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The Foundation of Quantum Aromatherapy A New Vision of Aromatherapy

by Dr Daniel Penoel(more info)

listed in aromatherapy, originally published in issue 155 - February 2009

The Dual Vision of Aromatherapy

It is December 2004.  My friend Gry F contacts me in emergency. She is an English-style trained Aromatherapist and runs her Aromatherapy Institute in Oslo. She is extremely worried; the members of the commission of the Health ministry are having their meeting in two days. There is no doubt that disciplines like Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture will enter in the field of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). However, Aromatherapy is highly likely to be excluded from CAM by the specialized Commission.

For the members of the Commission, Aromatherapy is exclusively connected with the prevailing current model, the 'soft side' of implementing essential oils.  For them, Aromatherapy means some kind of relaxing fragrant massage and nothing else, nothing more.

With this unique view in their mind, Aromatherapy had to be left out of the field of CAM, in the same way as cosmetic or beauty care.


I decide to respond immediately to her desperate request. Within two hours, I create a very dense two-page text introducing the members of the Commission to 'the other side', the 'hard side' of implementing Essential oils.

When my wife Rose-Marie and I arrived in Oslo in April 2005, to give two lectures for the Conference about CAM and a two-day seminar on aromatic medicine, the answer of the Ministry of Health had just arrived. Aromatherapy had been recognized as belonging to the field of CAM.

With over 25 years of intensive and extensive practice of Aromatic Medicine, and over 20 years of teaching and writing in the field of medical and pharmaceutical applications of essential oils, it was easy for me to develop a powerful and convincing set of arguments in favour of the integration of the enlarged use of essential oils in the field of CAM.

In France, as well as in the French-speaking parts of Belgium and Switzerland, essential oils are initially medically, and pharmaceutically-oriented. For thousands of doctors and pharmacists, essential oils represent the core of their interest and practice.

How is it that the way of using essential oils on the southern side of the Channel is a real medical and pharmaceutical field of expertise and practice, whereas the same 'raw material' essential oils, give rise to a very soft way of using them on the northern side of the Channel?

In order to answer this question, I suggest that we take a deeper look into the very nature of this aromatic substance and its wide range of applications.

Understanding why Essential Oils Represent a 'Condensed State of Light'

The aromatic matter takes its source in the vegetable kingdom. Plants are literally 'Beings of Light'. They are endowed with the capacity of transmuting the light received from the sun into complex organic structures. The initial outcome of this manufacturing process is the release of the gas – oxygen – that allows plants and animals to breathe. Then, plants elaborate all the foods for the animal kingdom. Last, but not least, plants generate through what is described as their secondary metabolism, hundreds of thousands of organic molecules that are used for health purposes by the animal kingdom. Among those molecules, there is one category that is absolutely unique, as its compounds are at the same time volatile and fragrant.

Transmutation from a Solid State to a Concentrated Liquid

Among a million of different species of plants on planet Earth, only a very limited number have evolved the capability of being able to elaborate enough of these peculiar molecules. When these species of plants go through the process of distillation, the result is the creation of an essential oil as the main product, and floral or aromatic water, generally as a by-product (in some instances as the main product).

In order to ease the understanding of the incredible added value that distillation represents, I like to establish an analogy with light in its initial state, and light being processed by human intelligence and technology. When we consider the aromatic plant, or any usual form of preparation (infusion, maceration, decoction, alcohol or dry extract), we remain as in the same realm of light under its current form.

Transmuting the aromatic plant from its solid state into a concentrated and intensely fragrant liquid form is tantamount to the creation of a laser beam. The laser beam, according to the power that is emitted, can give rise to a multitude of applications of a radically different nature.

The Three Facets of Essential Oils and the Analogy with the Laser Beam

Olfactory Aromatherapy and 'Soft' style Aromatherapy

For instance, the laser beam of your CD player can generate a state of elation in your mind if you love the music that the laser is reading. We can compare the first way of using the laser beam to read the CD, to the olfactory applications of essential oils.

In another situation, you may receive a soft laser treatment on the ear or on body acupuncture points. Here, the laser beam reveals its ability in the field of energy medicine. In the case of soft laser therapy, it is the English style of using essential oils, mainly through skin application under a diluted form.

'Hard' style Aromatherapy

When a surgeon uses a laser beam to eliminate a growth, this beam becomes like a surgical instrument. In this case, the power of the laser beam is expressed in watts, not in miliwatts as in the first two cases, but its special physical nature remains the same. The surgical laser is comparable to the 'hard' way of using essential oils for treating pathological situations.

Now that we have established this three-facet vision of essential oils and their applications, we need to take some time to ponder over the nature of this laser light.

The Duality of Light: Corpuscular and Undulatory Aspect in Quantum Mechanics

For centuries, scientists debated and struggled upon the constitution of light. Some experiments would prove that it was definitely a true vibration called the undulatory aspect. Other experimentations, as valid as the first ones, proved that, undoubtedly, it was made out of particles: the corpuscular aspect. Who was right, who was wrong?

Nobody was or everybody was. Young's experiments have revealed that the undulatory aspect (waves) and corpuscular aspect (particles) could not manifest themselves simultaneously.

This means that is it actually impossible to see the particles of light and the waves of light at the same time. It is exactly the same when considering the way Aromatherapists are trained.

They are either trained to understand the soft use of essential oils in the form of olfactotherapy and diluted massage which corresponds to the Undulatory Aromatherapy, or they are trained (like French doctors and pharmacists) to deal with diseases and existing pathological situations, and the training focuses on the other nature, the 'hard' side,  which I call Corpuscular Aromatherapy. In this light, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals using essential oils to perceive at the same time, the double nature of Aromatherapy.

One could think that the solution would be to combine the two sides. However, those two visions bear too many differences to create a sustainable and coherent alliance. The question is not about blending those dual visions, but transcending the undulatory/corpuscular dualism.

The Eye of the Observer: the Key to the Fourth Dimension

Young's experiments have revealed that the light bears both potentialities. The light could manifest itself either as a wave or as a particle. The next step of the experiment was: what if an observer is in the room? Would the eye of the observer influence the manifestation of one potentiality over the other? The tests have answered positively to this question.

So how to transcend the duality wave/particle? The answer is to bring our consciousness to the next level. Here, we reach the most important or the pivotal point of the quantum way of approaching the study of essential oils, and also any other serious study of complex reality.

Inside the physical realm of the experimentation it is impossible to reveal and to show all the potentialities.

However, Quantum Aromatherapy® can perfectly have access inside the consciousness because its capacity transcends the mere physical level.

Quantum Aromatherapy®: Recognizing the Double Nature: the Undulatory and Corpuscular Aspect

The foundation of Quantum Aromatherapy® is connected with the ability of the human mind to fully recognize the double nature of this fragrant liquid in a vial stemming from a highly evolved living plant. Any essential oil comprises its undulatory aspect and its corpuscular aspect. They are like two sides of the same coin.

If the coin lies on a table in front of your eyes, you only perceive this side. The other side has no existence for your physical perception at this moment. How would you proceed, in a physical way, in order to be able to perceive both sides in this situation? Imagine that the coin lies on a glass table and that you have a mirror under it, then your eyes will be able to perceive both sides at the same time; By doing that, you added a new dimension to your perception. Before, your mind was stuck in a flat system of perception. Now, you enter into a three dimension reality.

Quantum Aromatherapy® aims at enabling each of us collectively, as a reunified community of Aromatherapists and lovers of essential oils, to reach a mental transformation where our understanding of essential oils will include simultaneously the Corpuscular Aromatherapy® and the Undulatory Aromatherapy® to prepare the mind for the acquisition of this multidimensional way of processing reality.

Discovering and recognizing the 'double nature' principle in all the aspects and in all the levels of the huge field of Aromatherapy is crucial to crack the health code.

Understanding the Undulatory Aspect of Quantum Aromatherapy®

For any given essential oil, its undulatory aspect is first and foremost connected with the plant itself. Before taking the form of a liquid in a vial, it represents the result of the highest activity of a living plant in its living environment. This aspect related to the living plant is the first one to be taken into account when studying any essential oil and its full range of applications in the perspective of Quantum Aromatherapy®.

Understanding the Corpuscular Aspect in Quantum Aromatherapy®

The chemistry approach itself is tackled with the mental tool that I call in Quantum learning 'the living thought process', and that has the ability of reconciliating most Aromatherapists with a subject that represents generally more a hindrance than a support to their understanding and their practice.

So far, we have more highlighted the acquisition of the third dimension type of perception. In Quantum learning and in Quantum practice, the fourth dimension plays an equally significant role.

The Time Concept in Quantum Aromatherapy®

Albert Einstein, who initialized the revolution of modern physics, demonstrated the relativity and the connection between matter, energy and time. It is important to ponder over the significance of the use of essential oils from the perspective of time. I would like to draw your attention upon two aspects that are specific to the use of essential oils. The first aspect pertains more to Corpuscular Aromatherapy, and the second one is more related to the Undulatory Aromatherapy.

Time and the Corpuscular Aspect

If I consider, for instance, tea tree under its natural form, i.e. leaves containing tiny pockets filled with aromatic molecules, and the same tea tree under the form of essential oils, I would like you to become aware that this change of state, obtained thanks to the distillation of the leaves, represents a quantum leap from the time perspective. Let us suppose that it is wintertime and that you start feeling a sore throat is on its way. If you just have access to a bunch of leaves of tea tree, you can chew them, or you can make some herbal tea by boiling them. It is unlikely that you will obtain a powerful effect, meaning an action that is at the same time very strong and very swift to occur. If you simply apply just a trace of tea tree on your tongue and mix it with your saliva, or if you swish around in your mouth and on your gums this trace of tea tree, you know that almost immediately you will feel a relief.

It means that the process of distillation that enables to obtain the concentrated liquid form of the aromatic molecules made inside the leaf of tea tree results, from a therapeutical perspective, into a condensation of time itself. Instead of having to wait for hours to obtain an efficient result with a herbal tea (if any), within an extremely short period of time you obtain the desired effect. And time represents the crucial aspect of the therapeutic efficiency. In the case of tea tree, we have to deal with a plant that is fairly concentrated in aromatic molecules. But what if we consider a plant like Melissa. You know that huge amounts are required in order to obtain a small quantity of its so precious aromatic secretion. In such a case, the difference in the depth and the speed of the result is even more spectacular.

Quantum aromatic healing literally means a jump accomplished from the perspective of time. A condition that would require a few days with the use of the current herbal medicine form will require a few minutes in order to feel the first relief, and a few hours for being completed.

A chronic pathological condition that would require many months of treatment, just with using aromatic herbs, will be improved in a highly significant way over a few weeks when turning to the distilled form of the same aromatic plants. This is like the magic side of the use of essential oils. This shortening of the time it takes to obtain a positive result is one of the most striking features, above all because we know that this result is linked to a genuine action inside the body, and not just a way of covering the symptoms and pushing them deeper inside the patient´s system.

So, we perceive that the relativity of time is a major aspect, and that turning to the use of essential oils is tantamount to using a car instead of walking or riding a bike.

Time and the Undulatory Aspect

* The Olfactory Sense
The Undulatory aspect of Quantum Aromatherapy® has also the ability to transcend time. How is this possible?

Here, we have to get back to the fundamental feature of aromatic molecules. They are endowed with a double aspect, as they are at the same time volatile and strongly and generally pleasantly aromatic. It means that they can act upon the sense of smell. The smell is strongly linked to the limbic system and the world of emotions and memories. In this way, through the olfactory impact of essential oils, we can have access to a kind of time travel that can occur almost instantaneously.

The perception of vanilla or of cinnamon can immediately evoke memories of events or situations that took place decades ago, but have left their permanent imprint inside the depth of the human mind. With the intervention of the olfaction of essential oils, we almost obtain an abolition of time, from the psycho-olfactory perspective. The implementation of therapeutic power of olfaction goes far beyond what the perfumery industry is used to considering. It is a true discipline in itself.

The Quantum way of using essential oils has the capacity to revolutionize and bring a far greater degree of therapeutical potential.

* The Botanical Substratum
Time consideration is also involved in a major way in the study of the botanical substratum of essential oils. aromatic plants, i.e. the moment they appeared along the scale of plant evolution, is regarded as a major aspect in the Quantum approach to essential oils. This criteria is crucial when establishing therapeutical programmes for the management of chronic conditions.
This takes place in the realm of pathology.

* The Undulatory Aspect of the Molecular Activity
In this perspective, Quantum Aromatherapy® sheds new light on the power of aromatic molecules. In my most recent research, I have been able to reach the point where the molecular activity is not only related to the properties that are inherent to it from the current therapeutical frame of properties, but also takes into account the degree of evolution of the plant that has included this molecule into the complex manufacturing process of its total essence. A well-known molecule like 1,8 cineole will display a superior therapeutical activity when stemming from a plant belonging to a higher degree of the evolution of the botanical world. 

The same aromatic molecule stemming from Eucalyptus radiate, or originating from Thymus vulgaris, is not quite the same from the Quantum perspective.

Thoughts and Quantum Aromatherapy®

However, there is a further quantum leap in the way we think, and also in the way we act, that Quantum Aromatherapy® enables us to accomplish.

As a matter of fact, we are generally taught how to treat a disease or how to prevent it. But what if we were trained in a way of thinking where the main focus would be not on thinking in a negative way, i.e. always about and around diseases but around increasing our vitality.

In that sense, our aim is to be able to generate, through the use of essential oils, a degree of vitality and a state of vibration, on all levels, physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual, so that the organism stays out of the field of disease.

Essential oils used in the Quantum perspective have the potential to create a vibrational field on each and every level of expression of human life that results in a condition of true immunity, meaning that, etymologically, you do not have to pay the price of suffering and disease

Quantum Aromatherapy® teaches you the quantum way to the inner transformation, through innovative techniques and, thanks to its unique ability of processing, common things.

Conclusion: Quantum Aromatherapy®: Inner transformation

We come to the point where we perceive that there is a complex set of quantum types of actions, both mentally and physically. Quantum thinking, Quantum teaching, Quantum learning, Quantum practising, in the field of Aromatherapy and essential oils, represent the path to the future for our science and art to pave the way for the ecological and systemic medicine of the 21st century. The incredible aspect is that, with a single kind of substance, called an essential oil, we can accomplish genuine and powerful medical actions, without the dreadful side-effects that the use of allopathic drugs so often entail. We have, at the same time, the potentiality of doing much more and much better from the perspective of human transformation. The healing process involves taking into account the whole person, both in space and time. Perceiving the reasons that account for the current situation and explaining the possible evolutions that will happen in the future.

Choosing the Quantum way of healing with, at its core, the use of the natural aromatic substance  with all its potential, means that true hope for improvements at an accelerated pace exists. Also of the utmost importance is making clear to the patient that the immense advantage of turning to the use of essential oils is linked with the time factor.

Understanding Quantum Aromatherapy® involves changing the way we perceive the world, the way we think, the way we feel and the way we act. This is crucial for an inner transformation and evolution. Quantum Aromatherapy® offers the possibility to trigger a process of accelerated personal transmutation, for our sake and for the sake of our beloved planet. It is within the reach of our hand if we choose so.

Dr Daniel PENOEL, Tulum, Yucatan, Reserve of the Biosphere, November 2008
" With my hope to meet you personally next July for the first training in Quantum Aromatherapy® in la 'Drome,"  the renowned aromatic area in France.

Further information on CPD training in Quantum Aromatherapy®

For the first time a training will be offered to English speaking individuals to get acquainted with Quantum Aromatherapy®. The Quantum Aromatherapy® Course is designed for people from different countries, to come to share a truly unique experience in an atmosphere of joy and discovery.  Practical, technical information will be underpinned by theoretical knowledge.

Dr Daniel Penoel, in his unique and friendly teaching way, will take students on a journey using creative approaches. The course takes place Saturday, July 11 to Tuesday, 14 July, and is set in the beautiful Drôme Valley, in France, near Provence. For more details on the course and cost please Tel: 00 33 4 75 76 83 42;


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He is the founder of Medical Aromatherapy and has taught across Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and Canada over 15 years. Dr Penoel is also the founder of Quantum Aromatherapy(r) a brand new concept which revolutionizes our way of understanding and using Aromatherapy through the 'double understanding': the corpuscular approach and the undulatory approach. He may be reached via


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