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Kay T Cook lived in Devon and Somerset for most of her life but she currently lives and practise in Reykjavík, Iceland.  Since 1993, she has provided readings to the public, and from 1995 she has also given services within spiritualist churches and centres. From 2012, she has given readings and participated in demonstrations of mediumship at Sálarrannsóknarfélagi Íslands, the Spiritualist Society of Iceland. For many years, she has assisted people with their personal and spiritual development; between 2006 and 2009 she also acquired three independently validated (NVQ4) professional qualifications in hypnotherapy. Kay enjoys returning to England to work; workshops teaching Runes and Rainbows may be arranged within the United Kingdom, Iceland or overseas. Sessions via Skype are also available. Kay may be contacted via Tel: +354 691 1147. kt.cook@btinternet.com   www.kaycookspiritwings.com

Articles by Kay Cook

  1. Runes and Rainbows: Runes, Chakras and Universal Energies

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    Runes and Rainbows is the integrated method of reading the runes, chakras and universal energies I have developed.

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