Issue 118 December 2005


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Articles in this issue:

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  1. Editorial Issue 118

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  2. Intuition at Work

    Frances Coombes

  3. Extreme Ideas

    Dorothy Rowe - Deceased

  4. Naturopathy as a Profession: Current and Future Prospects

    Dr Brian Isbell

  5. What is Naturopathy?

    Peggy Graham Taylor

  6. Naturopathy - Living with Nature Cure

    C Leslie Thomson

  7. Naturopathic Case Study

    Catherine Nash

  8. Asthma Treatment using Salbutamol and Ma Huang

    Attilio D\'Alberto

  9. How Reflexology Evolved

    Mary Martin

  10. Probiotic Power: Are you Getting the Right Bugs?

    Penny Crowther

  11. Clinical Experiences of Live and Dry Layered Blood Analysis

    David Parker

  12. Case Study Issue 118: Benefits of Shiatsu and Positive Thinking

    Geraldine McMahon

  13. Bodywork: The Relevance of Subclavius

    Caroline Barrow

  14. Letters to the Editor Issue 118


  15. Pilates For Optimum Health and Fitness

    Ann Crowther

Research updates in this issue:

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  1. acupuncture

  2. cancer

  3. colon health

  1. healing

  2. heart

  3. herbal medicine

  1. hypnosis

  2. massage

  3. meditation

  1. nutrition

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