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Runes and Rainbows: Runes, Chakras and Universal Energies

by Kay Cook(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 226 - November 2015


Runes and Rainbows is the integrated method of reading the runes, chakras and universal energies I have developed. 

9 Runes

Many people have asked me whether this is a therapy; I always say that a reading or coaching session should leave you with greater self-knowledge, upliftment and strength, which are therapeutic. Readings and coaching sessions bring greater understanding of the infinite patterns seeking to express themselves in life now and in the near future. A reading focuses more attention on those things which it is difficult to change entirely. A coaching session concentrates on those areas where there is maximum potential for change.

I will share with you an extract from a case study which illustrates how therapeutic Runes and Rainbows can be. As a qualified solution focused hypnotherapist I know feeling, thinking and wellness are closely connected. Runes and Rainbows work strengthens the connection to sources of inspiration and creativity, thus increasing coping skills and motivation while reducing stress to benefit body and mind.


The runes shown in the photograph above appeared in the first row of the reading for a male client. Ís, Reið and Björk all fell in reversed positions. Ís and Reið alone would indicate a barrier to forward progress, with Björk confirming the natural ending of a cycle. The runes in the next row showed positive and major change coming soon. The runes for the period four to six months hence showed great potential for friendships, celebrations and better career prospects.

Simply reading the runes would have shown there was a major block stopping progress at this time.  Although this had to be true on one level, there was also a great feeling of forward momentum. Using Runes and Rainbows not only explained the mystery but helped my client to reduce his stress to a healthy level. When I sensed which of his chakras was connected to each of the runes above, I was always drawn to his heart chakra. I discovered conflicting energies, one delightfully buoyant with a strong feeling of excitement, which wanted to expand. The other energy sought to constrict this drive for expansion and was emotionally draining. I traced this problematic energy back to its source which was enlightening. People who were very close emotionally, but loving and possessive, were using emotional ploys to discourage him from taking his plans forward.

This difficulty had been present for around six months; it would ease after he took his next step around two to four months in the future. I relayed this information to my client who confirmed he was moving overseas in a couple of months and agreed the circumstances and timescales. His family were trying to change his mind about moving and making very emotional pleas. Not surprisingly this was difficult, he was not sleeping well and felt exhausted. He wanted the time before he travelled to be filled with precious family memories which was not happening.

Ís in the reversed position counsels strength and patience, but also factors which are difficult to alter so I needed to discover the attributes which would help my client. I was drawn to both the crown and throat chakras and asked to see the energy which the universe wanted to bring to assist him. I became aware of a clear royal blue blended with a little creamy primrose yellow, representing clarity of thought and purpose and certainty of decision expressed clearly and compassionately. Firmness to avoid engaging in arguments and asking for what he wanted would be important. He said he understood this because family arguments went round in circles preventing normal conversations.

My client thought about how he could be firmer about not engaging in the battle. He said to his family he was sorry they felt he and his wife were making a wrong decision but nothing would stop them from moving overseas. He would quickly emphasize how precious the time before he left was and make suggestions for ways to use it, some nice occasions took shape. His family never accepted the move with the same grace as his in-laws, but changing his approach brought a huge improvement in his life, sleep and stress levels. He and his wife made friends and settled into their new homeland much faster than expected and he was offered and accepted a work promotion.

Attention is drawn to the issues manifesting in life and their future development. Areas of personal responsibility are highlighted because what we choose to think or do often makes a difference. We cannot resolve every difficulty but we can live consciously and in better harmony with the energetic patterns life is bringing. Those patterns can be helped to work their way out in a more graceful and life enhancing manner. Other times understanding the cycles of change within underlying spiritual patterns will bring helpful changes in thinking and philosophy.


All readings and coaching sessions offer the opportunity to seek greater insight into specific issues or areas. Questions are always framed as open questions, for example, “help me to understand the dynamics of a friendship which has gone cold”. We seek to expand, enlighten and offer fresh ideas, requesting a yes or no answer would give little scope for broadening an issue, nor provide much opportunity for self-responsibility. A query is more open and is a request for extra information within an area, such as hobbies, career or social life.

The four steps of the Runes and Rainbows process are:  

Step One: Reading the runes. The interpretations I have developed over the years, in which there are at least two meanings for each rune, and four meanings for the majority of them, will provide an exceptionally accurate rune reading.

Step Two: Using intuition each rune is related to one of the client’s chakras, this gives the life issue to which it relates. The relationship between the rune and the chakra is personal. Certain runes are more likely to correlate to particular chakras; but each rune can link to any chakra!

Step Three: Using the colour interpretation system at step three reveals how the issue discerned at step two is expressing itself currently. Exploring the incoming universal energies shows how the future potential of the rune will connect with this individual.

Step Four: Some issues will not conclude quickly. Following the rainbow pathway further into the future reveals the universal energies being built. Step four does not need to be taken with every rune, only those whose issues take longer to work through.

The great advantage of Runes and Rainbows is that although information is incorporated from different sources, the readings are truly integrated. At step one the meaning of each rune forms the framework. Step two and the beginning of step three reveals how that meaning is relevant to the client. Steps three and four reveal how the future potential indicated by the rune is developing and will relate to the individual.

A reading will contain elements of spiritual life coaching; however, the client is expected to say very little. Although a coaching session will involve the same four steps as a reading, its focus is personal or business development and/or empowerment. Clients who choose this option need to say far more and work harder during their session!

I ask my coaching clients solution-focused questions to help them picture their fuller possibilities. Envisioning in this way is powerful on a mundane and an energetic level. The client clearly identifies the steps they wish to take, together with the often small changes which will indicate progress. Progress indicators are a very individual thing. Being able to measure progress is both a motivator and a quantum change generator. Bringing the desired changes into conscious awareness allows the process of observance to amplify their potential. It is a fact of quantum physics that observance will transform a quantum wave into a particle. The quantum particle has the ability to ‘wink’ in and out of existence, observing the desired changes increases the number of helpful winks from the universe!

I bought my first set of runes in the summer of 1983 but put them away in a drawer until around 1990 when I played with them a little. Holding them in my hands would be like stepping into the word picture of a poem or story. Sometimes, without knowing why, I would be attracted to one of my chakras. Over time each rune developed a character which went beyond but never conflicted with the information in the simple leaflet which came with them.

From autumn 1993 I became very busy professionally with mediumship, and also with energy readings where I read the chakras, aura and incoming universal energies. It was natural for me to blend my understanding of the chakras, aura and the interplay between the aura and universal energies into my work with the runes.

The chakra interpretation system I use in Runes and Rainbows includes the usual seven chakras plus the Soul Star and Alta Major. Humanity is currently at a stage of evolution where I am working with these two increasingly often. The Soul Star appears above the Crown and is awakening within increasing numbers of people as life ascends to a higher frequency. This chakra represents a move beyond duality to self-validation stemming from the blueprint of the soul. Often the Alta Major and Soul Star will open in tandem, ensuring a good earth connection is maintained. There is an advantage to this; the higher the frequency of the energy we connect to, the deeper we need to connect within the earth to maintain our equilibrium. To be stable our individual trees of life need their roots to reach as deeply into the earth as the branches extend into the sky.


I wrote Runes and Rainbows to share this process with others. The reader is guided through step by step, first of all learning to read the runes, then moving on to working with the chakras, and universal energies. The interpretations of the runes I use are included, together with my chakra information and colour information charts. It is possible to learn from the book but the best way is in a workshop or seminar. The information contained in my book then forms the basis of the teaching, with the advantage that I am available to guide and answer individual queries. My preference is that students learn to read the runes over a weekend seminar, then continue practicing before learning about steps two, three and four at a later seminar. However, workshops can be arranged in other formats if preferred.

I am able to reassure people that they possess sufficient sensitivity to the chakras and energies to do Runes and Rainbows work. Strangely, it was my work as a solution focused hypnotherapist which convinced me that everyone has the ability to sense energies and intuitively link them to aspects of life. When clients found it difficult to get into creative thinking I would ask them to give me a colour representing their problem state, then to tell me where they felt the colour should be placed on their body. Next, I asked them to repeat the process with their solution state. To my amazement clients always selected the colours in a meaningful way and placed it on or closest to the chakra which represented the issue involved. Spiritual intelligence and intuition were working here, even though most thought they were just using their imaginations!

Further Information

The book Runes and Rainbows has been written to share Runes and Rainbows. This system emerged from Kay’s love of runes and her public work over more than twenty years with mediumship, chakra and energy readings. Runes and Rainbows ia published by Mirador   For readings or coaching at Gjafir Jarðar, Reykjavík, Iceland or seminars, demonstrations or talks in the UK or abroad please phone 00 44 691 1147; or email, further information is available at  For readings at Sálarrannsóknarfélagi Íslands (Spiritualist Society of Iceland) please book direct by phone 00 44 551 8130 or email at


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About Kay Cook

Kay T Cook lived in Devon and Somerset for most of her life but she currently lives and practise in Reykjavík, Iceland.  Since 1993, she has provided readings to the public, and from 1995 she has also given services within spiritualist churches and centres. From 2012, she has given readings and participated in demonstrations of mediumship at Sálarrannsóknarfélagi Íslands, the Spiritualist Society of Iceland. For many years, she has assisted people with their personal and spiritual development; between 2006 and 2009 she also acquired three independently validated (NVQ4) professional qualifications in hypnotherapy. Kay enjoys returning to England to work; workshops teaching Runes and Rainbows may be arranged within the United Kingdom, Iceland or overseas. Sessions via Skype are also available. Kay may be contacted via Tel: +354 691 1147.


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