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Power Plants and Runes

by Gayle Tighe(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 58 - November 2000

The word rune means 'a mystery' and it is also believed to come from a root, meaning 'to whisper' and 'a secret'. This is how the runes were passed on. The knowledge was a secret, which was whispered to select people to carry on the tradition.

As we stand looking out over the new millennium, the ancient ways of our forefathers may hold the key to new understanding and a simpler, easier way of life in this advanced, technological age. The path to follow through our lives has never been harder to find, with science and technology overtaking religion as the place to look for answers to life's questions. The centuries-old tradition of reading runes and looking towards yggdrasil, the tree of life, has always been strong. Even now as the scientists push new boundaries, people still turn to the ancient ways, which were once a part of everyday life.

The Runes

There are arguments as to exactly when the runes came into use, and what was their original purpose. However, it is known that throughout northern Europe, as far back as 200 BC, runes were being used. The word rune means 'a mystery' and it is also believed to come from a root, meaning 'to whisper' and 'a secret'. This is how the runes were passed on. The knowledge was a secret, which was whispered to select people to carry on the tradition. In 1639, the Church officially banned the use of runes. However, as the knowledge was passed on orally to select people, the runes continued to survive albeit in secret.

The most commonly used rune set is the elder futhark, which has 24 runes. Although some people say there is also a blank rune, I do not use this rune. Just learning the basic traditional meanings is not enough to enable a good, accurate rune reading. The rune reader should be in tune with the runes, which should then be allowed to speak for themselves. There are numerous good books with different rune readings in them. As all people have inherent, latent psychic abilities, our subconscious is often able to connect with the runes.

This is the connection that enables a good rune reading. A good reading can show the areas of our lives that can be enriched and which path would be most beneficial for us to take.

The Energies

As each of the 24 runes coincides with one or other basic universal energy, when a reading has been done, the position of the runes and how they combine with each other can show in which direction these basic energies are flowing in a person's life. Blockages of energy can be seen, and areas of life that need help or enrichment will become clear. Runes can be asked for guidance, and can often give answers to questions that may not have been recognized by our conscious minds, although the subconscious is aware of the questions and communicates these to the runes.

Just as each rune coincides with a basic universal energy, so too do they each have a traditional and esoteric meaning. Many people wear runes as talismans, to bring love, luck, protection or help in a special area. For example, a couple who want to start a family may wear a fertility rune. Each rune can be called upon to give the properties which it holds, to enable a person to release their inner energies, and this can loosen blockages of energy which can cause many problems.

Lack of confidence, depression and stress can be alleviated by concentrating upon a rune's energy. The energies can enable us to gain, a happier, balanced life. Each rune has predominately male or female energies, or some have an equal mix of the two. This depends on whether the rune can be inverted or reversed during a normal rune reading. Each rune is represented by a gemstone and a flower. Either of these can be used to bring the properties of the rune that we need or desire into our lives. One of the ways to choose an appropriate rune is by looking at what is known as the result rune, or the centre rune of a reading. This rune tells what is needed by the person seeking the reading. Another way to choose an appropriate rune is by commonsense. For instance, people could choose protection and happiness runes by looking up the magical meanings and properties of the runes.

The Flowers

One idea for gaining the runic energies is to plant the flowers that represent the runes required in the garden. I have listed all the runes and corresponding flowers and also whether to plant in the north, south, east or west. Each rune is assigned an element of earth, fire, air or water. These are then placed on a shamanic plant totem wheel, which determines the best place in the garden to plant the flower. You do not have to plant in these specified areas, and the energies will not clash if you do not, but the runic energies will be increased if all the plants are in their respective areas.

When planting a particular plant that has been chosen for its runic properties, the appropriate rune can be carried in your pocket; this will help the plant grow as the energies exchange. If you have no runes, then the runic symbol can be marked onto a small stone and this can be buried with the plant; this again will increase the energies. I say to use a small stone and not wood, as wood has its own distinctive energies, and these may not complement the runic energies of the plant.

The plants in the garden can be planted to bring about specific life changes, as they enable the basic life force energies to flow freely. And if a particular plant is especially needed for its energies, then a few flowers can be brought into the house and perhaps placed by the bedside. The corresponding rune can then be visualized and concentrated upon, and the problem should be resolved.

Listed here are the 24 runes, their names and a short magical meaning; and also the relevant flowers, and the best place to plant, if possible. I have added a cautionary note on four of the flowers, as parts of these are poisonous to some animals and humans if ingested.

The Runic Properties and Corresponding Flowers (Note: The symbols have not been reproduced here from the printed magazine)

FEOH – use for an increase in wealth and property; protection of valuables; and sometimes used to hasten things on to the next stage or level.
Flower – lily of the valley. Plant – in the south or north.

Caution – all parts of this flower – roots, stem and seeds – are poisonous to people and animals when ingested.

UR – use to bring new circumstances into your life; to initiate new circumstances by will. Also use for healing and maintaining good health.
Flower – nasturtium. Plant – in the north.

THORN – use for protection; also when luck is needed; when circumstances are beyond your control.
Flower – honesty. Plant – in the south.

ANSUR – use to gain wisdom. Can help with confidence in exams. Also helps with public speaking and communicating with others.
Flower – morning glory. Plant – in the south.

RAD – use to promote safe, comfortable travel, whether by plane, train, bus, car or bike.
Flower – snapdragon. Plant – in the east.

KEN – aids physical well-being, healing. Can also be used for protection of valuables; fresh starts; stability, love and passion in relationships.
Flower – gorse or wild rose. Plant – in the south.

GEOFU – use for love, sex and anything to do with partnerships. Can help restore harmony along with mental and physical equilibrium.
Flower – lad's love. Plant – in the east.

WYNN – use to bring fulfilment in any area, especially love or career. Also use for success in travel.
Flower – love-in-a-mist or larkspur. Plant – in the north.

HAGALL – use for protection; also use when luck is needed.
Flower – fern. Plant – in the west.

NIED – can be used to help achieve long-term goals. Also use to help find a lover, or to spice up a current relationship.
Flower – crocus. Plant – in the south.

IS – use to freeze things as they are, or to halt unwanted forces. Flower – sweet pea. Plant – in the west.

Caution – the seeds from this plant are poisonous to horses, turkeys and rodents when ingested.

JARA – use when a tangible result is expected for an outlay of time, effort or money. Can be called upon for help in all legal matters.
Flower – cornflower. Plant – in the north.

YR – use for protection; to remove obstacles or to transform them into stepping stones to success. Also use to increase personal power.
Flower – lilac. Plant – anywhere.

PEORTH – use for finding lost things. Also helps promote mental health in healing. Helps all psychological problems.
Flower – chrysanthemum. Plant – in the west.

EOLH – use for protection from enemies and evil. Helpful in promoting friendships. Also strengthens luck and life-force energies.
Flower – rush. Plant – in the east.

SIGEL – use to gain clear thinking and self-confidence. Also use for healing, physical strength, victory and success.
Flower – St John's wort. Plant – in the east.

Caution – the flowers and leaves of this plant are poisonous to rabbits, cows, horses, pigs and sheep if ingested.

TIR – use for victory when competition is a factor. Also aids recuperation.
Flower – red hot poker. Plant – in the east.

BEORC – use to aid fertility, and family matters, all domestic affairs and the family home. Can also be used for protection.
Flower – night-scented stock. Plant – in the north.

EOH – use to bring about swift and specific changes. Also good for all transport problems.
Flower – forsythia. Plant – in the north.

MANN – use to gain the good will and assistance of others. Also to increase memory and mental powers. Helpful for all joint or group activities and anything that could advance mankind.
Flower – foxglove. Plant – in the east.

Caution – all parts of this flower, including the roots, stem, leaves, seeds and flowers, are poisonous to humans and animals if ingested.

LAGU – Helps intuition and inner awareness. Increases vitality and life-force energies. Also helpful for all artistic endeavours.
Flower – water lily. Plant – in the west.

ING – helps bring about a satisfactory conclusion and holds or fixes it, so that the benefits do not drain away. Also brings a sudden release of energy. Can be used to help aid fertility as well.
Flower – gentian. Plant – in either the west or the north.

DAEG – use to change attitudes, either your own or someone else's. Can also help with new resolutions, and re-evaluations and financial increase.
Flower – marigold. Plant – in the north.

OTHEL – use for the protection of possessions, house and land. Can also aid long-term investments, and care and health of the elderly. Encourages a down-to- earth attitude to life.
Flower – snowdrop. Plant – in either the south or the east.

These plants are readily available for anyone to buy. Most good garden centres stock them, or some can be grown from seed if you have the time. Care should be taken, though, as some plants are harmful when eaten. This should be taken into consideration if planting flowers where young children may play. The flowers can be planted at intervals around the garden, or some can be planted together to enhance the flow of energy and bring about stronger changes.

Example 1 – Fertility

All of these are for families and fresh starts, so a couple wanting to start a family may plant these all together, in the north:

* gentian;
* nasturtium;
* night-scented stock;
* larkspur.

Example 2 – Protection

All these could be planted together in the south. They are all relevant to protecting the home and family:

* snowdrop;
* lily of the valley;
* honesty;
* wild rose;
* lilac;
* crocus.

Example 3 – Clear Thinking

All these flowers can be planted together in the east to bring about or to aid clear thinking:

* St John's wort;
* foxglove;
* rush.

Another idea is to give an appropriate flower as a gift, for instance to help a friend to release any blockages of energy that could be causing problems in their life. The benefits of releasing the appropriate energies can be astounding, and can make a real difference to your life. It is similar to feng shui in that placing appropriate items in the right place enables beneficial energies to flow freely into our lives. These runes and flowers are complementary and can only be used to benefit people.


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