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Gitte Lassen works as a multi-dimensional codependence therapist as well as co-directing and teaching in the holistic, living medicine School of Health Mastery in Iceland (Heilsumeistaras- kólinn). The school has received official recognition from the Icelandic Ministry of Education

Her website for codependence therapy, in English, is www.positivepowerliving
. The school's website, primarily in English although the home page, and some other information is in Icelandic, is www.heilsumeistaraskolinn.com. Gitte may be contacted via gitte@positivepowerliving.com

Articles by Gitte Lassen

  1. Codependence - For Whom Are You Living Your Life?

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Perhaps the most painful aspect of codependence is the feeling that there is something very wrong with you, and that no matter what you do, you are never good enough. This is the co...

  2. Money Magic - Money Metaphysics

    Listed in psychospiritual

    The author shares what she has learned about the dynamics of money making, and how to create a positive relationship with money in general. She finds people basically spend to solve...

  3. Case Study Issue 124: Chronic Fatigue - A Healing Story

    Listed in case studies

    In this article the author provides a personal account of her experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and how she was healed from it.

  4. Self-Healing with Living Medicine

    Listed in naturopathy

    The article expands on the contrasting metaphors of natural/alternative therapies, which is healing – to support our clients to their birthright of radiant health we strengt...

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