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  1. A Complete Guide TO HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Services

    by Courtney Dawson

    The Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act of 1960 has had a huge impact on medical answering services. Compliance with HIPAA regulations is one of the most important ...

  2. A Diagnosis

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    The most important thing in medicine is making a diagnosis. Everything else follows on from that. A diagnosis basically means ‘naming’ the disease. As long as a disease has not bee...

  3. A Learning Experience

    by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

    We speak of integration and this is usually, in my experience, focused around the issues of how GPs (and sometimes hospitals) can find ways of working with CPs (complementary pract...

  4. Are You Qualified to Practise?

    by Mark Kane

    This question is perhaps not always asked out loud by patients but is certainly present when they first consult a practitioner of complementary therapies.

  5. Botox – Everyone’s Doing It and It’s safe!!

    by Emma Lane

    I was recently talking with a lady in her late twenties – she looked vibrant and young, however she had a list of health problems that she wanted my help with resolving. When I aske...

  6. Building a Thriving Complementary Practice

    by Bernadette Doyle

    ...if your practice isn't thriving in the way you would like, it's time to take a look at steps you could be taking to attract more clients with ease.

  7. CAM - A Vow of Poverty?

    by Mike Webster (Deceased)

    Self esteem and good marketing are key elements in a successful business in CAM; however the words 'business' and 'marketing' are often shunned by health practitioners and considere...

  8. CAM Practitioners – A Modern Insight into Today’s Practices

    by Yvonne McLaughlin

    CAM offers the body the push it needs to activate its self-healing mechanisms. Because of this, it works on a phenomenal range of illnesses and symptoms of both the mind and body. I...

  9. Complementary Healing Methods: The GP's Dilemma

    by Dr Jayne LM Donegan

    In this article, the author shares the dilemma she faces, as an NHS GP and homeopath, when cancer patients, for one, cling to the hope that conventional medicine will save them no ...

  10. Complementary Medicine – Prepare for the Future

    by Richard Eaton

    In April 2003, Hazel Blears, the Public Health Minister, announced that the government will spend £1.3 million on research into complementary medicine in a five-year programme, wit...

  11. Complementary Medicine and the Voluntary sector

    by Richard Eaton

    This article looks at issues relevant to the future practice of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). This includes the relaxation of constitutional and economic restrictio...

  12. Complementary Therapies within an NHS Clinic

    by Adrian Seager

    Warwick House Medical Centre is an NHS Practice consisting of 4 doctors: 2 male, 2 female. It is a non-fundholding practice of 6,000 patients and the workload is shared equally bet...

  13. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - Is It Really Necessary?

    by Carole Preen

    The author looks into the importance of personal growth and development for alternative / complementary therapists / practitioners, and questions whether this Continuing Profession...

  14. Do I Really Need a Degree?

    by Susanna Dowie

    This article focuses on one woman who has recognized the importance of excellent credentials in the world of complementary therapies. Liz Jeannet, a Complementary and Alternative M...

  15. Don't Pick up the Client's Negative Energy: From White Light to Neuroscience

    by Su Fox

    The author has always followed ‘white light protection’ practices, intended to protect the practitioner from a client’s ‘negativity’, but has had reservations – would these practic...

  16. Education & Training in Complementary Therapies in the UK

    by Carole Preen

    At this time of year, people are reflecting on life and may be considering a new career. Many people decide to train in complementary therapies because they have a passion for helpi...

  17. Efficacy of Lifestyle Intervention Programmes in the Treatment of Non-communicable Lifestyle-related Illness

    by Dr Rosy Daniel

    In this highly referenced article, Dr Rosy Daniel, formerly Medical Director of Bristol Cancer Help Centre and currently Director of Health Creation, reviews research demonstrating ...

  18. Environment Induced Volatility and Cycles in Population Health

    by Dr Rod Jones

    All organisms respond to their (changing) environment using a variety of homeostatic mechanisms to maintain vital functions within acceptable limits.

  19. Forensic Nutrition Part II

    by Harry Howell

    Forensic Nutrition (FN) is a science because it deals with the subject of ill-health in a systematic way and from all aspects, e.g. the cause of the problem and the course of the pr...

  20. Forensic Nutrition: Part 1

    by Harry Howell

    We are going to be looking at the cause of disease as relating to the dynamic forces that regulate life in an individual rather than the orthodox medical view that disease is based ...

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