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The 2012 Enigma

by Gina Pickersgill(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 193 - April 2012

In the ages of old, people were prone to seek solace in their suffering and pain due to being in sync with the Universal Energies. It was during this time that they would think about what mattered to them most of all. In the far reaches of their psyche they would understand the process of allowing fate to disappear and their destiny to take hold of the control of their decisions for future recompense. In the path of light and understanding, they would surrender to the bigger plan and trust their own emotional alchemy to show them the way.

A perfectly balanced inner ecology will bring you peace and tranquility within.
A perfectly balanced inner ecology will bring you peace and tranquility within.

The purpose of this article is to underpin the mechanisms by which people manage their emotions using NLP, self-awareness and personal development as they have been led to use for their own purpose.

The Purpose of Living
If it were not for the understanding of why we are here on this planet, people would not be bothered about finding their purpose as they would already know and it would be a simple case of getting it actualized in all its manifestations. But we see people time and time again enrolling on courses that purport to help you find your purpose and reason for living. It is important for people wishing to understand their reason for living, so that they can make decisions based on the alignment of that truth and avoid wasting time on activities that do not match their higher purpose. So how does that work, and how do they manage to stem the tide of resistance that flows towards them when they make their mind up to follow their bliss or their heart's desire?

The Purpose of Reason
In special circumstances people will gain an insight as to what they should be doing with their lives. In some cases they will suffer traumas, loss or ridicule in order to assess their life circumstances and change their ideas about who they are and who they are meant to be. In the process of doing this they may go to therapy or learn new skills that enable them to manage their emotions around what they thought was their identity. In this view, people are apt to suffer depression, confusion and even suicidal thoughts that ultimately pushes them to the edge of their existence within the time-space continuum that represents life on earth.

Despairing avatars are prone to depression without a sense of purpose.
Despairing avatars are prone to depression without a sense of purpose.

In the void of existence that now beholds their newly re-oriented attention, they start to search for meaning, reasons and understandings about why this has happened and what they can do to attain balance once more. This path takes them on a journey of note taking, dream analysis, physical therapies including Yoga, Pilates or Alexandra techniques, Counselling, therapy addiction, drugs, drink and or suicide. For the first time in their lives they have space to think about the reasons they are in this place and that helps them to understand what they need to do next in order to search for answers to questions that burn inside them such as "why me?", "what can I do?", "where is my life going?" and "why am I here?".

The Search for Meaning
In order to analyse the predicament in which they find themselves living, they speak to advisers, counsellors and therapists that take on their story to help assess the way forward. But being human themselves, therapists have their own search for meaning going on; this can sometimes interfere with their professional life and render them needing a holiday or even a mentor for their own life predicament. So what is the point of searching for meaning outside of yourself when the help on offer can be just as risky as not finding any answers at all?

Is Therapy the Answer?
The answer to this is that there are many therapists to choose from, all poised to help with this technique or that in the hope that what they have to offer will be useful. Sometimes it takes more than one therapist to help because the range of knowledge, skills and expertise are vast and impossible for one person to master. So in order to analyse your understanding of which path to choose there are resources such as PH Online Magazine, that will guide you in choosing the right person or method for your needs. In order to create the momentum of change, it is best to only work with one therapist at a time to avoid conflicts of opinion and thus confusion about who is right. The last thing you need is to be confused about which therapy is going to help you be less confused than you are already. Think about it, it's confusing isn't it?

So armed with an understanding of how not be confused, you can see that working with the professional therapist can be risky because there are no guarantees that one will work better than the other until you try it for yourself. So what therapies are available and which one might be best for you? In order to answer this we must first understand the nature of the problem and what system it is affecting.

Elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth
The primary focus of therapy is to realign your thinking to offer a more balanced approach to living life effectively and so therefore most therapists work at the level of the psyche even though this may sometimes be via the body. So let us look at the psychological elements of therapy before moving onto more physical aspects of cybernetic looping of mind, movement and medicine.

The element of air represents the mental field of thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
The element of air represents the mental field of thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

The element of air represents the mental field of thoughts, ideas and beliefs. It is through this medium that we give ourselves grief, so-to-speak, in that we manifest charges of thought forms that resonate via the cellular structure of our bodies. It is in this field of thought pattern generation that we encounter stress, fatigue and malaise that eventually lead to physical and psychological disturbances. The presupposition being that we are in control of our thoughts, NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming helps to reorganize and restructure our thinking around issues that generate structurally deficient energy patterns in the body. It works on the basis of having access to emotions that have either enhanced or dis-empowered our thinking structures to the extent that a difference can be felt after having employed its many techniques successfully. Another system of thought therapy manipulation is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), used mainly by psychotherapists and professional people within the therapeutic system of government sponsored outlets. And so for those that want to understand their system of mental processing, an NLP or psycho-therapeutic approach might best suit their needs.

The element of water represents our emotions as they move through the body.
The element of water represents our emotions as they move through the body.

The element of water represents our emotional body and can be freed by a range of physical and psychological therapies generally seen as spiritual in nature. Reiki, spiritual healing and other 'hands on' methods of healing combine touch with psychological alignment via energy and intention of the practitioner. Generally seen as mystical, progression in science is now showing that quantum physics has a role in the healing arena and one that is gaining momentum with films being popularized such as What the Bleep and The Secret. The rudimentary evidence shows that energy plays a part in how we manage our emotions and how we can maintain an equilibrium of parameters related to health stress and disease. In the final cut of this idea the proposition is to arrange our sensitivities in a way that helps us to grow emotionally and cope with the many stressors that present themselves on a daily basis. The ability to manage your emotion is a key factor in how you present yourself to the world and how you show up energetically.

The element of fire represents our heart's desires and burning passions.

The element of fire represents our heart's desires and burning passions.

The element of fire represents that of desire, motivation and aspiration tendencies. It often marks the point at which you want to achieve outcomes, goals and ambitions related to career, relationships and other life focused areas. A coaching approach is often best used for this purpose and leaves off the touchy-feeling approach of emotional and mental elements. Instead, it focuses on action and real results, often involving a combination of optimized physical, mental and emotional capability. Clients are held accountable for their own progress, with the coach acting as a guide and mentor in the management of the clients ability to balance, focus and gain momentum towards their desired outcomes. Having seen the effects of stated outcomes, the client is more motivated to achieve greater things in the future. Therefore, coaching is great for those that just want to get and do stuff.

The element of earth represents the planet's living creatures.

The element of earth represents the planet's living creatures.

The element of Earth is the grounding principle that underpins all life on this planet. To understand the nature of earth and how it provides us with stability emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally is the keystone of being a balanced human being. When all elements are aligned, we become focused, balanced and determined to succeed. Achievement in the main is the source of our happiness, as long as it matches our deepest desires that we have honestly assessed with the Truth of our heart's innate intelligence. To know yourself is to know your own mind and how it operates to allow you to function as a whole human being. Eventually the Truth will out, whether you are consciously ready for it or not. Typically this is known as the dark night of the Soul and its calling is there to alert you to the possibilities that lay within your capabilities to align with your Soul's higher purpose. Is it possible to undermine your Soul's higher purpose? I think not!

A virtual resurrection of the Twin Towers, destroyed in the 911 attacks.
A virtual resurrection of the Twin Towers, destroyed in the 911 attacks.

Here we come to the enigma that is 2012. A closing of a cycle that has long been emanating from the earth's core, the frequency of which can be felt at the very core of our being. Shifts in economical, social and political consciousness has led us to a point where evaluation of our deepest priorities are at the forefront of our occupied minds. It is here that we come to the precipice of what has promised to be a revolution in consciousness, where science and spirituality merge to form a cohort of knowledge aimed at realizing potentials that were never possible before now.

Focus on the way in which you tantalize your ideas for being all you can be. Are you manifesting realities or just posing as one who knows what to do? These questions will put you in charge of how you get to realize what you need, to engender the format for conceptualizing the understandings that resurrect your memory of who you are. This may all sound a bit far fetched, but the time has come to embrace the knowledge of a new Universal consciousness, all of which will be revealed as the years go by.

2012 is the year it will all begin to manifest in the minds of those who are open to its energies. The level of understanding will come through knowing how to change how you feel in response to negative energies that formerly would have drained your energy pool. Instead there will come a moment of stillness before you decide how to act. This will be the key to undoing the past issues and coming into the present moment, fully aware of the dynamics of the situation and what path to take in response to it. Once you have an idea of how this works, you won't want to be any other way.

It's time for you to wake up and smell the coffee; be it Starbucks, Nero's or Costa, the choice will be down to you to make. The wake up call need not be painful or scary and that's something worth thinking about. So 2012 is about finding your niche in terms of spiritual evolutionary progression that allows for personalized consciousness that enables transformation at the level of energy, mind and heart combined.


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