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  1. The Essence of Amplified Action

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Human proclivity to grasp complicated characteristics into a combine of “we-contra-others” should, perforce, be resolved as erroneous in our macrocosm of shades and the perpetual. I...

  2. The Growth and Evolution of Spiritual Healers

    by Dr Daniel Benor

    Dr Daniel Benor looks at the gift of spiritual healing and discusses whether it is something natural and intuitive, or whether it can be practised and developed. Having spoken to h...

  3. The Healing Power of Faith

    by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

    In this Column Vivienne Silver-Leigh discusses the evidence and techniques described by Herbert Benson MD in his book Timeless Healing, in which he reviews compelling research demo...

  4. The Human Design System: The Mechanics of the Tao

    by Richard Rudd

    The Human Design System is a new approach to understanding the unique nature of an individual. The author describes the system as penetrating and as ruthless. It can help you und...

  5. The Importance of Happiness for Success

    by Ian Lynch

    According to the author, in surveys that give the option to choose between wealth and happiness, time after time a huge majority of people choose happiness over success. In view ...

  6. The Info-Realm of our Conscious Awareness

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    It goes without saying that all of us inherit our to-follow goals, while giving certain priorities for our fondest preferences. Most of us visualize level-headed goals.

  7. The Inner Voice of Clinical Intuition

    by Dr Daniel Benor

    This column looks into intuition, an ability which the western world seems to value the least, and is often perceived as or accompanied by an inner uneasiness, which when responded...

  8. The Man in the Middle of the Room

    by Michael Levy

    A man is sat in the middle of a large empty room. This is his home and he eats, sleeps and thinks his thoughts on the chair in the middle of the room. There is a large brown door to...

  9. The Mindful Chill Pill: The Go-To Antidote to Beat Stress

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Mindfulness conveys to us that our strong unified logic of ourselves is primarily a reflection in the mirror of consciousness. This does not lead to the idea of ‘only us’, or ‘I-me-...

  10. The Mirror Reflection of our Being

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Whatever we do, or think, is experienced by our conscious awareness – through its own ‘bespoke’ breadth of knowing, as also reality. This corresponds to one sublime, eternal truth ...

  11. The Moral Glue of our Conscience

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    There are just a handful of people who are contented in our world. Their motto is to simply exist, not really live, beget progeny and pass into emptiness quietly without fanfare. Th...

  12. The Mystery of Change: Weaving a Way Ahead

    by Sue Green

    In my view, many people today sense that their lives need to go through some kind of 'radical questioning.' Without helpful ways to go through that process, we can become cocooned ...

  13. The Peaceful War of Existence

    by Michael Levy

    The word ‘WAR’ seems to frighten a lot of folks. I must admit that those that wage war needs to understand that there are no winners, just some lose less. Does that mean we do not h...

  14. The Sacred Mountain

    by Allan Armstrong

    It is probable that the earliest system of spiritual development in Israel took the form of emulating Moses’ ascent of the sacred mountain of Sinai. This ascent is described in the...

  15. The Shadow Dance of our Mind

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    of a plethora of entities, viz., the soul and other material substances.

  16. The Spiritual Romance: Soul-Mating According to the Kabbalah

    by Orna Ben-Shoshan

    This fascinating article sets out the fundamental principles concerning relationships from the Kabbalah, according to which marriage is a spiritual partnership between two people, ...

  17. The Stuff We Are Made Of

    by Joan Angarano

    Modern science has put together a computer animation program on the development of the universe and all of her parts. Through this program one can shrink, or dehydrate all of Life a...

  18. The Subtle and Shifting Currents of Change

    by Amy Suplee

    In this article, the author discusses the changing seasons and how they affect us. She looks at Chinese Medicine where every element has its opposite (yin and yang) and that we nee...

  19. The Symbolic Decision Chart

    by Greg Clarkson

    This article focuses on performance guidance through charting a path of opportunity and responding to symbols. The author says it's not the decisions people worry about, but the r...

  20. The Twelve Chakra System

    by David Malin

    The article focuses on the 12 chakras within our energy field, and not just the seven which most people are familiar with. He presents information on the 12 chakras based on his h...

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