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  1. Tomatis Therapy for Children with Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Speech Delay and ADHD

    by Ella Williams

    This article focuses on the application of Tomatis Therapy on children with learning difficulties, following on from the author’s two previous articles in PH which provided a gener...

  2. Toning and Energy Alignment to Heal Tinnitus

    by Jennifer Warters

    Tinnitus is often described as a noise in the head, interestingly the word is taken from the Latin word 'tinnire' which means ringing or a tinkling bell. However, my clients who suf...

  3. Tuning Up Your Body With Sound Vibrational MOT

    by Norah Coyne

    There is a beautiful un-evasive therapy guided by universal, angelic energy and frequencies that help you achieve the balance in your daily life that we are all living as part of li...

  4. Untreated Hearing Loss – Effects Upon Depression, Memory Loss and Dementia

    by Duncan Lambden

    Hearing is a crucial part of the human experience. This is not to say that those without hearing are damaged or incomplete – rather we mean that when you spend your life with the ab...

  5. Using the Harp for Healing

    by Christina Tourin

    This article focuses on harp therapy. A breakthrough experience is just one example of how therapy has become so effective in hospitals, hospices, birthing centres, rehabilitation ...

  6. Vocal Toning and Energy Alignment

    by Jennifer Warters

    The author gives an extensive account of the basis of energy theory in Eastern traditions, reinforced by modern scientific research.  She then describes the development of her own ...

  7. Voice - the forgotten fitness factor

    by Angela Caine

    From a very early age I loved anything to do with music, singing, playing the piano and dancing, so when at 17 I gained a place at a music college where I would be trained as a sin...

  8. Voice Movement Therapy - Healing Mind and Body with Sound and Song

    by Paul Newham

    Healing Mind and Body with Sound and Song by Paul Newham Fifteen years ago I founded a form of therapy now known as Voice Movement Therapy.

  9. What to Expect from a Hearing Test

    by Duncan Lambden

    You may have been to a couple dozen medical professionals throughout your years – whether it’s for your eyes, bones, stomach, etc. As familiar as you might be with these procedures,...

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