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Case Study Issue 85: 'Good' Grief - A Session with EmoTrance™

by Tina Cooper(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 85 - February 2003

Client History

'Mariella' (name changed to protect client identity), a lady in her early 40s, presented with vague symptoms of unease and distress. She could not pinpoint any event that had caused these recent symptoms, but felt they might be linked to unresolved issues of grief following the death of a close relative some years earlier.

The wonderful thing that makes EmoTrance™ (ET) so gentle is that it deals with the sensations felt now – there is no need to know exactly why, where, how or when the feelings came about. There is no digging around in the subconscious, no naming of names or recollection of painful events. So the fact that Mariella did not know what had caused her upset was no problem at all.

She described her symptoms as being weepy, unable to breathe and feeling as if her "whole insides wanted to explode out". There was no specific time or place she experienced these unwanted feelings – anything remotely connected to the family member would set it off, and things that were not connected in any way would also spark a reaction, as she would "find a connection somehow".

Mariella believed she would feel better if she "could just find a way to let it out".

The Healing

I explained to Mariella that her symptoms were caused by blocks in her energy system that prevented a natural flow and so leading to an 'emotional inflammation', much as a blood clot in the circulatory system would cause physical swelling and pain. Using ET and the power of the mind/imagination, we were going to soften the block, move and remove it, and so allow the energy system to return to normal.

Mariella closed her eyes (not necessary but it does help some people with concentration) and I asked her how she knew she was feeling the way she did – what sensation told her she was having that feeling and where in her body the sensation was located. She immediately went to her solar plexus area, balled her fists and literally buried them under her ribs. She described the feeling of a knotted mass being stuck there, so large that it went all the way up to her throat.

I reminded Mariella that this was an energy block, and that we were going to change it in some way. ET assumes the client's own system knows what it needs to heal and so is completely client-led. The practitioner merely assists the client, who decides just what changes to make. It does not matter how ridiculous the changes might sound, so long as the client is happy with them.

Mariella reported wanting to put her hands inside and lift this mass out, but felt she was unable to because it seemed to be attached. Part of her wanted to let it go, but part was fighting to hang onto it. I questioned how she believed it was attached and what she might do to release the mass. She decided to use scissors to cut the thread that was holding it and imagine the mass was travelling up her arm to her hand, until she was able to push it away from her body.

I asked her to show me its progress with her other hand. This serves to give the client a real sense of movement, and allows the practitioner to 'assist' by holding their hands a few inches from the person's body and moving with them.

With a little push and a shake of her hand, the knotted mass was gone. I asked Mariella how she now felt. She reported relief, yet also guilt that she was feeling better. Again I asked her how she knew she was feeling guilty, what sensation she had and where in her body it was located.

This time it manifested as a sickness in her stomach. We repeated the procedure we had used for the knotted mass, only this time Mariella wanted to move that feeling down her legs and out through her toes. We both 'tracked' the movement with our hands. She knew it had left when it felt like she had "given birth" through her feet – what she described as that final quiver that signals 'the baby' has emerged.

Again I tested how Mariella was feeling. The sickness was totally gone, but in its place was an emptiness that felt uncomfortable. Once more we repeated the ET, this time reducing the emptiness in size, shrinking it until it became so small it disappeared like the dot on the TV screen that Mariella recalled from her childhood.

A smile signalled the end of our work for that day.

The Outcome

Mariella reported her relief as being immediate. As soon as we had completed the ET session, her breathing had become considerably easier, it no longer felt as if there was something huge lodged under her ribs and her face had visibly lightened.

Prior to the session Mariella believed she had to feel bad, that it was almost indecent to not experience hurt and despair when someone you love has died. Removing these blocks has allowed Mariella to remember the good times with that person, without being reduced to a "weeping wreck". She is now able to reminisce without the worry of being unable to cope with the intensity of the emotion. She can once again experience the love they shared, and now feel comfort instead of fear.


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About Tina Cooper

Tina Cooper has a GNVQ Advanced with Distinction in Health and Social Care, Diplomas in Meridian Psychotherapy, Energy Anatomy of the Human Body and Holistic Metaphysical Healing, and is a licensed practitioner of EmoTranceTM and Meridian Therapies (EFT). She can be contacted on Tel: 518913; 07811 731185;

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