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Dr Patrick Quanten MD has been on a long journey of discovery ever since he became aware of the ineffectiveness of the medical approach to diseases. He studied a great variety of alternative treatments and eventually realized that the answer is inherent in the structure of the creation. Finding answers to the fundamental questions in life became the main goal and seeing simple patterns return everywhere provided insight. (His book: "Why Me? - Science and Spirituality as inevitable bed partners" - ISBN 978-90-827854-1-8). Dr Quantem may be contacted on Tel: 07826 824232; beingheard18@gmail.com     www.activehealthcare.co.uk

Articles by Dr Patrick Quanten

  1. Ear Candling: The Basic Facts

    Listed in chinese oriental medicine

    This article looks at ear candling, an ancient treatment that was re-discovered by the Western culture from the Hopi Indian practices in North America. Traditionally ear candling wa...

  2. The Blood Test - What kind of information does it Provide?

    Listed in clinical practice

    Since the introduction of the blood test as a means of helping with the diagnosis of diseases the number of things tested for has dramatically increased as well as the number of so ...

  3. The Role of Authority

    Listed in authority rights freedom

    Rules and regulations with the intention to avoid conflict, on the one hand, and the intention to increase efficiency on the other, are being invented every single day of our lives....

  4. History of a Healthcare System – Why We Have what we've Got

    Listed in clinical practice

    Authorities of our healthcare system are very keen to emphasize that we are so lucky to live now, a time of medical excellence, instead of in those primitive days without medical ca...

  5. Independence and Freedom

    Listed in authority rights freedom

    Whenever people feel constrained by their environment, a power to break free is generated, whether it is breaking free from a government, from an authority or even from parents and ...

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