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4 Tips for Enhancing your Wellness Routine in 2021

by Margo Marrone(more info)

listed in exercise and fitness, originally published in issue 272 - August 2021


After the events of 2020, many of us have learnt how to take better care of ourselves, including learning what it is we need to do more of to improve our mental and physical health. Whether you're new to the idea of a wellbeing routine or are just looking for ways to improve your current areas of focus, there are a few key aspects you can concentrate on to boost your mood, and below I'll share just four of them to get you started.

Skincare Model

Skincare Model


There may be a lot of reasons why you're not sleeping as well as you could be at the moment. From the stress of working from home to anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic, your brain working overtime could be stopping you from getting the rest you need. That's why it's important to establish a routine that can encourage positive sleeping habits and make sure you wake up feeling recharged.


Around two hours before bedtime, try and reduce your screen time to limit the amount of blue light you're exposed to — this light can often trick your brain into thinking its daytime, so it can make it harder to drop off. Instead, you should wash or bathe, change into a clean pair of comfortable pyjamas, and curl up with a book or do a relaxing activity, like a crossword puzzle or meditation.


Your diet can have a huge impact on your mood, with overly processed foods or those with a high sugar content linked to feelings of unhappiness. So, if you're feeling sluggish, it could help to think about what you've been eating lately and see if there are any healthier swaps you can make.


Small, positive changes, like switching to multi-seed breads and crackers and eating more fruits in place of sugary snacks, can all help make sure your body is getting an extra boost of the vitamins and minerals it needs. Do you crave fatty or greasy foods? If this is the case, you can sate those cravings with naturally oily foods like nuts and olives.


Having a regular and consistent skincare routine goes a long way towards improving your mental wellbeing as it fulfils a primal self-preservation instinct to groom ourselves, stay healthy, and protect our bodies from harm. So, if you frequently cleanse, tone, repair, and moisturise your skin, you'll not only look good but feel great afterwards as well.


Starting a new routine is a sure-fire way to boost your mood, but rather than piling extra products on and risking disrupting your skin, it's a good idea to detox first. I usually recommend a 10-day detox plan of treatments and supplements, as this gives your skin enough time to adjust. Even if you're happy with your current routine, detoxing every so often can help reset your skin, prevent product build up, and keep your routine working effectively.



Everybody knows that exercising can release happy hormones such as endorphins, dopamine, and adrenalin, and that regular workouts can keep our mood elevated. Our fitness activities can also keep away diseases, as well as aches and pains that can bring us down, so keeping active is ideal for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Another great thing about exercise is that there are so many different activities that one of them is bound to be right for you. Hate the idea of running? Stretching and strength exercises like yoga can keep our heart rate up without making us out of breath. Or, maybe an organised or competitive sport is more your speed.

The tips in this guide can help you work towards your goals for happiness and mental wellbeing. Bear them in mind and you're sure to notice a boost in your mood.


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