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Case Study Issue 124: Chronic Fatigue - A Healing Story

by Gitte Lassen(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 124 - June 2006

The CFS lasted from the end of 2000 to the beginning of 2005.

My Circumstances

Single motherhood combined with a succession of challenging life situations caused my Chronic Fatigue and kept me sick for more than four years.

My Understanding

In my experience, people who get Chronic Fatigue tend to be people who push themselves, and push themselves, and then push themselves some more… until they have pushed themselves beyond their limits, whether by choice or because of life circumstances. Chronic Fatigue is a systems-failure; the body's organs are overworking yet under-functioning, worn out. I liken it to trying to drive a car with no gas in it. However hard I push the gas pedal I find I'm not getting anywhere! It is a body that has been pushed beyond its limits too many times, for too long, often accompanied with a deep feeling of giving up.

My Symptoms

Fatigue and Insomnia. My healing took me through three stages:

Stage 1

The CFS started at end of 2000. By July 2001 I was seriously insomniac and moved in slow motion. A blood test failed to find anything. A bio-resonance session in September revealed a yeast allergy. I went off yeast, got a little energy back, and could sleep two to three hours every night, but otherwise not much improvement.

In February 2002 another blood test confirmed a chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection.

With this knowledge I went to a Naturopath. She found allergies to yeast, caffeine and sugar. Iris-analysis showed an overworking, under-functioning digestive system, meaning all the good food I was eating was not doing me any good. I went off the allergy-causing foods, received five acupuncture treatments and took digestive enzymes. I also took homeopathic red 12c to heal my first chakra, as my research showed me that Epstein-Barr was related to an under-functioning first chakra. I later took homeopathic orange and yellow to also heal my second and third chakras.

I was able to return to full-time work as my fatigue decreased, although the insomnia remained a big problem.

By October I was getting exhausted again. I pushed on and was able to recover through the month of December which I had off from work.

By February 2003 I was fast sliding back into total exhaustion and losing any improvement I had attained with my sleep. Eventually, I was forced to quit work again.

Stage 2

It was February 2003. I was suffering from a serious CFS-relapse and needed to take action.

At that time I was asked to organize a teaching visit to Iceland for Farida Sharan. Hurrah! She was exactly what I needed for my healing: A world renowned leader in Natural Medicine and Iridology. She put me on a very strong herb regimen together with naturopathic home treatments and dietary changes. I was told that my body was totally and utterly exhausted, and I would probably need to stay on the herbs for six months. (It ended up being 12.) I also had several acupuncture treatments.

Within a few weeks after starting the herbs I was able to move at normal speed and do normal things. The insomnia got somewhat better.

A year later I felt much better and returned to work, although I still needed to rest a lot and I still suffered from insomnia, which prevented full recovery.

Stage 3

By July 2004 I was utterly exhausted one more time (life had once more forced me to push myself beyond my limits). This time I had come into contact with Stephen and Lynda Kane,
specialists in incurable, mystery illnesses, who visited Iceland in September. Stephen is a clairvoyant, who sees the energetic effects everything in your environment has on you. He diagnosed several allergies, the main one being to the colour white and the cause of my insomnia (I was sleeping on white bed linen and had white walls!). My insomnia and fatigue he related to a sixth chakra problem, which was what I myself had felt for all those long years, but every clairvoyant healer I had visited had only seen first, second and third chakra problems.

My main treatment was a homeopathic remedy based, not on symptoms, but on an energy match.

Four days after getting some coloured bed linen and avoiding all allergy-causing foods, as well as doing recommended energy exercises, I noticed a steady increase in my energy and much better sleep – and energy and sleep kept improving. All allergies disappeared except to coffee.

Concluding Remarks

What I have come to realize is, that although the Naturopath and the treatments I received and the supplements I took in stage one of my healing were very helpful, the healing was superficial, and as I returned to full-time work, I rapidly lost all energy again!

Taking the herbs and doing the home naturopathic treatments in stage two made it possible for my body to build itself up from a cell-level, heal all my worn out organs and get my core strength back.

Finally, the remaining problem of insomnia could only have been solved with the help of the Kanes. Who else would have noticed an allergic reaction to a colour?

Recovering my health was an on-going process where I kept being amazed with every new level of energy I reached; what normal used to mean. And getting real sleep remains to this day a source of pure bliss!

And as with so many other people, in the end my sickness turned out to be a blessing. Because nothing could possibly get any worse, I dared to follow my heart and be all-out true to myself – with magical results! And I definitely learned not to take my health for granted.

Further Information

Farida Sharan, Farida may be able to refer you to someone in your country or else give you a long-distance consultation.
Stephen and Lynda Kane, Energy Solutions consultations can be done long-distance.


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About Gitte Lassen

Gitte Lassen works as a multi-dimensional codependence therapist as well as co-directing and teaching in the holistic, living medicine School of Health Mastery in Iceland (Heilsumeistaras- kólinn). The school has received official recognition from the Icelandic Ministry of Education

Her website for codependence therapy, in English, is www.positivepowerliving
. The school's website, primarily in English although the home page, and some other information is in Icelandic, is Gitte may be contacted via

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