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  1. Case Study Issue 120: Natural Fertility

    by Rumana Zahn

    In this article the author, a practising Naturopath, focuses on natural methods to fertility, which many couples are now opting for via alternative route due to the long waiting li...

  2. Case Study Issue 121: The Case for Traditional Naturopathy

    by Stewart Mitchell

    The author puts forward a cogent and authoritative argument for using Naturopathy for healthcare. He talks about how Naturopathy can offer a solution to solve a health issue rather...

  3. Case Study Issue 122: Successful Use of PDT for Vascular Tumour

    by David Longman

    The author David Longman is father to Louise Longman - a girl whose first 21 years of life have been blighted by a vascular tumour. In this article he tells about the dramatic new ...

  4. Case Study Issue 123: Colonic Hydrotherapy for Intestinal Cleansing

    by Emma Lear

    Emma Lear, Founder of The Clifton Experience Colonic Hydrotherapy centre in Bristol describes how Colon hydrotherapy, colonics, or colon irrigation is an alternative health practic...

  5. Case Study Issue 124: Chronic Fatigue - A Healing Story

    by Gitte Lassen

    In this article the author provides a personal account of her experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and how she was healed from it.

  6. Case Study Issue 127: Reflexology for HIV and Kidney Stones

    by Ros Seymour

    This article details two HIV-infected case studies who used the services of a north of England charity that provides a wide range of complementary therapies to people with Aids and...

  7. Case Study Issue 137: Nutritional Preconception Care - John and Tracy

    by Maria M. Griffiths

    The author presents the case of a couple (John in his late 40s and Tracy in her late 30s) who opted for nutritional remedies after several failed attempts of trying to conceive thr...

  8. Case Study Issue 142: Learning to let Go

    by Amy Hassinger

    In this article the author presents her personal account and experience with yoga and its effect on her pregnancy. An avid practitioner, the author says she taught herself through ...

  9. Case Study Issue 64: Nutritional Therapy - Inability to Conceive

    by Penny Crowther

    Jane’s main reason for coming to see me was failure to conceive. She and her partner had been trying for a baby for two and a half years. She became pregnant once in that period of...

  10. Case Study Issue 65: Scenar Therapy

    by John Halford

    As published in Issues 44 and 60 of Positive Health, a Russian Radio-Engineering Institute worked on a device during the mid 1960s which was developed over the next twenty years. ...

  11. Case Study Issue 66: Patient Cancer Study

    by David Galsworthy

    This article is written in the form of a case history of the author's personal experiences of diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

  12. Case Study Issue 67: Reflexology for Psoriasis and Arthritis

    by Kate McKennan

    This case study illustrates the successful treatment of a psoriasis sufferer with reflexology.

  13. Case Study Issue 68: Nutritional Therapy - Success With Stabilising Cancer

    by Pat Reeves

    Pat Reeves, a practitioner of nutritional medicine, tells her personal story of how she combated cancer, firstly in the form of a brain tumour diagnosed in 1984, then a knee tumour...

  14. Case Study Issue 69: Reflexology for ME/Chronic Fatigue

    by Kath Morrell

    This article describes the successful treatment with reflexology of a seven-year-old boy suffering from ME/chronic fatigue/post-viral syndrome, a condition often difficult to treat...

  15. Case Study Issue 70: Integrative Massage Therapy

    by Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar

    This article tracks the progress of a young woman suffering from stress and depression, manifesting physically in chronic backaches and a rigid, armoured body, as she was treated w...

  16. Case Study Issue 71: Patient Case Study - Acid Reflux

    by Paul McAuliffe

    Paul McAuliffe describes how he took positive action to restore his health and turned to alternative medicine to assist his acid reflux, a condition in which stomach acid travels u...

  17. Case Study Issue 72: Holistic Treatment of Hair Loss

    by Jolanta Basnyet

    Jolanta Basnyet, well-known qualified osteopath, aromatherapist, reflexology and trained in Indian head massage, has been in practice for over 20 years, and describes how a combina...

  18. Case Study Issue 73 - Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    by Carol Squire

    Research conducted over the last few years has shown hypnotherapy to be particularly effective in treating conditions of the digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)...

  19. Case Study Issue 74: Homeopathy and Multiple Sclerosis

    by Mike Bridger

    Mike Bridger describes how a 28-year-old woman diagnosed with multiple sclerosis was treated successfully with homeopathy at a free clinic run by the Contemporary College of Homoeo...

  20. Case Study Issue 75: Deep Lymphatic Therapy

    by Angela Heath

    Angela Heath, who practises deep lymphatic therapy, remedial massage, aromatherapy and Reiki, presents a case study of a 50-year-old woman with a large tumour in her left breast, w...

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