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Spiritual Evolution in our Genetic Blueprint

by Amy Suplee(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 121 - March 2006

The Thunderbolt Awakening

An extraordinary shift is emerging in our world today; a change in consciousness, which is manifesting in the lives of 'ordinary' people. Many are waking up to a more profound dimension of spirituality, or rather a reality that exists in essence at the very foundation of who we are. This awakening is allowing people to uncover the malignancies that have been hindering their own personal progress. Initially, this process appears to be a form of 'spiritual bankruptcy'. Yet, the nature of the force that is diligently contriving the means for this process seems to have a plan at work for all beings. The universe appears to be mirroring the imbalances that we have created in our own environment, back into our bodies in an attempt to liberate ourselves from what has been keeping us stagnated. Since the impact of our own individual decisions creates a specific effect in the world, the reactions of our actions are therefore illuminated back into us with an iridescent vigour, showing us our own individual delinquencies that we are radiating to the world. At times, coming forth from our own beings is a complete feeling of emptiness, a disconnection from the inner-workings of our persona, and a fear that is unexplainable in the realm in which we live. Yet we are not here alone, fending for ourselves in a time of war, darkness and cruelty while conditions continue to rapidly change in an unknown, unpredictable world. This feeling of disconnection is only temporary because in actuality we are all deeply intertwined with a single unifying, universal force. The struggle actually subsides once we allow life to flow naturally, which rids the self of internal fears and worldly delusions that have become unhealthy thought patterns. This paradoxical movement that is taking place stems from the dualistic nature of the great void itself, where unity originally stemmed from chaos. The ancient I Ching claims that chaos is where brilliant dreams are born, stating: "before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos and before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish to the crowd."[1] Perhaps it is true for it has been said that humility is the space where virtue grows. But, who/what is to say who we as individuals are supposed to become from this state of humiliation and suffering? Is there a specific reason why and a unique goal that we are meant to obtain as a society when so many people are being forced to look deeply within themselves to the point where they sometimes can no longer recognize their own sense of 'self'? In these times of confusion, how is it that we need to shift and yield to the universal messages that are enveloping in front of us?

There appears to be a spiritual DNA decoding mechanism that is taking place, giving way to evolutionary changes that are needed to occur within the human species, thus allowing for the continued growth of the race as a whole. This gradual degradation of what we know as the 'self' is allowing for change to occur with the passage of time. As these changes occur amongst individuals, the human species in its entirety has the ability to become morphologically different, and more functional than its ancestors. Since we are a small microcosm of the macrocosmic world, our bodies mirror the outside world. Because of the scientific advancements, we have a much greater understanding of the structure and workings of our physical bodies. By linking science with spirituality we are beginning to uncover the mystery, which is allowing for a global awakening. For a moment, let's talk about how these advancements have helped link these two worlds.

The Integration of Science and Spirituality

The scientific world began investigating and researching the components of the human body to obtain a greater understanding of the genetic blueprint of a human being. After a considerable amount of time and research, the genome project was completed in 2003, in which they had mapped all of the nucleotides in the DNA. In order to unravel the 3 billion nucleotides in the human genome, the DNA was spliced into smaller pieces and each fragment was analyzed individually giving way to an intricately manufactured system that is highly intelligent, down to its most microscopic constituent. As scientists learn more about proteins, genes and the sequencing system, they can derive more meaningful knowledge from the DNA sequence, which would allow for advancements in gene therapy for hereditary diseases, which could potentially be reversed by a specific identification and manipulation of a particular base pair. Often an d disease has only one mutated nucleotide which results in the coding of an incorrect amino acid in the genetic structure, which may lead to a whole chain of negative events in the transcription process, thus altering the pattern necessary for health. The exact cause of these mutations is still unknown. However, it has been speculated that environmental influences may be responsible for the alteration or removal of nucleotide bases due to radiation or environmental chemicals/toxins. Because of the body's remarkable repair system, cells are often able to repair the damage that has been done to the DNA because of the repair enzymes whose specific job is to recognize a lesion and excise the damaged section of the strand. By using the sister strand (the mirror image from the double helix structure) as a template, the gap can then be filled with a healthy nucleotide. However, it has been said that if the DNA does not have an intact recognition system and is not repaired, a permanent mutation may result, causing a whole array of negative effects. It has been hypothesized that a mutation may be responsible for the excess cell proliferation that leads to cancer.[2]

In an analogy to this scientific model, one can begin to understand the inner-workings of the way our 'spiritual DNA' is beginning to decode itself to reveal our own mutations and mishaps in its nomenclature. When the DNA double helix is broken down into its constituent parts, it is actually comprised of energetic bonds of various elemental compounds. So, to the very core of our being we are bonded together by energy. Therefore, our individual 'human experience' is dependent on the ways in which these energetic bonds are constructed, thus expressing not only our own unique physical disposition, but an individualistic mental, emotional and spiritual outline as well. These energetic patterns fit together in a specific order, which are code for a genotypic layout for a phenotypic expression. Medical professionals are now frequently noticing a direct link between disease and heredity, based on family progeny who have the same illness as their ancestors. Thus far, it has been assumed that the inheritance percentage is based on the genetics of the parents, thus predicting genetic defects, and chromosomal disorders, the thought being that the chances are greatly increased if either parent has a genetic predisposition for such
an occurrence.

Behavioural Inheritance

From a holistic/Chinese medical point of view, the moment of conception is a crucial juncture, depicting who that child will become and how he/she will develop, based on the health of the parents at the time of conception. Key issues of importance are overall constitution, the health of the spirit, diet/ nutrition, emotions, attitude, stressors, toxins, the environment, etc. Therefore, the so-called genetic patterns of behaviour that conjoin between the mother and father at this enegetic, magical point in time have a huge role in shaping the outline of the child. Not only are the genes produced from the physical aspects of the mother and father but the mental, emotional and spiritual as well. This is often why children are inflicted with the same behavioural/emotional patterns as one or both of their parents. Even if it is not in the original DNA structure, children learn certain patterns of behaviour during development, amongst certain people in a particular environment. With time and repetition the patterns become enmeshed in the blueprint of our being and can then be passed on. This may account for how patterns of behaviour may be inherited. Assimilated learning techniques have proven that anything repeated and utilized continuously will become engrained in our permanent memory banks (also known as long-term memory). Those thoughts/ideas that are not as repetitive are stored in the short-term memory and are eventually lost. The genetic structure seems to work in a similar fashion, where repetitive patterns that are engrained in the long-term memory bank are eventually incorporated into the genetic template itself, thus enabling the pattern to be passed down through our ancestors for several generations.

The Source Potential

With that said, how are genetics and the notion of 'spiritual bankruptcy' related? And why are so many people experiencing periods of 'crisis'? I believe that it is our own system 'de-junking' itself, creating evolutionary changes so we can fitly survive in our own environment. It is our own enzymatic recognition system that is being alerted to the mutations that are becoming engrained in the DNA structure of our minds and spirit. As it stands, our environment is imbalanced and therefore our bodies are mirroring this imbalance. The people who are undergoing this 'spiritual crisis' are actually following the rhythms of nature, because their individual alert system is intact and the body is scrutinizing its components and deciphering between the valuable aspects of its being and the toxic counterparts. This innate defence system seems to be connected to a greater whole, which is not only helping the individual survive within the changing needs of the environment, but also enhancing the opportunity for survival and potentiality in our society. When one finds this source point within the self, this is where there is an expansive reservoir of energy waiting to express itself as one's true potential. Yet, the stagnation must be cleared before this tremendous force can arise.

This seems necessary because throughout our lives, most of us have become entrenched with toxins from such things as negative thought patterns, unhealthy food, pesticides, violence, war, abuse, poor air and water quality, prescription drugs, alcohol, bad relationships, etc. These are the influences that have created the blueprinted patterns in our genetic structure. We engage in certain activities, and with enough repetition of those activities, it becomes engrained in our being, thus enabling the ability to pass it down through our genetic code to our progeny. With the toxins in our bodies, it's not surprising that our systems are taking one of two routes: we either begin decomposing after being inflicted with disease, or the body comes to a point of exhaustion where it is so toxic that it literally causes a breakdown in the cellular structure. It is often depicted as a nervous breakdown, shock or overload where the body is energetically depleted, as if the system has completely crashed. It is well known that the body is highly intelligent and has its own personal healing mechanism installed in each individual. It can undergo trauma, crisis, pain, or abuse and yet come back to a place of equilibrium with an appropriate amount of time to heal. The human being is a beautiful entity that has its own inner strength and resistance to negative inflictions. Yet the body is not invincible, and many people tend to take the body's ability to regenerate for granted. We have been given this 'gift' as our vehicle to transport us through our entire life, but it must be cared for and maintained. The intertwining forces of the body, mind and soul need rebalancing in order for proper functioning. Most importantly, we need to 'de-junk' our inner structures to clear the debris and the negativity that commonly collects within us.

It can be a humiliating experience when our body shuts down and we are left depleted, without focus, without cause, without intention or ambition, with only a hope that the conditions will improve. But this point of crisis is the true essence of where our own power resides. According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, this would be considered extreme yin becoming yang. This tiny light that resides in the midst of the darkness is simply waiting for the invitation to grow and illuminate. By reconstructing the self and taking notice of the outdated, outworn behaviours which are no longer working for us, we can then begin to create a new template from which to function. It has been said that people do not change until the pain to stay the same outweighs the pain to change. Many people continue to repress the body's signals when change is necessary because they are too busy with other aspects of their daily lives or do not wish to put in the extra effort. It takes a certain amount of drive and energy to want to make these changes in the self. But, by repressing what needs attention, it causes a bigger pile of 'junk' to develop, which overloads the system and it eventually crashes because it needs an outlet. Behavioural patterns have a cyclic nature to them, which completely follows the notion of how DNA is encoded. If the cycle continues for a long period of time, it becomes the natural response. So, when a stimulus is presented, a specific behavioural pattern automatically engages. Consequently, it becomes the domino effect where the same chain of events occurs when different stimuli are presented because the engrained behavioural pattern responds each time because it is a habit. The key to unlocking these bad habits is to intervene before the cycle has a chance to engage and continue. Much like DNA uses the healthy sister strand (the mirror) to splice out the mutation and regenerate the proper nucleotide, we can splice out negative behaviours and use a positive affirmation or activity to regenerate ourselves when we see our behaviour mirrored back at us.

Self-Created Abundance

One such way to cleanse the mind, body and soul is through meditation. The Chinese have always seemed to be drawn to meditation because it creates a direct link to the divine light from the heavens. By quieting the self and tuning into the universal healing energy, one can channel this light through the crown chakra and eliminate darkness simultaneously. Prayer has been known as 'focused energy' and in doing so individuals can choose what to focus their attention on. When we direct our attention inward, we are disconnecting from the physical world of desire, attachment and ego and rather connecting with the true essence of the soul, where there is ultimate balance, and our own inner yin and yang are in harmony with the world around us.

Dr Masaru Emoto's Crystals

The work of Dr Masaru Emoto is quite interesting, for his experiments exemplify the importance of positive affirmations. He performed experiments with water where he would take two samples of water from the same source, placing a positive affirmation such as 'love and gratitude' on one water bottle and a negative affirmation such as 'I hate you' on the other water bottle. After several days, he would freeze a sample water molecule from each of the bottles and take a picture using a high magnitude camera. What he found was rather significant!

The water from the bottle with the negative statement showed a picture of a distorted, disfigured molecule while the water from the bottle with the positive affirmation showed a picture of what looked like a beautiful snowflake. He then continued these experiments using different kinds of music, different words, and different water sources. He found that with prayer and positive affirmations he could turn negative/polluted water sources into something beautiful. Likewise, he demonstrated that a distilled sample of spring water that once appeared healthy (in the picture) could turn distorted and unhealthy with the influence of negative affirmations. He concludes that since the human body is over 70% water, our thoughts have a significant impact on the functioning of our body, mind and spirit.

Because our bodies are constantly undergoing a chemical reaction, our energetic system is continuously undergoing change. The electrical activity that follows this chemical reaction is creating a response that can be felt on a mental and physical level. These repetitive patterns of behaviour become a conditioned response and the cellular structures respond accordingly. As Cleary states: "language is a form of conditioning which is both potentially useful and potentially debilitating. The usefulness of language is a matter of common experience."[3]

Although our inherited DNA is the foundation for our genetic make-up, our thoughts, behaviours and course of action that we decide to take in our individual lives have the ability to create a new cellular program, thus altering the genetic blueprint in a positive or negative way. Taoist teachings do not say that this conditioning is always bad, but the source of the thought is what may create a bad response. The conditioning itself can be good or bad, depending on the root intention. The negative conditioned response "suffocates the organic living potential of the individual and the community."[3] By objectively being able to notice these habitual patterns of behaviour, it allows us to recognize the ideas that we are instilling within ourselves, which may need modification.

Eventually, the patterns become encoded, so not only do they have a contagious flair for those who are in our general vicinity, but for our progeny as well. With this idea, we can open our individual levels of consciousness while realizing that we are the constructors of our own reality, thus bypassing mental habits, and stabilizing our thought patterns so that it is not subject to distorting influences. The firmness of one's will can allow for the absorption of positivity and the deflection of any negative influences. I feel that when we are operating from a place of positivity, our new construct will be composed of truth, sincerity, love and kindness and our energetic components will respond to these new frequencies, incorporating the new patterns into our DNA structure and our environment.[3]


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