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  1. Future Advancements of Medical Operations

    by Lee Dover

    With technology providing rapid advancement across so many sectors, it isn’t surprising that an independent Commission on the Future of Surgery from the UK’s Royal College of Surgeo...

  2. Healthy Bristol

    by Dr Rosy Daniel

    Dr Daniel started the three-year Healthy Bristol Integrated Medicine Project in April 2001, with the aim of making Complementary and Alternative medicine, Psychological Support Ser...

  3. History of a Healthcare System – Why We Have what we've Got

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    Authorities of our healthcare system are very keen to emphasize that we are so lucky to live now, a time of medical excellence, instead of in those primitive days without medical ca...

  4. How Accurate is a Diagnosis?

    by Dayal Pathberiya

    This feature looks at how diagnoses are made and how much faith we should place in them. The author points out that two people who seem to be suffering from the same set of sympto...

  5. How Can Complementary Therapists Make a Living?

    by Robert Willmington

    This article gives some insight into the approaches that a newly qualified complementary therapist can take in getting established in their chosen career and making a decent living...

  6. How COVID-19 has Impacted Complementary Therapists

    by Carole Preen

    As a Director of one of the leading Professional Associations in the UK (Complementary Health Professionals), this year has been a challenge; what with working hard to keep our memb...

  7. How To Find a Qualified, Competent Practitioner

    by Sarah Noble

    This article addresses the some of challenges presented to patients and practitioners, including: how, as a patient, you can find your way through the maze of qualifications and ti...

  8. How to Keep Your Medical Treatment Areas Free from Dirt with Tacky Mats

    by First Mats

    Medical treatment rooms can be a nightmare to keep clean. Between patients, medical staff and support workers, there can be a near-constant stream of people coming and going, but yo...

  9. How We Should Practise Medicine

    by Dr Sam Shohet

    The basis of all complementary modalities is to take the whole patient into account rather than named conditions they are suffering from such as asthma, eczema and diabetes; yet we...

  10. Imprisoned by Lies – Only the Truth will Set You Free

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    We are so disconnected from the truth that we are unable to recognize the lies that underpin our society. It is absolutely true that when you repeat a lie often enough that we belie...

  11. Influence of the Placebo Effect upon the Healing Process

    by Carol Squire

    In this article the author attempts to dispel the negative connotations associated with the term placebo effect (the power to please) and, using comprehensive evidence from recent ...

  12. Integrated Treatment Approach for Emotional and Behavioural Problems

    by George Andruszkiewicz

    The author, a qualified homeopath, describes the work of the Crossroads Centre, part of the City of London and Hackney Alcohol Service, for whom he offers homeopathic services and ...

  13. Limits of Self-Prescribing

    by Paul Houghton

    The customer should get what the customer wants, but what is that exactly? Some come in expecting to talk to an expert. Others want the client-servant treatment. Quite a few would ...

  14. Mandatory Gratuities - Oxymoron

    by Marjorie Brook

    I was settling up with a new client when she asked "And what is the recommended gratuity?" I explained that "while I appreciate the thought it was not necessary". She was very surp...

  15. Massage, Sex and Supervision

    by Su Fox

    This article focuses on the erotic aspect of body massage and why practitioners and clients rarely get turned on, despite there being some similarities between some of the rituals ...

  16. Medical Education Needs Booster Dose

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    What is the purpose of medical education, especially in today’s context – when it continues to struggle in the face of the Covid-19 tornado? The answer is simple  –  medical educati...

  17. Offering a Quality Service?

    by Mark Kane

    What makes the service you offer to your patients good quality? What is quality? By what standard do you want your work evaluated? Do you believe that what you offer is beyond comp...

  18. Park Attwood Clinic - An individual approach to health care

    by Glyn Lewis

    In Britain there is one well established residential clinic where people who are chronically ill may receive treatment of body, soul and spirit. It is unique, and deserves to be ...

  19. Portrait of Natural Health Clinic

    by Tazdin Jivraj

    In this article on the portrait of Natural Health Clinic, the author provides a summary of this clinic which he runs, and also shares his views on when people do seek alternative t...

  20. Practical Advice for Reflexologists and Complementary Therapists

    by Sue Ricks

    In this article the author offers advice on how Reflexologists and Complementary Therapists can improve the quality of their service to keep and attract more clients.

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