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  1. 6 Yoga Stretch Routines for the Casual Runner

    by Kaitlin Gardner

    Did you know that being flexible is a very important part of running? It may sound silly, but it’s true!

  2. A Sudden Death or a Long Life?

    by Dr Eva Goes

    You are training hard to run marathons, and you are even dreaming of ultras. But some people (mostly non-runners) keep warning you that you could be doing too much... Of course you...

  3. Ab Nauseum

    by Joel Carbonnel

    How many do you do in a day? I am talking about crunches, the best known exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

  4. Ab Normal

    by Joel Carbonnel

    The English call it the 'six-pack', the French, the 'chocolate bar': a well-sculpted midsection. Judging by the proportion of flabby abdomens around, one could be forgiven for beli...

  5. ABS Fads

    by Joel Carbonnel

    By 'fads' the author means the dictates of fashion and how they apply even to muscles and the current notion that midriffs should be bare this season. Navel gazing is all very well...

  6. An Holistic Approach to Optimum Sports Nutrition

    by June Butlin

    Sports nutritionists seem to be involved in a never ending search for the one isolated supplement, food or drug, which will enhance performance.

  7. An Holistic Approach to Optimum Sports Nutrition

    by June Butlin

    Until September 1995, Catherine was fit, healthy and full of vitality. She had a happy home life, a good social life, and a reasonable degree of fitness. Then, she suffered from ex...

  8. Bathing for Radiant Health

    by Samm Kweku Richardson

    The author provides us with an account of the reasons why bathing is important, and the benefits. Then he gives us basic rules for bathing, then a set of detailed instructions, bas...

  9. Being Truly Alive - Movement, Exercise and Fitness aren't just for Losing Weight…

    by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

    Have you ever noticed when you exercise that you yawn? Yawning is an indicator of relieving stress, one of the main benefits of ‘working out’. It does not mean you are tired or bor...

  10. Benefits of the FlexxiCore† Passive Exerciser: Practitioner Trials

    by Hannah McDonald

    This article discusses a series of trials with a class of passive exercisers, undertaken in 2005 with 145 health professionals and yoga teachers, as well as the results from the 100...

  11. Biomechanics for Functional Training, Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning: Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Management

    by Martin Haines

    Martin Haines has trained 5 Olympic gold medallists, McLaren Formula 1 racing drivers, premiership footballers as well as international rugby players and golfers. He has also biomec...

  12. Botty Beautiful

    by Joel Carbonnel

    I've found a new word that delights me: callipygian. It is an adjective combining the Greek kallos, beauty (as in calligraphy: beautiful writing), with pyge, buttocks. Hence, a cal...

  13. Clinical Relief with Use of the FlexxiCore‡ Exerciser

    by Hannah McDonald

    This article focuses on the value of a class of passive exercise machines which originated in Japan and which allow people of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy a stimulating work...

  14. Cycling for Health

    by Lisa Saffron

    Of all the ways the environment affects health, the one that matters most to me is transport. Not only is our health at risk from air pollution, traffic accidents and noise but the...

  15. Empowerment Fitness: Revolutionary Mind-Body Programme

    by Sharon O\'Connor

    This article focuses on the positive effects of body movement.  For centuries, high achieving individuals, including runners, walkers, cyclists and rowers, have understood that if ...

  16. Exercise and Fitness: Blood Pressure: Truths and Myths

    by Chris Milton

    The author gives a full explanation of what blood pressure is, how it is measured, the range of readings and their meaning (Low, Normal, High), and explains how and why blood press...

  17. Exercise and Nutrition

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    This column discusses the value of exercise and nutrition for better health, not just at the physical level but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

  18. Exercise Program for the Older Years

    by Diana Moran and Sir Muir Gray

    At the age of 77 I’m determined not only to get moving but to keep moving for as long as I possibly can. My ‘Sod sitting, get moving’ exercise plan consists of simple exercises spe...

  19. Fingertip Toes

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Toe touching has for a long time been the symbol and criterion of physical fitness. But does this posture or movement deserve to be so rated?

  20. Fitness for Health

    by Nigel Kerr

    Articles dedicated to the benefits of regular exercise show that exercise routines are much like religious doctrine. They all claim to be the miracle that will change your life for...

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