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Vikki Rimmer has been writing about health and education for the last 18 years, she is also a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. Vikki may be contacted via vikkirimmer@gmail.com

Articles by Vikki Rimmer

  1. The Lightning Process Treatment for ME

    Listed in cfs me

    This article focuses on the Phil Parker Lightning Process which, according to the author, has been helping about 1,000 people with ME per year. She says ME currently affects 250,000...

  2. Is Placebo the Untapped Future of Pain Relief?

    Listed in mind body

    Vikki Rimmer, writer, NLP coach and hypnotherapist speaks with Dr Phil Parker PhD, Professor Irving Kirsch and Dr David Hamilton PhD about how the power of belief is integral to eff...

Book reviews by Vikki Rimmer

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