Issue 77 June 2002


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  1. Hydrosols - Aqueous Distillate of Essential Oils

    Suzanne Catty

  2. Fat Loss, NOT Weight Loss

    Peter Smith and Kelly Ramsey

  3. Tai Chi for Health and Rejuvenation

    Matthew Rochford

  4. Eastern Approaches to Clinical Therapy

    Gretchen De Soriano

  5. How Can Complementary Therapists Make a Living?

    Robert Willmington

  6. Distant Healing - Advanced Form of Bio-Energy Healing

    Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel PhD

  7. Biolumanetics and Homeopathy

    Kieran Linnane

  8. Editorial Issue 77

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  9. Letters to the Editor Issue 77


  10. Carrying Weight

    Joel Carbonnel

  11. Ashwagandha: Winter Cherry - Withania Somnifera

    Anne McIntyre

  12. Stop Being Sensible All The Time!

    Vera Peiffer

  13. Obstacles to Weight Loss

    Penny Crowther

  14. Case Study Issue 77: Gerson Therapy

    Rachel Matthews

Research updates in this issue:

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  1. acupuncture

  2. allergies

  3. alternative medicine

  1. cancer

  2. colon health

  3. environmental

  1. herbal medicine

  2. nutrition

  3. women's health

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