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  1. 15 Must-Try Recipes Using Essential Oils

    by Kacie La

    Every person wants to look and feel good, irrespective of lifestyle or age. The burgeoning demand for beauty products has seen research into the industry skyrocket and each day ther...

  2. Appreciating Spring-Time and Its Uplifting Attributes

    by Barbara Payne

    Spring is the time when we all can benefit from longer and lighter days, bird song, warmer temperatures.  Even in the city, we see flowering trees and shrubs in public areas.  If w...

  3. Are You Ready to Spring Forward?

    by Barbara Payne

    Regular columnist and aromatherapist Barbara Payne reminds us that Spring is the time of year to nurture our integument system – the skin, nails and hair – which we have probably o...

  4. Aromatherapy

    by Dr Vivian Lunny

    Aromatic medicine, also known as Aromatherapy, is a multifaceted and well established healing art with a documented body of scientific knowledge which utilises mainly ethereal, v...

  5. Aromatherapy - More than Essential Oils

    by Jan Kusmirek

    This fascinating article by Jan Kusmirek, a senior and highly experienced and well-known Aromatherapy professional, discusses a wide range of possible materials and techniques whic...

  6. Aromatherapy - Plant to the Bottle

    by Jan Kusmirek

    Whilst great work is being done by various organisations, such as the Aromatherapy Organisations Council which is the central body for UK aromatherapy organisations, as well as pra...

  7. Aromatherapy Adventure – Exploring the Power of Plants in France

    by Klaus Ferlow

    In March 31 to April 2, 2000 I attended a three-day seminar at AMBROSIA essential oil Apothecary in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. During the seminar, I delved into the benefit and h...

  8. Aromatherapy and Flower Posies - Two Healing Supports

    by Barbara Payne

    Holistic aromatherapist, Barbara Payne, highlights how aromatherapy and flower posies can be used as healing aids during the busy ‘spring fever’ time of year, when we become partic...

  9. Aromatherapy and Massage for people with a learning disability

    by Shirley Durell

    During my nurse training, I was able to observe Aromatherapists apply aromatherapy and massage to people with a learning disability. I also studied in depth the relevant literature...

  10. Aromatherapy Energetics An Oriental Approach

    by Gabriel Mojay

    It may at first sight seems strange to apply to aromatherapy (a therapeutic approach that seems so distinctly European) the theories of an ancient medical tradition that originated...

  11. Aromatherapy for Pain Relief

    by Bob and Rhiannon Harris

    The authors, who are essential oil resource consultants, illustrate how aromatherapy can be used effectively in the complex area of pain management.

  12. Aromatherapy used on a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit

    by Paula Mullins

    In this study Paula Mullins begins by describing how aromatherapy started, how it works and perceived benefits and contra-indications. She then describes the role function of aroma...

  13. Aromatherapy, Massage and Chinese Medicine

    by Joanne Baker

    Chinese massage is designed not only to relax the person and release muscular tension but also to treat illnesses. In this article the author describes how she uses a combination o...

  14. Aromatology Its History and Uses

    by Penny Price

    In the UK for various reasons, not least among them ignorance and fear, aromatherapy has been reduced to a fraction of its potential. It is no more than 'massage with smells' to so...

  15. Autumn Gold to Winter Silver

    by Barbara Payne

    Aromatherapist Barbara Payne looks at the uplifting and reviving essential oils that reflect the vibrancy of the autumn season and which can help to ward off viruses.

  16. Blossom Oils For Blooming Summer

    by Barbara Payne

    With summer almost upon us, the author focuses on sweet summer fragrances such as rose blooms in the garden and aromatherapy oils. She says that through the sense of smell we can a...

  17. Case Study - Remarkable Aromatherapy

    by Lindsay Woodman

    In this column the author presents a case study on the use and remedial benefits of aromatherapy on a 50 year-old male client suffering muscle tone weakness, loss of movement and s...

  18. Case Study: Reducing Symptoms of Arthritis in the Feet Using Massage with Essential Oil Blend

    by Susan Lorrimer

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an auto-immune disease characterised by inflammation of the synovial tissues resulting in joint pain, swelling and stiffness. There is no cure for the c...

  19. Choosing Oils to Balance the Chakras and Auras

    by Dr Glennis Rogerson Phd

    Dr Rogerson is a practising therapist who has written a course on Chinese Medical Theory, encompassing its history, elements, diagnosis and treatments including Chinese herbs, arom...

  20. Cooking with Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils

    by Kolinka Zinovieff

    Although the use of essential oils in massage, steam inhalations, baths and beauty products is not new, the authors have taken the concept one step further by exploring the use of ...

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