About Yvonne Leahy

Yvonne Leahy is retired from nursing practice.  She is dedicated to improvements in human health. She has been researching and writing about health-related topics since 2007. Yvonne may be contacted on  leahy_6@yahoo.ca

Articles by Yvonne Leahy

  1. Selection and Use of Whole Grains

    Listed in food

    This article describes evidence-based health benefits of consuming whole grain foods. It offers practical tips for incorporating more whole grains into existing diets. The relations...

  2. Dietary and Chemo-prevention Strategies for Prostate Cancer

    Listed in cancer

    Projects concerning the relationship of various nutritional factors to the incidence of prostate cancer, the sixth most common cause of death in men. Mortality rates, however, vary...

  3. Oral Anticoagulants - Natural Versus Conventional Treatment

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    Natural health products ranks number one among the ten most common complementary health approaches used by American adults.[1] These dietary supplements include for example fish oil...

Book reviews by Yvonne Leahy

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