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Case Study Issue 91: Recovery from Motorcycle Accident Using Magnotherapy

by Nigel J Iles(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 91 - August 2003

In March 1999, my life was completely transformed. For me, like many others, change arrived without a fanfare, and began with something as mundane as my journey to work.

I can see now, that what happened would have been better suited to a Mission Impossible movie, but alas, no film crews were present at my set, just me, my beloved motorbike, a patch of gravel and diesel, and a roundabout I'd traversed a hundred times before.

Exiting the roundabout, my motorbike hit the gravel and slid, horizontally, towards the oncoming traffic, first dragging me underneath one car and then, with my helmet full of expletives of the 'not printable' kind, spun me round into a head on collision with another.

Lying on the road, drifting in and out of consciousness, I faced a distinctly uncertain future, and for the first time in my 27 years, the possibility of death or permanent paralysis stared me directly in the face.

Following extensive surgery, I came round four days later and realized I could still move my head, hands and feet, albeit very slowly, and I realized too, just how long I'd been putting off doing all the things I dreamed of. I began to wonder what I'd been waiting for all this time, and made the decision there and then to go to university and get my degree, even if it meant dragging myself.

Thanks to the incredible protection of my armoured clothing, the injuries were mostly limited to my right leg, and although terribly severe, the surgeons were able to save it. I shattered my femur, of which over half fragmented, my tibia and fibula. My tibial plateaux required extensive rebuilding, achieved with external fixators, and my femur was nailed with a titanium rod, screwed both top and bottom. I then contracted severe MRSA, which reduced my weight by four stone in six weeks, and my femur to the consistency of butter. Three times over the coming months I was told that my leg would have to be removed.

Nigel Iles

The skill of the physiotherapists and my absolute determination to recover, meant that I kept my leg, but I was advised on many occasions that the best I could hope for was walking with a severe limp, a 90 degree bend in the leg and zero minus deflection. As for the constant daily pain, there was nothing they could do apart from offer painkillers – lots of them! So that was my lot, and, in a way, I was grateful for the pain, since it reminded me that I still had a leg, let alone a life.

Before the accident I was an extremely active person, regularly mountaineering, walking, mountain biking, swimming and diving – I lived for the outdoors life. The idea that I may have never been a part of these activities again was, without doubt, the most difficult concept to come to terms with, so I gritted my teeth through the pain and cycled, walked, climbed and even ran (albeit a bit unsteadily). But the pain was constant, and, on many occasions, my leg would collapse beneath me or a sharp pain would grip my knee or hip. Getting up in the morning was a ritual of physio and pain killers before I could function at all, and so it went on until September 2002 when, having quite literally dragged myself through university on my crutches, change arrived, once more without a fanfare, in the form of a small and rather innocuous looking object called a Bioflow.

My fiancée Helen told me she'd come across this magnetic wrist strap which would reduce my pain levels significantly, according to the research she'd seen. Helen has absolutely no time for scepticism, and completely ignored my protestations that it was far too simple to help. "You've got three months to try it, and it if doesn't work, they give you your money back," she said, and I was unceremoniously ordered to put it on. Knowing better than to argue, I strapped it on with the intention of proving to her that it wouldn't work, and what happened next was truly the last thing I expected.

Within days, I noticed my knee wasn't hurting as much, and several other injuries were also less painful. I'd broken many bones, including my left kneecap, several ribs, my right clavicle and right arm, and had suffered residual pain and stiffness for years which was now simply disappearing! Over the next few weeks, I started to realize there was something incredible going on. I was sleeping better than I'd done for ages, my energy increased and knocks and grazes healed much quicker. My lung capacity also increased, and I was able to cut down on my asthma medication significantly.

Intrigued, I did my own research, and discovered that the manufacturers, a Cornish company called Ecoflow, not only make BioFlows for people, but for animals too. I quickly realized that animals don't lie, dispelling the idea that this was 'all in the mind'. Since over a million people enjoy incredible relief from all kinds of health problems, from angina to osteoporosis, arthritis to thrombosis, I knew I'd discovered something truly amazing.

Magnotherapy is nothing new, but cutting edge technology is used in Bioflows, with their powerful 'Central Reverse Polarity' magnets (which simulate the pulsed effect of expensive hospital equipment). Every cell in our bodies has its own magnetic field, and Ecoflow's meticulous research showed me that, by stimulating this, Bioflows increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, and balance the pH levels, allowing the body to heal itself more efficiently and eliminate free radicals and toxins.

Today, I am once again very active and, incredibly, completely pain free. I now distribute Bioflows myself and have helped many other people to improve their lives as I did. Nowadays, I don't wait for change to arrive, I simply go out and make it happen!


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About Nigel J Iles

About the Author Nigel J Iles, BSc (Hons) graduated from Southampton University in August 2002 with an Honours Degree in Geology and Geochemistry. He travels the country giving talks and demonstrations on the amazing properties of both Bioflows and Ecoflow's fuel efficiency products, which reduce emissions and help preserve the environment. He can be reached on Tel: 01737 760435;

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