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  1. 5 Healthy Reasons To Receive Massage Therapy

    by Jonathan Leger

    Upon hearing the word massage, many people immediately think of going to a spa and spending some quality ‘me-time’. Sure, massage can help put your mind and body at ease. But its be...

  2. A Brief History of Chair Massage

    by David Palmer

    Chair Massage is fast becoming the most popular form of skilled touch on the contemporary bodywork landscape.

  3. Aftercare or Afterthought? What Happens at the End of the Massage Session

    by Su Fox

    The column concludes that consultation, massage treatment, aftercare - at the beginning, during and after a session - have a valuable place in good holistic massage practice.

  4. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

    by Hamish Topp

    This passive yoga stretching increases joint mobility and ligament flexibility and is thus an excellent tool for motor rehabilitation. In addition, ancient techniques involving the...

  5. Biodynamic Massage: A Truly Therapeutic Massage

    by Denise McCrohan

    Biodynamic Massage works across a wide spectrum from deep muscular work, to connective tissue massage, to light energetic touch and work in the aura.

  6. Body Massage Treatment - A Holiday Treat

    by Jolanta Basnyet

    A truly relaxing holiday for me is a holiday with body massage or any other form of natural treatments (not necessarily tactile).

  7. Can Massage And Bodymind Learning Ease Inflammation In The Body Politic?

    by David Lauterstein

    A few days after the US presidential election – which, no matter which side one was on, issued in a tumultuous time – one of my local therapist friends said what was needed was ‘a ...

  8. Chinese Tuina for Acute Lumbar Strain

    by Zhou Tao

    This article looks at the Oriental bodywork therapy of Tuina. This therapy is used to promote healing and relieve pain by increasing the circulation of Qi and blood. It can be like...

  9. Critical Bodywork Advice for Massage Practitioners

    by Gerry Pyves

    This is a follow-up to the article Gerry Pyves wrote for Positive Health four years ago in which he launched NO HANDS massage. Since then, the technique has become the fastest grow...

  10. Deep Massage: A New Step in the Evolution of Bodywork

    by David Lauterstein

    The art and science of meeting through touch is what is represented in Deep Massage. It establishes a new clarity in bodywork. Equally as important, like much of the wisdom imbedd...

  11. Dynamic Bodyuse in Massage

    by Andy Fagg and Darien Pritchard

    Massage is about movement, both within the client but also on the part of the practitioner. Effective movement and bodyuse by the massage therapist can be a key to good treatment, ...

  12. Eastern Approaches to Clinical Therapy

    by Gretchen De Soriano

    This article illustrates the value of Eastern approaches to treatment in cases where individuals have acted as 'gatekeepers' to restoring their own health through making informed c...

  13. Esalen Massage: Deep Connections

    by Lucia Appleby

    Founded in 1962 by Michael Murphy and Richard Price to explore unrealized human potential, the Esalen Institute in California has consistently been at the forefront of new developm...

  14. Exploring Integrative Massage Therapy

    by Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar

    Integrative Massage Therapy (IMT) is a technique that combines elements from different modalities, such as touch and massage, Reichian bodywork/body rhythms, neuro-linguistic progr...

  15. Facing It

    by Clare Maxwell-Hudson

    Regular columnist Clare Maxwell-Hudson examines how face massage can be a powerful tool and that there is more to it than beauty. Applying sensitive touch to the face can overcome ...

  16. GRACE - in Massage, Music, Art and Life

    by David Lauterstein

    Aldous Huxley described three forms of grace: animal grace, human grace, and spiritual grace. We cannot proceed as a society without all these forms of grace. Graceful movement, gra...

  17. Hawaiian Huna Massage

    by Rosalie Samet

    Recapturing the long-forgotten wisdom of the ancient people of Hawaii, this type of bodywork has been practised in the healing temples by Kahuna Priests as a sacred rite of passage...

  18. Health Benefits of Foot Massage

    by Jen Miller

    The many benefits of foot massage include releasing endorphins, lowering heart rate, lowering blood pressure, improving balance, and assisting with mental health problems.

  19. Holistic Massage

    by Sara Thomas & Lucy Lidell

    In essence, massage is simply touch that is caring and sensitive – healing hands stroking and soothing, giving comfort and nourishment to the body.  It is a universal language – ...

  20. In the Event of Your Death?

    by Su Fox

    The author was impressed by an article about a 91-year-old massage therapist, who has been massaging for sixty years and has just had her license renewed. But evidently, she may no...

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