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  1. An Effective Approach to the Management of Osteoarthritis

    by Jonathan Lawrence

    I was introduced to the effectiveness of complementary medicine, when as a late teenager playing hockey for my local club, one of my team mates was struck in the eye by a hockey bal...

  2. Complete Lymphatic Body Pump

    by David Lintonbon

    A pictorial display of lymphatic drainage

  3. Cranial Osteopathy

    by Joseph Goodman

    To understand cranial osteopathy it is necessary to understand osteopathy itself. As with visceral osteopathy, the term refers to an aspect of osteopathy, not to a separate modalit...

  4. Gleno-humeral Joint & Upper Extremity Examination Evaluation & Treatment

    by David Lintonbon

    The main function of the gleno-humeral joint is to place the hand where it is needed, but to achieve this you have flexibility at the expense of stability. The shoulder is not just ...

  5. Gleno-Humeral Joint and Upper Extremity Examination: Evaluation & Treatment

    by David Lintonbon

    The main function of the gleno-humeral joint is to place the hand where it is needed, but to achieve this you have flexibility at the expense of stability. The shoulder is not just ...

  6. Headache: Osteopathic Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment

    by David Lintonbon

    Headache: Osteopathic Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment

  7. Managing Pregnancy and Birth

    by Jonathan Lawrence

    There are nearly 100 trillion cells in the adult body. In each cell there are many thousands of metabolic processes occurring at any one time. It is astonishing how the organism ma...

  8. Manipulation to the Foot (Medial Border)

    by David Lintonbon

    The most important anatomical landmark of the medial border is the navicular tubercle.

  9. Multiple Sclerosis and Cranial Osteopathy

    by Jane Darnell

    In simplistic form Multiple Sclerosis is, according to the traditional medical diagnosis, a chronic breakdown of the myelin sheath surrounding the spinal cord causing calcification...

  10. Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

    by David Lintonbon

    To understand the rationale behind MET it is first necessary to look at the mechanism that controls muscle tone. Sensory signals enter the cord via the sensory roots. After entering...

  11. Naturopathic Osteopathy

    by Jeff Richards, Registered Osteopath, Registered Naturopath

    In 1874 Andrew Taylor Still brought osteopathy into the world. At that time the work of Pasteur and Lister was unknown, and many patients who survived the crude surgery that was ...

  12. Osteopathic Approach to the Treatment of Facial-Maxillary Sinus Headache

    by David Lintonbon

    Anterior facial pain/headache caused by swollen sinuses usually results from infection both bacterial / viral or an allergic reaction, resulting in blockage to the drainage channels...

  13. Osteopathic Approach to the Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    by David Lintonbon

    The author discusses osteopathic approaches to the treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, the most common cause being compression of the brachial plexus/subclavian artery.

  14. Osteopathy and Voice: A Symbiosis

    by Derek Gale

    Osteopathic treatment is a method of working with and changing patterns in the body which have both a physical and a psychological origin. Voice work completes the framework within...

  15. Osteopathy, Movement and Water: Perfect Union for the Well-being of the Cervical Region

    by David Lintonbon

    The cervical part of the vertebral column is like a pillar that supports our head. The seven vertebrae, the muscles of the cervical region and the joints they serve make up the Sto...

  16. Piriformis Syndrome

    by David Lintonbon

    A referred posterior leg pain condition described as a compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve by a contracted or stretched piriformis muscle. The syndrome is six times more ...

  17. Shin Splints/Compartment Syndrome

    by David Lintonbon

    The principle symptom of runner's leg is pain, whatever the aetiology. In the early stages pain appears exclusively after running; in the latter stages tenderness and pain are pres...

  18. The Osteopathic Approach to Bursitis

    by David Lintonbon

    The signs and symptoms of bursitis include local pain, swelling, heat, redness and occasionally muscle spasm/hypertonia. Diagnosis is usually made through direct palpation of tissue...

  19. The Osteopathic Approach to the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

    by David Lintonbon

    This article looks at the structural osteopathic approach to evaluating dysfunction at the Temporomandibular Joint and its associated structures.

  20. Treatment with Cranial Osteopathy for Tinnitus, Sleep Apnoea and Knee Injury

    by Camilla Murphy

    Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment which works with the structure and function of the body. Maintenance of good mechanical function is essential for good health.

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