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A world renowned medical Aromatherapy expert, Dr Daniel Penoel is one of the pioneers of the therapeutic uses of essential oils, the cornerstone of his practice since 1977. He is highly respected in the medical world through his rigorous approach to teaching and clinical work. He continues to research and author books on the applications of essential oils in medical and holistic settings. As a medical adviser he is regularly invited to lecture at major International Institutions and Conferences.

He is the founder of Medical Aromatherapy and has taught across Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and Canada over 15 years. Dr Penoel is also the founder of Quantum Aromatherapy(r) a brand new concept which revolutionizes our way of understanding and using Aromatherapy through the 'double understanding': the corpuscular approach and the undulatory approach. He may be reached via penoelschool@gmail.com

Articles by Dr Daniel Penoel

  1. The Foundation of Quantum Aromatherapy A New Vision of Aromatherapy

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    The way essential oils are used, be it from the hard side or the soft side, has the capacity to bring 20% of the healing potential of essential oils. To unravel the remaining 80% th...

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