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  1. Case Study: Silver Toxins: the Acne Connection

    by Dr Khush Mark

    This column reveals the importance of teeth in relation to the rest of the body and its connection on acne through a case study.

  2. Dental Amalgam Fillings is the Number One Source of Mercury in People

    by Anon

    Dental Amalgam Fillings is the Number One Source of Mercury in People -and- Exposure Exceeds Government Health Standards for Inorganic mercury (vapor)

  3. Dental Posture Interactions for Optimal Health

    by Malcolm Levinkind

    Specialist paediatric dentist Malcolm Levikind presents some of the key evidence that shows that dental bite (occlusion) can influence an individual's posture, and therefore genera...

  4. Hall V-Tox: Part I

    by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

    V-Tox treatment is a combination of high dose vitamin C infusions, dental treatment and diet alteration to restore patients to optimum health. V-Tox was originally developed for pa...

  5. Hall V-Tox: Part II

    by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

    Continuing with the second and final part on the Hall V-Tox treatment for the removal of metal and environmental toxins

  6. How to Detoxify from Mercury Amalgam Fillings

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Since Roman times cilantro (the other name is coriander) has been used as food and medicine. A study by DrYoshiaki Omura from the Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York, NY ha...

  7. ME: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Mercury Exhaustion?

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    The author looks at connections between musculature, the nervous system and the brain and examines similar symptoms of toxicity given different diagnostic “labels” by the medical sy...

  8. Mercury Amalgam Fillings - Removal & Detoxification

    by Catherine M Crawford

    Catherine Crawford, an aromatherapist with a diploma in nutritional medicine, describes how, at the age of 46, she decided to seek help from a sympathetic dentist to remove her ama...

  9. Mercury and Selenium - The Battle of the Elements

    by Dr RE Lister

    Dental students are taught that amalgams are composed of a mixture of metals with varying composition of mercury, silver, zinc, tin and copper. They are told that these individual ...

  10. Mercury Free Dentistry

    by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

    We are dentists. Definitely not normal dentists. We realised over ten years ago that mercury from amalgam fillings could injure patients, so we became "Mercury Free". Now we are of...

  11. Mercury Madness

    by Sheila Bailey

    The author is a journalist who writes about her friend Pam Calyton's experience of and recovery from poisoning by the mercury in her fillings.

  12. Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Fillings

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    Mercury, the most toxic metal in amalgam fillings, has a long history of use and an equally long history of known toxic effects. Despite man's efforts to use mercury, its poisonous...

  13. My Story - Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal

    by Kerry Burrows

    Three years ago Kerry Burrows had her sixteen amalgam fillings removed and replaced with shiny white composites. The process did not cure all her ailments but it did remove her l...

  14. Nutritional Mercury Detoxification Protocol

    by Stewart Drage

    Around ten years ago I decided that there was sufficient evidence available to confirm my decision to become a mercury free dentist. This article does not concern itself with the o...

  15. Oral Health - How to Reduce Risks of Periodonitis

    by Nelson Wood

    This article focuses on oral health and oral diseases and their effect upon one's physical wellbeing. Oral conditions, in particular periodontal diseases, share many risk factors w...

  16. Orthodontics And Health - A Scary State of Affairs

    by Dr M Amir

    Regular readers of this website and thousands of former and present patients are aware of the intimate relationship of cranio dental and skeletal symmetry to health. Any asymmetry e...

  17. Poisoned - Side Effects of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

    by Chris Trickett

    The author relates his personal experience of the effects that mercury amalgam fillings have had on his life – of his resulting ill health and subsequent recovery.

  18. Restoration to Health after Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Poisoning

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    This article by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black continues from Mercury Poisoning in issue 8, where an amalgam removal protocol was outlined.

  19. Root Canal - Roots of Disease!

    by Dr John Roberts

    The use of dental amalgams brought dentistry out of the Barbers shop to the highly technical discipline it is today. We are now investigating and recognising the effects that the m...

  20. Save Your Wisdom Teeth - The Risks of Dental Extraction

    by Dr M Amir

    Wisdom teeth are the third molars situated at the back of the dental arch and are the last adult teeth to develop. They often protrude only partially with some of their surface bei...

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