with fibromyalgia (FM), a condition she discovered she had on experiencing bouts of memory loss and headaches, dizziness, fati...

  13. Case Study Issue 111: Yoga Therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder

    by Elizabeth Irvine

    The author, a registered nurse, author and yoga instructress shares the effectiveness of yoga therapy on a highly emotionally and physically fatigued mother and her eight year old ...

  14. Case Study Issue 112: How Our Emotions Are Connected To Our Muscles

    by Geoff Hardy

    According to the author, we live our lives in and through our physical body, and that how we stand, hold ourselves and so on, expresses our view of ourselves, or what we wish other...

  15. Case Study Issue 113: Cat Allergy Alleviated with Reishi

    by Howell Lewis

    In this article, the author presents the positive effect of Reishi on his 54 year-old brother who was suffering from cat allergy since his 20s. His symptoms included prickly eyes t...

  16. Case Study Issue 114: Alexander Technique - Lessons for Life

    by Tamar Dhiri

    In this article the author gives a case study of a fourteen year old girl named Jenny suffering from a condition known as Hypermobility Syndrome, where even the most basic of activ...

  17. Case Study Issue 115: The Human Energy Field (HEF) and Chakras

    by Dr Gauri Abhijit Oak

    This article focuses on the human energy field and Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), a new scanning system that is already internationally recognised as an effective 'En...

  18. Case Study Issue 116: Deep Tissue Sports Massage

    by Laurie Gee

    This article is a case study of a dance enthusiast whose osteopath recommended she go in for deep tissue sports massage to better her musculature.

  19. Case Study Issue 117: How Three Miscarriages Have Affected Me

    by Kylie Holmes

    In this article on miscarriages, the author provides some first hand insight into how her miscarriages (three in all) affected her emotionally and how she coped.

  20. Case Study Issue 119: Continuing Success with Stabilizing Cancer

    by Pat Reeves

    The author provides an update of her success with stabilizing the cancer in her, through a naturopathic and living-food therapeutic lifestyle, comprising live and virtually raw foo...

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