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Jolanta Basnyet BA(Hons), BSc, MFO, DO, MGO(Lon), ITEC, C&GTC, MAR, is a fully qualified osteopath, aromatherapist, reflexologist and a body worker with the practical knowledge of Reiki therapy. She practises in her own multi-disciplinary health clinic in Preston. She also trains practitioners in the field of body massage, aromatherapy and reflexology in her private training establishment Lancashire Holistic College. Jolanta takes part in radio programmes on contemporary health issues and is a Chairperson of the British Massage Therapy Council, a national organisation with its minimum Core Syllabus for body massage training in the U.K. Jolanta embarked on her second degree course at the University of Central Lancashire and this year successfully finished her degree in Complementary Medicine course. She decided to conduct a pilot study in aromatherapy for her final dissertation. Her findings and comments on the preparation of this project may be of interest to many practitioners of natural therapies, whose practical skills and financial resources would enable them to proceed with such a project without any external financial support.

Articles by Jolanta Basnyet

  1. The Effect of Aromatherapy Treatment on Raised Arterial Blood Pressure

    Listed in aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy treatment is widely used for the purpose of relaxation and although the effects of aromatherapy massage are controversial, there is a shortage of controlled studies to ...

  2. Essential Oils from the Tibetan Shangri-La

    Listed in aromatherapy

    My main purpose of this visit to India and Nepal was re-discover explore in greater depth the area essential oils, availability quality natural raw materials for extraction oils fir...

  3. Case Study Issue 72: Holistic Treatment of Hair Loss

    Listed in case studies

    Jolanta Basnyet, well-known qualified osteopath, aromatherapist, reflexology and trained in Indian head massage, has been in practice for over 20 years, and describes how a combinat...

  4. Body Massage Treatment - A Holiday Treat

    Listed in massage

    A truly relaxing holiday for me is a holiday with body massage or any other form of natural treatments (not necessarily tactile).

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