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  1. Sacred Sound/Healing: Interview with Jonathan Goldman

    by Jonathan Cope

    Homeopathy, light therapy and colour therapy, all seek to restore balance to the systems of the human body. People can begin to understand that sound is an energy form and that it ...

  2. Song Therapy to Soothe Anxiety - The Enemy Within

    by Nigel Neill

    Of course we all know music is good for us. Not a day goes by without some news item celebrating the latest research that proves the relationship between social inclusion, music and...

  3. Songs from Seven Continents

    by Sarah Jewell

    The two responses that I most frequently receive when I tell people that I am a singing teacher are: “Can you actually teach somebody to sing?” and “What a fantastic job!”

  4. Sound as an Alternative to Traditional Medical Therapy

    by Andreea Magdalina

    Sound therapy is usually associated with non-conventional medicine. However we are all familiar with the use of ultra-sound to produce pictures of foetuses in the womb, and other vi...

  5. Sound Healing and Psychotherapy

    by Ollie Plunkett

    Sound is one of the most powerful and primal healing modalities. Most ancient cultures have used the magical power of sound to aid in healing for centuries. Sound healing had almost...

  6. Sound Psychology: the Tao of Music

    by John Ortiz Ph.D

    Mantras, chants and singing have been used through the ages and by almost every culture as a way of achieving health and harmony as well as personal enjoyment. The Buddhist mantr...

  7. Sound Therapies: Universal Panacea or Placebo?

    by Pauline Allen

    This article highlights the many improvements in terms of a wide range of physical, emotional and learning difficulties that can be achieved through sound therapy. It distinguish...

  8. Sound Yoga: Music and Sounds Heal Body and Mind

    by Sandeep Khurana

    Sound Yoga, also known as Music Therapy or Sound Healing, is a technique in which sounds, vibrations, musical tones and frequencies are used to restore, maintain and improve one’s ...

  9. Sounding Bowls: Craftsmanship, Art and Spirituality

    by Tobias Kaye

    This article focuses on Sounding Bowls, which begun as musical works of art that later became sought after as therapy and healing instruments in diverse applications, including for...

  10. Speech and Language Therapy today

    by Maria Farry

    Speech and Language Therapy is the process of enabling people to communicate to the best of their ability. A speech and language therapist will assess, diagnose and treat a variety...

  11. The Alchemy Of Voice – Transform and Enrich Your Life

    by Stewart Pearce

    The author the practice of an African tribe, in which the heavily pregnant woman is taken into the bush by her sisters, who listen for the ‘song’ of the unborn child, and return to ...

  12. The Healing Power of Music

    by Celia Harper

    Music can take many forms and have many different effects on us: it can invigorate or calm us, arouse or amuse us, call us to arms, inspire us and lift up our spirits.

  13. The Healing Power of Music

    by Simon Heather

    This article focuses on the healing power of music. According to the author, one of the reasons why listening to music is so healing is due to the power of musical intervals…create...

  14. The Healing Power of Sound

    by Simon Heather

    The healing power of sound has been recognized for thousands of years, and this article provides details of extensive research illustrating the effect of different instrumental and...

  15. The Joy of Group Singing

    by Heather Parker

    The author describes the experience of singing as an experience of sharing, freedom of expression, also giving health benefits through the endorphins released, lowering blood pre...

  16. The Mystery of Sound

    by Meggan Brummer

    The fact that everything is in a state of vibration means that everything is constantly creating sound, even if too subtle for the human ear to detect. Every cell type, organ and s...

  17. The Role of Music in Healing - Music, a Dying Bird and a Miracle of Insight

    by Sally Oldfield

    Sally Oldfield, renowned musician and sister of Mike and Terry Oldfield, writes a very moving account of profound experiences over the last year, whilst suffering from chronic fati...

  18. The Seven Tone Method - Musical Healing

    by Mary Masselos

    It was the genius of Beethoven who declared that ‘Music is truth’. When so many of us are similarly moved and inspired by music we may or must recognise that music is the bearer ...

  19. Tinnitus Management Strategies

    by Dr Amy Sarow

    There are millions of Americans who experience tinnitus. If you're one of them, you know how frustrating and difficult the condition can be. Constant ringing, hissing, or buzzing in...

  20. Tomatis Listening Therapy – Your Voice is a Barometer of Your Health

    by Ella Williams

    Listening therapy works on the premise that effective listening - external, internal and vestibular - naturally leads to effective communication and that, except for pathological a...

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