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  1. Rebirthing

    by Chris Retzler

    Rebirthing is a healing process that engages with the mind, the body and the spirit to cleanse away toxic patterns of being and facilitate new, healthy and fulfilling goals and cho...

  2. Rebirthing/Self Transformational Breathing

    by Marianne Friend

    Rebirthing is a powerful therapy that creates a deep sense of renewal within us by allowing us get in touch with our inner child through breath work. The technique involves concent...

  3. Road Rage, Hate and Disconnection

    by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

    The author, a psychotherapist and victim of road rage, analyses the reasons for hate in many forms, on the road, between races, religions and cultures, its variations from country ...

  4. Runes and Rainbows: Runes, Chakras and Universal Energies

    by Kay Cook

    Runes and Rainbows is the integrated method of reading the runes, chakras and universal energies I have developed.

  5. Science Loves a Pretty Face: How Close is Theory to the Truth?

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    In addition to the art of decorating and sculpting the human form – many of which have a clear, aesthetic rationale – most societies have developed a vast range of art forms for mov...

  6. Self Help Tips to Attain Positivity in Life

    by Gurdeep Kaur

    Life is not a bed of roses. God, I believe, has spared no one from facing difficult and complicated situations. Some people are fortunate to have experienced adverse situations tem...

  7. Seven Principles for Life-Balance

    by Karin H Leonard

    The author, a personal coach, seminar leader and motivational speaker based in San Francisco, discusses how we can find our centre in today's accelerated pace where life at best is...

  8. Simulating Worlds Far Out: Parallel Worlds - Has Anyone Seen Them?

    by Orna Ben-Shoshan

    The author first raises the questions asked by all humans, even from childhood – What is the purpose of life?  Where did we come from? Are there any other realms of existence?  Can...

  9. Spiritual Empowerment

    by Glyn Edwards

    This article is based on commentaries on a recently revised and re-titled book Unlease your Spiritual Power and Grow: Reflex and Learn to Trust the Power Within, by the author (of ...

  10. Spiritual Evolution in our Genetic Blueprint

    by Amy Suplee

    The author looks closely at how more and more people are recognizing the faults and harmful habits that are hindering their personal progress in the world and how we can all free o...

  11. Staying True to Yourself

    by David Molden

    In this article David Molden explores how we can begin to achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit. He quotes a popular Zen story which teaches us to focus the mind on even the most...

  12. Stop Being Sensible All The Time!

    by Vera Peiffer

    Using a vivid illustration of her own daring but amazing first experience of paragliding, Vera Peiffer spotlights the fact that as we get older we often slip into the same old rout...

  13. Structure and Grace: Aligning Spiritual and Physical Elements

    by Gina Pickersgill

    In aligning structure with grace we see that the two elements make complementary partners in that they both require a knowledge of how to manifest a way to being that allows them to...

  14. Subtle Energy - Myth or Reality?

    by Vera Peiffer

    The author, an analytical hypnotherapist and health kinesiologist, seeks to prove the existence and explain the mysteries of subtle energies.

  15. Symbol Therapy

    by Tara Ulli Springett

    This article describes the basic principles and applications of symbol therapy, a simple but highly effective therapeutic tool, which has been found to help a wide range of longsta...

  16. That 'I' In 'Me' | Madras Courier

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    The philosopher Aristotle never thought in threes. From his law of contradiction, also labelled as the law of the excluded middle, to the binary logic of our modern computer program...

  17. The 2012 Enigma

    by Gina Pickersgill

    The purpose of this article is to underpin the mechanisms by which people manage their emotions using NLP, self-awareness and personal development as they have been led to use for t...

  18. The Art of Forgiveness

    by BD Basu

    When you are involved in a quarrel, a bitter relationship starts, and you or your opponent will find out an opportunity to humiliate each other. Unless it happens, both the parties ...

  19. The Art of Letting Go

    by Sylvia Clare

    This article, written by a former lecturer in psychology, discusses taking responsibility for our own lives, learning from past experience, making choices of how to behave, learnin...

  20. The Art of Letting Go - A Taoist Approach

    by Amy Suplee

    This article focuses on surrendering – letting go – a simple concept yet one of the most difficult to carry out, as it requires a lot of practice and rehearsing. Our challenge in l...

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