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  1. Case Study Issue 77: Gerson Therapy

    by Rachel Matthews

    This article gives a first-hand account of Rachel Matthew’s experiences of developing malignant melanoma, treated with surgical removal of the lymph nodes in the leg and groin, whi...

  2. Case Study Issue 78: Howling Wolf, Crying Eagle

    by Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar

    The author presents a detailed case study to illustrate the effectiveness of the innovative techniques of Integrative Massage Therapy (IMT), which combines bodywork, hypnotherapy a...

  3. Case Study Issue 79: Naji Malak - Acupuncture Maestro

    by Alan Pillay

    Showbusiness personality Alan Pillay gives a witty account of his experiences of acupuncture in which he sings the praises of acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner...

  4. Case Study Issue 80: Bosiger Energy Alignment Method (BEAM) for Psoriasis and Back Pain

    by Ingrid Saag

    The Bosiger Energy Alignment Method (BEAM™) is an energy healing therapy, which makes diagnoses by examining the feet to reveal which meridians and which of the five elements (per ...

  5. Case Study Issue 81: Spiritual Healing for Severe Eczema

    by Chandrika Vaghela

    This case study describes the spiritual healing performed on a 70-year-old man who had been diagnosed with eczema by his GP, having presented with a severe rash all over his body. ...

  6. Case Study Issue 83: Energy Field Therapy for ME

    by Vincent MacNally

    Vincent MacNally’s case study tells the story of the leaps and bounds recently made by ‘Gemma’, a woman suffering badly from ME, after treatment with Energy Field Therapy (EFT).

  7. Case Study Issue 84: Reflexology for Aggravated Colitis

    by Kath Morrell

    Reflexologist Kath Morrell describes the case of a patient who had severe backache and inflamed left buttock muscles, which had been going on for nine years. More recently, he suff...

  8. Case Study Issue 85: 'Good' Grief - A Session with EmoTrance™

    by Tina Cooper

    EmoTrance™ is a gentle therapy that deals with our present sensations without needing to dig around in our subconscious to discover how and where our feelings have come from. EmoTr...

  9. Case Study Issue 88: Metabolic Typing for Thyroid and Infertility

    by Dr Khush Mark

    Nutrition and metabolic typing consultant gives the case of a 31-year-old woman suffering from Grave’s Disease, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid that causes overproduction of t...

  10. Case Study Issue 89: Holistic Dentistry for Allergies, Skin Problems and Snoring

    by Dr Ann Harris

    This Case Study relates to a 14-year girl Claire suffering from rhinitis, sneezing, coughing, wheezy symptoms, lethargy, as well as acne which had scarred her skin.

  11. Case Study Issue 91: Recovery from Motorcycle Accident Using Magnotherapy

    by Nigel J Iles

    Nigel Iles discusses his experiences with magnotherapy, following a motorcycle accident.

  12. Case Study Issue 94: Scenar: Treatment in Stroke Rehabilitation

    by Pamela Nancarrow

    It is generally still accepted by the medical profession that beyond six months after a stroke any clinical change in the patient is extremely unlikely. When I commenced this work ...

  13. Case Study Issue 96: ACMOS Quantum Medicine

    by Naheed Brooking

    In this article Naheed Brooking describes the success of ACMOS Quantum Medicine on Susan, a young woman patient. The ACMOS method was invented by a French engineer, Dr Rene Naccach...

  14. Case Study Issue 97: Caffeine Allergy, Masked Cerebral Allergy

    by Ruth Whalen

    This is a case study of a young woman who developed caffeine allergy. Her symptoms, similar to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), were memory impairment, loss of focu...

  15. Case Study Issue 98: Ultrasound 3D for Treating Dental Cavitations

    by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

    This Case Study discusses the little-known problem of cavitations. These are chronic infections in the jawbones. They can be painful as Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosi...

  16. Case Study Issue 99: Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Congestion, Oedema and Stress

    by Nina Pearson

    In this study Nina Pearson cites the case of Joanna, a fifty-year-old client, who was a self-employed accountant. She was suffering from tiredness and stress and was getting very l...

  17. Case Study: Atlas Re-Alignment: Possible Simple Approach for Scoliosis and Migraines

    by Aude Le Barazer

    This article presents a detailed case study of a woman with scoliosis who also suffers migraines, and how she benefited from the simple approach of Atlas Re-Alignment. It also expl...

  18. Case Study: Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Healing

    by Patsy Wright

    In 1993, William West formed the PsychoSpiritual Initiative (PSI) in the belief that counselling and psychotherapy methods could benefit from the inclusion of spiritual healing.

  19. Case Study: Dental Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

    by Mary Maguire

    Mary Maguire was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1984. After severe head pains in 1994, her GP suggested her symptoms were caused by stress and recommended rest. After no impr...

  20. Case Study: Eliminating Schizophrenic Voices by Healing Prenatal Trauma

    by Grant McFetridge

    This article describes, in brief, the radical new psychological treatment that eliminates the most common type of ‘voices’ that many schizophrenics suffer from.  Known as Silent Mi...

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