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  1. A Thank You To My Teachers, My Clients

    by Suzanne Edgington

    You learn the basics of your therapy or craft and how to be safe from the courses you take, but the real learning comes through practice and experience; it is my belief that the gre...

  2. A Time For Healing

    by Kirsten Hartvig

    We live today in a world of extremes, a world in which many of us struggle to maintain health and peace of mind. The pressures of 21st Century life encourages us to act in ways tha...

  3. Clinical Experiences of Live and Dry Layered Blood Analysis

    by David Parker

    This article focuses on the importance of pure blood in our body and looks into live and dry layered blood evaluation methods, procedures of these two types of analysis and include...

  4. Does Naturopathy have a place in Integrated Medicine?

    by Dr Brian Isbell

    In the Integrated Medicine column this month Dr Isbell looks at Naturopathy and what role it might have in the integration of complementary and conventional medicine. Naturopathy i...

  5. Food Confusion - Reappraise, Adopt a Back-to-Basics Approach with our Daily Regime

    by Dr Paul Lloyd

    True, he gave us the still-important Hippocratic Oath; but with regard to dietary advice and medicine, surely we have moved on since 400BC? Well of course we have, but in so doing ...

  6. Naturopathic Case Study

    by Catherine Nash

    Catherine had all the trappings of success – a great job as an IT consultant, a big salary and a classy company car – but she'd never been so unhappy in her life. Exasperated with ...

  7. Naturopathic Medicine

    by Anne Williamson

    Naturopathic medicine does not only have an active role to play in correcting imbalances through the use of natural therapies, but it also focuses on bringing about an inner develo...

  8. Naturopathy - Living with Nature Cure

    by C Leslie Thomson

    Nature Cure is more than just another cure. It is living to the highest and fullest degree in every way, by keeping one's body properly fed, exercised and cleansed.

  9. Naturopathy as a Profession: Current and Future Prospects

    by Dr Brian Isbell

    This article looks at Naturopathy as a profession, its origins, what it can be used to treat, the educational training of naturopaths and future prospects of this practice.

  10. Naturopathy for Self Healing

    by Joseph Goodman

    The purpose of this article is to show that Naturopathy is a well-defined concept of health care, that Natural Therapeutics is Naturopathy in action where patients are treated in a...

  11. Naturopathy Principles and Facts: InfoGraphic from The YinOva Center

    by YinOva Center

    Naturopathy, a couple of facts

  12. Naturopathy: Conscious Way to Whole Health

    by Accem Scott, ND with co-writer Mimi Sandeen

    In this article, Naturopath Accem Scott describes his approach to the practice of Naturopathy and his path to developing that approach, drawing on his own experiences and using a n...

  13. Optimal Wellbeing: Is an Absence of Disease Enough?

    by Emma Lane

    To be in a state of good wellbeing the elements of mind, body and spirit must be fully integrated, in balance and functioning optimally. With good wellbeing the individual is happ...

  14. Self-Healing with Living Medicine

    by Gitte Lassen

    The article expands on the contrasting metaphors of natural/alternative therapies, which is healing – ‘to support our clients to their birthright of radiant health we strengthen th...

  15. Symbionts and their Role in Health and Nutrition

    by Dr Rohsmann MD

    In this article the author explains why Symbionts are key factors to health and wellbeing of the body, and what they are. Symbionts, he adds, have not been sufficiently researched ...

  16. Tells of the Dis-eased Body

    by Emma Lane

    Are you listening to your body’s communication of dis-ease and addressing it before it turns into a disease? Did you know that disease processes take 10-15 years to develop in the b...

  17. The Naturopath in the Field of Health

    by Hermann Keppler

    The 'Naturopath' is concerned with fasting, nutrition, diet, water and exercise and sees each patient as a holistic unit of mind, body and spirit. He looks at each patient's living...

  18. Unravelling the Mysteries of Hormones

    by Shania Lee

    Hormones are very tiny, very sensitive chemical messengers that were evolved to manage our reproductive, stress and metabolic responses. In an ideal world, out hormones would ebb an...

  19. What is Naturopathic Physical Medicine?

    by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

    In this first of a series of articles on integrated treatment approaches in relation to Naturopathic Physical Medicine, the author focuses on the relative decline in interest in re...

  20. What is Naturopathy?

    by Peggy Graham Taylor

    This article looks at naturopathy – system of medicine which attempts to awaken and nurture a person's potential for health rather than treat the disease or illness – what it invol...

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