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  1. Case Study: Homotoxicology for Migraine Relief

    by Rosemary Lawrence

    Homotoxicology is the study of substances which are toxic to human beings, and their treatment by homeopathic methods.  These toxins can occur internally or externally, but in mo...

  2. Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Weight Control Problems

    by Barbara Lewis

    The author presents her case study of a 53 year-old woman who had problems controlling her weight…. first going on liquid diets for months to try and lose weight and then overeatin...

  3. Case Study: Hypnotherapy to Banish Blushing

    by Kathy Stephenson

    In this article the author explains how hypnotherapy helps with erythrophobia, the fear of blushing, a common condition which is said to affect one in ten people.

  4. Case Study: Infertility - A Nutritionist's Personal View

    by Midi Fairgrieve

    In this Case Study about infertility, the author shares her own journey and treatment programme to fertility which included correcting her nutrient levels;  taking several differen...

  5. Case Study: Joey Bull Recovery from Knee Injury

    by Guy Holland

    Joey Bull was set to achieve her dream of becoming a professional dancer, but a ski accident resulted in a horrifying knee injury, major surgery and a complete re-appraisal of her ...

  6. Case Study: My Journey of Self-Healing - Back from ME to Me

    by Pamela Marsden

    In this column the author presents her journey back to her heart and the heart of nature from ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She provides some insight into how this condition affec...

  7. Case Study: Natural Skincare Approaches for Chronic Atopic Eczema

    by Amanda Hughes

    This article focuses on atopic eczema, its causes, effect and the solutions. Said to be one of the most common skin problems today, the condition can be demoralizing because the it...

  8. Case Study: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

    by Mary Miller

    In the UK it is estimated that one in ten women have polycystic ovaries (PCOS) which is the number one cause of infertility in non-menopausal women.  Because so many women suffer...

  9. Case Study: Reconnective Healing

    by Dr Eric Pearl

    In this article the author shares his personal experience with Reconnective Healing and how Dr Eric Pearl, the man behind this technique, helped to change his life forever, after h...

  10. Case Study: Reflexology to Help Sub-Fertility

    by Glenys Underwood

    In this article the author, who specializes in clinical and maternity reflexology, presents a case study of a client who had been for many years experiencing irregular periods and ...

  11. Case Study: Reishi Mushroom as a Hayfever Remedy

    by Dale Pinnock

    In this column the author presents the case of a 23 year-old suffering from hayfever since the age of eight, and how he was able to remedy her condition with Reishi Mushroom (Ganod...

  12. Case Study: Rhythmical Massage Therapy for Crohn's Disease

    by Orla Liddy

    In this article on Crohn’s Disease, a condition affecting between 30,000-60,000 people in the UK, with over 3,000 new sufferers diagnosed every year, the author presents her case h...

  13. Remission from Breast Cancer: Diet, Mistletoe, Carctol and Park Attwood

    by Nicola Wicksteed

    In this column the author shares her experience with Breast Cancer and treatment with mistletoe therapy at the Park Atwood Clinic.

  14. The Case for Balancing Hormones, Not Just Supplementing

    by Alyssa Burns-Hill

    The author cites a number of articles underlining the very complex interrelations of physical and emotional responses which are mediated by hormones. This means that it is not enou...

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