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The Alchemy Of Voice – Transform and Enrich Your Life

by Stewart Pearce(more info)

listed in sound and music, originally published in issue 183 - June 2011

The Alchemy Of Voice is a sound healing practice that has burgeoned over the past twenty years, evolving as we determine our consciousness as part of the great soul of the Cosmos. From this perspective, the work has evolved through the needs of those who have been called, for many of us awaken to the awareness of the soul's ecstasy whilst experiencing life's challenges. All have been nurtured by the belief that love reigns supreme in the essence of cosmic creation, and that sound vibrates from a great field of force at the core of creation, descending and ascending via octaves of energy.

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The healing art of Voice Alchemy arises from the intelligence and compassion of the heart as the seat of the soul, and was once practised in the Temples of Atlantis and Egypt. Alchemy holds the conviction that 'what is above, is also below', indicating that the vibrations of the Cosmos and the movements of the planets also resonate within our bodies. If we are open to this consciousness, our speaking and singing resonate the very song of our soul, as a unique signature note, which like a prism in the centre of our Torso refracts the breath-light of Pranayama into a spectrum of refined colours. This is our authentic song or timbre, bringing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies into harmony. Living and loving this tone means we accomplish super-coherence, and love, grace, truth and wellbeing vibrate throughout the entirety of our lives. We literally brim with vitally abundant energy of the Source.

The beauty of this work was inspired during the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 when I met twelve Archangels - the Angels of Atlantis - on Glastonbury Tor. It has evolved alongside my career as a Master of Voice & Presentation, coaching Actors, CEOs, Politicians, members of Royalty and States-people.

When our bodies are out of balance from stress and illness they are literally torn from their harmony. The practice and healing of Voice Alchemy professes to identify the 'holding point' of the disease, and measures the disharmony through the Chakras that are struck out of tune. Our Chakras are the body's bio-computers, and as such function like databases for the whole of our force. Therefore, creating harmonic resonance throughout the physical body brings the Chakras system back into alignment with the vibrations of sound, and so we experience a transmutation of the negative into positive, and we experience the passion of all that is vital once again.

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Throughout the world, and in every culture, there is the belief that the Planet's creation came about through sound. For example, in the Bible of the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is written that God said: "Let there be light and there was light". Similarly, at the beginning of the Fourth Gospel we read: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and truth." I would suggest that the notion of the Word is aligned with the central belief of the Logos, meaning the intelligibility of the Sound. Similarly, we know that the OM, prevalent in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions is a primo mobile - the original sound of the world, and contains all other sounds. This mantra or prayer when repeated, resonates the source of the Great Sound of the Cosmos within us, and penetrates to the centre of one’s very soul.

Many years ago I heard a story about the discovery of an individual's note, within an African tribe. The story tells that when a pregnant Mother is full with child, her sisters take her into the bush, and wait until they hear the note of the unborn foetus, and then sing this song of this child's soul. On returning to their village, they wait until the Mother is to bring forth her child, at which point they gather to sing the welcoming entry of the child into the world!

Later when the child passes through the varying rites of passage associated with maturing, the community once again surround the child, singing the song of the its soul - right through life unto death - when the song becomes a chant of sacred farewell. Finally, if the individual commits a social misdemeanour - a crime - they are placed in the centre of the community's circle and their song is sang, reminding them of who they truly are, rather than what they have become.

Lets attempt finding the song of your soul, and so establish harmony throughout your whole being.

Sonic Meditation

  1. Feel your spine in alignment, and make sure you are grounded. See your spine filled with a golden beam of light, and visualize this 'laser' moving down through your being into the building and eventually penetrating into the bedrock of Mother Earth. Then, up again, through to Father Sky - anchoring eventually into Venus;
  2. Breathe out and then after a pause breathe in, seeing the breath light of the Cosmos moving through your body. Breathe wide, opening the base of your rib cage, and then deep into the upper abdomen - this is important, as it keeps the Throat Chakra free from tension;
  3. Then sound HAW in the pelvis, visualizing the deep red of the Earth in your pelvis. Do this three times noticing the effect it has on your body. This is the Earth Element used for grounding;
  4. Now, move into your belly. Begin by releasing the breath, and then take a deep breath into your centre sounding HOO three times, visualizing the sound as silver waves moving between your ribs. This is the Water Element of feeling;
  5. Move to your throat, and repeating the breathing sequence sound HOW three times, which registers the Air Element of the mental body;
  6. Further reaching into the area of your head, sound HEE three times. This is the Fire Element of Spirit;
  7. Finally, visualize a point in the centre of your chest, breathing deeply, sound HAA in the middle of your heart Chakra. This will bring you to your signature note, and so identify its unique vibration visualizing a colour.


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About Stewart Pearce

Stewart Pearce was Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy from 1980-1997, and then Master of Voice at Shakespeare's Globe from 1997-2007. Stewart is also a Sound Healer, Seer and Angel Medium and has published The Alchemy Of Voice, The Heart's Note and the Angels Of Atlantis Oracle, all through

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