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The Emerging Psychic – Exploring ‘Causes’ of Paranormal Experiences

by Ann Fillmore PhD(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 187 - October 2011

The veil between our solid world and the world of the spirit is thinning. More and more of us are having extraordinary experiences. We are catching evidence on the new digital and full spectrum equipment that makes ‘Photographing Fairies’, investigated by none other than Arthur Conan Doyle, child's play. 

When I asked Chris Fleming, well known sensitive and inventor of devices that communicate with the other side, about this amazing shift in our abilities, he replied in part, "We are all connected to this matrix of higher consciousness. Everything that is, was and shall be is stored there. Our growing awareness and curiosity has allowed more individuals to open up .... In this age of Aquarius we have to learn to survive at this different level..."


Being the research coordinator of Coast Ghost Paranormal Research Society for over six years, I've gradually became ultra sensitive to spirits. It's part of the job and, I thought, no big deal. Although walking into a ghost can shake the most seasoned ghost hunter, and for a newbie it's not only a visceral shock, but the EMF (electromagnetic force) associated with ghostly presences engenders highly unpleasant physical symptoms.

What I did not expect was the sudden emergence of a full blown psychic talent called retrocognition. I had been suffering months of severe dizziness. The doctors, of course, told me it was due to age and long-ago serious inner ear damage. And a Naturopath found I had severe gluten intolerance. All explained? All dealt with?

On a bright sunny day hiking with the dogs on a familiar path, I stepped into a thick wall of air and was hit with vertigo so powerful that reality and time went away. Instantly, evening surrounded me, a hundred and fifty years ago. I was walking in a man's body at this exact same spot on the path, exhausted from working on the new railroad bridge nearby. A small group of Chinese labourers were ahead, seated around a campfire. Dinner was cooking, I could smell the smoke, smell the food. I wanted only to hear my own language and sit with my own people.

Thank goodness the solid me knew what was happening! Because nothing at that moment was more important than reaching that campfire and the other Chinese workers. If my dogs had not come up and nudged me, asked for treats, I felt I may have gone forward into that other time.

I am not alone in having sudden psychic events. The rate of experiencers is exploding. We're becoming hitchhikers in a universe transiently glimpsed by our forebears.

Symptoms Of Impending Psychic Events

Usually the experiencer has been sensitive since childhood, perhaps had an invisible friend or talked about events in a past life. Perhaps there was an instance later in life in an unguarded moment, something of high strangeness discounted as a one off event. But now the events happen regularly.

One's psychic ability should emerge bit by bit and the most common first sign is light-headedness and dizziness ranging to severe vertigo. Because each person has an individual gift, each talent develops in its own fashion. Perhaps you now can see auras distinctly or have a clear thought image from the person standing near. Or your dog says something and you understand. You become aware of a traumatic event about to happen to a friend. The inner ear process in the brain which takes care of balance and our place in the solid world cannot handle the sudden shift as boundaries of self vanish.

Full blown psychic events are really scary to the first time experiencer. More alarming, if the experiencer hurries to a regular medical doctor or psychologist, the diagnosis is instantly 'crazy'. A woman is labelled hysterical (yes, the term is still widely used) or depressed; if a man - you become tagged as 'paranoid'. Such diagnoses mean, at the least, a prescription for Dramamine and more commonly, you're put on anti-depressants or even powerful anti-psychotics. The skyrocketing jump in prescriptions for these medications can be attributed to heavy pressure sales techniques by the pharmaceutical companies (Angell). But also to something spectacular happening to a lot of people.

For example, the psychic skill of clairaudience means you hear someone speaking to you beyond your own self. One of the primary criteria for a diagnosis of schizophrenia is 'hearing voices'. Auntie Jane coming to say goodbye as she passes may not send you to the doctor. Hearing a complete stranger crying for help in a wrecked car miles away definitely is a shock.

Clairvoyance means receiving images, sometimes entire scenes like watching a movie of an event happening right in the moment or perhaps slightly in the future. No one would be surprised to learn how many people 'saw' the events of 9/11 in the month before it happened. Most often though, what comes through at the beginning, are emotions. Going through an episode of paralyzing fear, seemingly without any connection to your own life events, and then having the emotion switch off - definitely unpleasant.

Perhaps you've been in a big box store and touched the handle of the shopping cart and gotten an electric shock? Have you also had a vivid sense of who pushed that cart around last? That is psychometry. Or walked into a thick glob of air giving you a chill that raises the hair on your arms or even surrounds you with a smell. You've just met a spirit.

Not surprising, the second most common 'symptom' for the emerging psychic is panic attack. (Curry)

The shock of being in someone else's reality, as in the case of ESP, can make the first time experiencer truly believe he or she's gone insane. If there are accompanying physical effects, that is, if the newbie psychic tunes into the mind of someone being murdered, no wonder a panic attack ensues.  

The third effect often goes along with the other two. Dreams and nightmares. The mind is most vulnerable to intrusion while in REM (alpha-theta). The clairvoyant or prophetic dream is stark, waking the person abruptly and sometimes continues in waking REM - daydream.

What Physical Causes could there Be

As any good paranormal investigation team does, first eliminate the physical, non-paranormal reasons. Because the primary symptoms look so much like inner ear damage, that is vertigo and panic attack, it would be wise to refer to my article: Coping with Vestibular Trauma. Inner ear damage produces nausea to the point of sea sickness, vertigo, tinnitus and panic attacks.

Starker effects of a first time psychic episode, such as experiencing a replay of some horrible event, signal white coat doctors to give the label: PTSD (Post Traumatic Symptom Disorder). This is not really an illness, per se. It was a diagnosis constructed of a list of symptoms. I prefer to call actual embedded trauma experiences a fear process. Emotional and physical triggers are inlaid in excruciating detail. Smell and sounds often being the most vivid. Without learning to use WREMS or doing clinical EMDR, the event can replay or at least be recalled over and over.

Another physical cause behind the 'psychic symptoms' could be an allergy attack, especially to food. One of the most powerful culprits is gluten. Gluten is a vicious culprit. The most under diagnosed ailment of our time (Hadjivassiliou) and very physically, and mentally, debilitating. Medical doctors want to call it 'leaky gut' which puts the blame on the intestinal track. What really occurs is a fault of the extremely finely processed grain, mainly wheat, that is used to make our breads and desserts - in fact, it's in almost everything. Our immune system is unable to recognize gluten as a food because it can pass through the lining of our gut and invade the blood stream, causing an antibody reaction. In a study, (Toohey) using fifty-four supposedly 'normal' unaffected people, thirty of them had antibodies to gluten in their bloodstream. In other words, 3 out of 5 'normal' people are affected by gluten. (Hadjivassiliou)

And then there is Gluten Ataxia. (Boyd, Woodward) Study after study is showing that the doctors and psychiatrists of fifty years ago were right. Schizophrenia was once called the Bread Disease. In a study published in the Lancet, it was shown that a very high percentage of diagnosed schizophrenics have severe reactions to gluten. When put on a strict no gluten diet, many improved dramatically. MS sufferers are actually reacting to gluten. As are ADHD kids and there could well be one link to Alzheimer's, to diabetes and ALS, and so on.

Along with food comes chemical sensitivity. Little dealt with and not well accepted by the medical profession in the US, sufferers often have to go it alone. Sweden has an excellent program. (FEM) Not surprisingly, gluten victims are often also highly sensitive to chemicals.

Next is electrical pollution and high EMF. Cell phones and towers, TV cable boxes, your refrigerator, even the tiny clock by the bedside are emitting damaging energy. High EMF can actually make you paranoid, make your skin crawl and your vision become blurred. Long term EMF is being connected to some forms of cancer.

The growing intolerance to highly processed, chemicalized foods and GMO monstrosities seems to have an intricate interaction in our bodies and brains with EMF which has had minimal research. Many holistic healers (Scott) are working to help with the complex effects. Dieter Broer, in an excellent article worth reading - several times, explains that: "... a phenomenon that under 'normal' circumstances could only be induced through the practice of meditation or the like can also be catalyzed by exogenous electromagnetic fields." In other words, unplug your TV. Not just because the EMF is affecting you, it is also affecting the universe beyond the veil.

Remember, spirits, shadows or whatever one calls the intelligent entities living beyond our solid reality, love high EMF which is one of the reasons sensitive individuals feel so awful in big box stores, especially the electronics section. Some really sensitive individuals actually perceive a big black thing hanging about. Perhaps all those transient entities who came attached to someone decided to stay and bask in the energy!

Ultimately, I must broach the subject of chem trails and HAARP (High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program). Authorities have termed the laying of chem trails and the use of HAARP as 'geoengineering'. In truth, it is weather modification and control. When you look up in the sky and see those streamers of white spreading and making your blue sky a sickly pale white, be prepared in a couple days to feel awful because the stuff falls to earth. (Global Skywatch, Coalition Against Geoengineering) They consist of many chemicals including aluminium, thorium and barium. This allows the use of massive amounts of directed energy by HAARP producing tornadoes, drought - even pushing around hurricanes and cyclones. Sometimes the powerful energy is so low (you can tell by the weird configuration of the clouds and trails), your ears will ring and your nerves vibrate. If you are courageous enough to look further, go to Gwen Scott's web site for more information on the physical effects and illnesses.

We in Coast Ghost have noticed when there is intense HAARP activity; we also have exceedingly high paranormal activity. No surprise.

The Emerging Psychic

Emerging psychics need guidance and training. The TV show: Psychic Kids with Chip Coffee, Edy Nathan and Chris Fleming demonstrates a supportive environment with skilled trainers. Finding such a team to help is, at this writing, merely a lucky happenstance and expensive. Because self awareness and seeking a deeper meaning have always been popular (remember the Beatles going to India?), a multitude of practitioners exist to cater to the seekers' desires. Just be careful. Follow a rational path to find your spiritual inner self.

Going on a paranormal investigation with a skilled team offers excellent training in using the high tech gear important to confirming what you are already sensing. Almost every community, probably around the world, has at least one ghost hunting group. Check out the team's credentials just as you would any endeavour or business. Many are, as Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters aptly put it, less than ethical in their approach to the spirit world, to local property and historical sites. You don't want to have a state trooper waiting for you as you leave the cemetery. 

Real teams always have permission to investigate and can give you referrals from their clients. Some of these real ones take newbies with them. Coast Ghost, for example, offers a ride-along program but only, at present, for a one-time chance at using gear. As fun as such ride-alongs are, they are not the answer to training your mind. Try to find someone, even if only by email or Facebook, to talk with. The concept of being psychic may be exciting on TV, but learning to protect yourself and acquiring a strong sense of self are absolutely necessary.

Too bad Douglas Adams only specified in his guidebook to hitchhiking the universe was how to get around on other species' spaceships. He didn't leave instructions for moving from solid reality to spiritual. Luckily, there are ways, on your own, to make the transition from 'normal' to 'sensitive-psychic' as painless as possible.

First and foremost, reach a peace with yourself, not just in the now but across the centuries. Find a skilled hypnotist and explore past lives. The spirit is immortal and you may have unfinished business from lifetimes past. Become comfortable with thinking outside time. Slowly explore the possibility of meeting your guardians. This was a concept I had real difficulty accepting, being from a behavioural science background - just the facts, ma'am. Yet they are there and they will help.

Learn to calm yourself. Own your own emotions. You can do this by learning to use WREMS - Waking REM State and Master Your Emotions. This is a powerful technique which if consistently applied brings about a deep calm by working through all your emotional stuff, old memories and relationships and 'de-fraging' the vast storage files in your mind. Plus, it's inexpensive.

If you go the clinical route, try EMDR. Do find a good practitioner and specify that you want to tackle more than the present. Some counsellors will balk at going beyond everyday issues.

Finally, meditation, yoga or Tai Chi and the like helps your body adjust, relax and allows the mind to expand. Plus you learn to control your body processes and pause, relax, allow. Very important to be able to allow your mind to move forward and still maintain ultimate control.

Yes, this sounds like a lot of work. Consider it necessary maintenance and preparation because we are on the path to an expanded consciousness. All the signs point to it. Whatever we want to attribute this to, whether it be Broer's assertion in his article 2012 and Electromagnetic Effects on Consciousness that we are evolving whether we want to or not, that it is due to outside influences: "...we are currently in the midst of a process involving the restructuring of our neuronal networks, and that the catalyst of this process is the high solar-geomagnetic activity."

Or Chris Fleming's kind assurance that we are not alone and that we are affecting our own transformation. "The popularity of ghost hunting and psychic use has increased awareness on both sides of the veil and parties on both sides are doing everything they can to break down the barrier. But the total conscious of the populace is not fully there yet. Once that happens the energies will allow for such an increase in experiences and contact there will no longer be doubt."

So whether we have we done this to ourselves or been predestined by evolution and time itself, we must cooperate. You will find fellow travellers, many of them, on your path. Be ready to face demons, or at least grumpy old ghosts and tricksters. Have faith, be aware of the dark shadows and follow the advice in HHGTTG (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) - Don't Panic! Oh, and wasn't there something about not forgetting a towel? Are we in for a great adventure, or what!


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  1. June Steiner said..

    Hi Ann, great article! Very timely and helpful. Thanks for posting it. I do have the name of someone OPUS works with in the Bay Area who is really good and would be someone for people to talk to about training. He has an article on OPUS's Clinical Corner and is also on the Links page. His name is Lloyd Auerbach, MS and he has a website at and the Paranormal Network. Warmly, June

  2. Mary E said..

    So glad you wrote this article. I had an experience recently, spread over about 3 months, which shook me to the core and consider myself very lucky to have managed to keep in the 2011 reality. At least now I know I'm not the only one, and I didn't imagine it!

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