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Case Study Issue 77: Gerson Therapy

by Rachel Matthews(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 77 - June 2002


I am a 34-year-old mum with a two-year-old and a six-year-old, living with my partner in Surrey.

In June 2000, I had a mole on my left thigh removed which turned out to be an ulcerated malignant melanoma. I then had a wide local excision and a lymphoscintography to see if the cancer had spread to my groin. It had, and after further surgery to remove all the lymph nodes in my leg and groin I was left with permanent lymphoedema.

Looking back, I felt I had been developing this cancer for some years as the abnormal mole had first begun to change visibly when I became pregnant with my first child. I found it hard to believe that my liver could be healthy if this was the case despite blood tests within the normal range, and I felt strongly that I needed to do something to support my body, and fast.

Choosing Gerson Therapy

I had already begun searching for information relating to melanoma and it was at about this time that I discovered Gerson Therapy. This works by detoxifying the body and rebuilding the liver, encouraging the body's own immune system to heal itself with the help of huge amounts of nutrients and enzymes.

Initially, I was horrified at the cost (in the region of £40,000 for two years) and the fact that it apparently required some 60 or more hours of work in the kitchen per week, but I decided to attend an information training day with my partner to find out more. This proved to be exceedingly helpful, providing detailed explanations and demonstrations of all the main aspects of the therapy such as juice preparation, administering your own injections and preparation of the coffee enemas. It was a huge amount of information to take in, but having sampled the juices and eaten a specially prepared meal it all began to feel much more like a realistic prospect.

In the end, I decided to go ahead with the therapy for a number of reasons:

1. There were clearly documented cases of it having completely cured people in exactly my situation, returning them to excellent health;
2. It seemed to consist of nothing but good in terms of the possible outcomes for your body, i.e. putting no toxins in (indeed, flushing them all out!), offering fantastically healthy organic food and supplements, and potentially healing all manner of other ills along the way;
3. It could be done in my own home and fitted into my own lifestyle and routine around the children rather than involving a constant round of unpleasant visits to clinics and institutions where the focus was on my ill health rather than on all the positive aspects of my life as a real, whole person;
4. It offered a complete, self-contained treatment rather than something that needed to be combined with other therapies or regimes;
5. I wanted something with a strong impact given the severity of my illness.

Doing Gerson Therapy

I have been on the therapy for 18 months and would say it took us about six months to integrate the regime fully into our household. It was a very steep learning, or rather organizational, curve! Taking the enemas sounded vile, but turned out to be totally unsensational. I have never felt hungry (you're encouraged to eat as much as possible at all times). The juices are tasty and refreshing, and my biggest concern, which was giving myself regular injections, turned out to be easily achievable following the advice given on the information and training day.

Results and Benefits of the Therapy

Before I began the therapy I suffered from one or two migraines each month, which were getting fiercer and lasting longer and longer. Once on the therapy, these have only appeared as a sign of excess toxicity, and a few extra enemas in the next 24 hours always results in their disappearance.

A hair sample analysis at the beginning of the therapy showed that I had very high levels of lead in my system. These have been steadily dropping and will soon have been cleared out of my system completely.

Around the time of my diagnosis I had developed eight fairly large and new moles on the calf of my left leg, which I was convinced were further evidence of melanoma. Very soon into the therapy, two or three of these changed colour and disappeared into the surrounding skin altogether. Some of the others have changed colour to light pink and become flat and seem to be staying that way. I also lost some randomly placed moles elsewhere on my body. These had appeared to be completely normal.

The lymphoedema in my leg is now about a third of its original volume and I have long since abandoned the need for my compression stocking. This is despite the fact that I have never been able to get the recommended amount of rest. To aid the movement of lymph, and indeed energy in general, around my body I have also had treatment from an excellent energy worker (see below) and this has enabled my body to become more balanced energetically, and more receptive to healing of any kind. It has also increased my overall energy levels (these can be extremely low on the therapy).

On the therapy I feel light, and very clear headed. I have no regrets about doing it. On the contrary, I feel it has benefited me enormously and I would recommend it to others. It's radical, but so are its results!

Further Information

The Gerson Support Group can be contacted at PO Box 74, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 71YD. stephen@healing
Chris Colgan, Energy Worker, can be contacted on Tel: 0208 660 3889 (home); 07904 096091 (mobile);


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