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  1. Organic Production of Essential Oils in the UK

    by Dr Jane Collins

    Agriculture, our most important global industry, provides the world's population with food from plants and animals. Farmers grow plants and animals to harvest as foodstuffs and are...

  2. Parkinson's Disease Project

    by Shirley Price

    Is Aromatherapy an effective treatment for Parkinson's Disease - Report and Summary of Results. The idea to carry out a trial on people suffering from Parkinson's Disease originate...

  3. Properties and Uses of Carrier Oils

    by Doreen Wallace

    The importance of carrier oils beyond their role as dilutants is often overlooked, maintains Doreen Wallace. Many of them, she says, are full of valuable nutrients.

  4. Properties of Good Quality Essential Oils

    by Lowana Veal

    The author offers useful advice on how to choose a good quality, unadulterated oil by examining the Latin names given, specific components listed, country of origin, part of the pl...

  5. Reaping the Bounties of Autumn

    by Barbara Payne

    In this Expert Column the author offers some comforting solutions from garden blooms of fruits and herbs to please the senses as the days get shorter and cooler. She says those wit...

  6. Recipes For Health And Beauty Using Essential Oils

    by Nicola Jenkins.

    Edited extract from The Aromatherapy Kitchen by Nicola Jenkins. This feature shows you how to make a wide selection of stimulating and soothing products for cleansing, toning and m...

  7. Spotlight On Norfolk Lavender Farm

    by Teresa Lloyd

    Lavender essential oil can be used to calm, revive and re-balance our emotions. Some of the practical uses include alleviating high blood pressure, clearing blocked sinus, healin...

  8. Spring - A Time of Regeneration and Rebirth

    by Barbara Payne

    This article provides a stimulus for initiating change in our lives. Just as we nourish seeds and young plants in spring, we all need to learn how to nourish ourselves, regenerate ...

  9. Summer - And Its Aromatic Bounties

    by Barbara Payne

    Barbara Payne describes the many different ways we can enjoy aromatic summer herbs, fruits and flowers, not simply by inhaling their beautiful aromas as they grow in our gardens or...

  10. Tea Tree Oil

    by Cynthia Olsen

    In today's societies, natural medicine is becoming more mainstream. The baby boomers now make up a large portion of consumers in the natural products industry. Sales of herbs in th...

  11. The Effect of Aromatherapy Treatment on Raised Arterial Blood Pressure

    by Jolanta Basnyet

    Aromatherapy treatment is widely used for the purpose of relaxation and although the effects of aromatherapy massage are controversial, there is a shortage of controlled studies to...

  12. The Foundation of Quantum Aromatherapy A New Vision of Aromatherapy

    by Dr Daniel Penoel

    The way essential oils are used, be it from the 'hard' side or the 'soft' side, has the capacity to bring 20% of the healing potential of essential oils. To unravel the remaining 8...

  13. The Fragrant Journey

    by Kerry Doyle

    The overwhelming passion of my life instigated the journey beyond the shores of my native England, the place of my excellent training and the home of my practice and small distribu...

  14. The Need for Quality in Essential Oils

    by Kolinka Zinovieff

    Sadly, most aromatherapy essential oils on the market are of low quality: they are often synthetic or 'perfume grade'. This means they have little or no therapeutic effect – in oth...

  15. The Profession, Standards and Safety of Oils

    by Sylvia Baker

    The Aromatherapy Organisation Council's (AOC) pre-eminent position for the aromatherapy profession was confirmed earlier this year when it was granted the first independent seat on...

  16. The Recuperative Power of Plants

    by Barbara Payne

    This column looks at the recuperative power of plants damaged by floods in the author’s Aromatherapy Fragrance Garden.

  17. The Use of Essential Oils

    by Maureen Farrell

    If we focus on the therapeutic use of essential oils and on aromatherapy, we can explore at various levels. Perhaps the most obvious is that of the pharmacological and physiologica...

  18. Training as an Essential Oil Practitioner

    by Carole Preen

    I have taught Aromatherapy diplomas since 1996 and have always loved sharing my passion for this amazing therapy but in 2015, after receiving many phone calls from people who wanted...

  19. Use Essential Oils to Change Your Mood and Make the Most of Every Minute

    by Barbara Payne

    In this, Barbara Payne’s final Expert Column prior to her retirement from PH, she finds powerful, yet tangible ways in which we can search for balance in our busy lives. Essential ...

  20. Use The Dark Days To Lighten Up

    by Barbara Payne

    Barbara Payne points out how outside influences and emotional ups and downs create chemical changes within, which in turn affect the way we feel and ultimately define our health st...

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