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  1. The Healer as an Instrument for Wholistic Healing

    by Dr Daniel Benor

    Regular columnist Dr Daniel Benor looks at how many caregiver factors contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of clinical intervention. The effectiveness of caregiving can be enh...

  2. The Wounded Healer: Boundaries in the Client/Therapist Relationship

    by Anon

    This article examines the ethics of maintaining safe boundaries between client and therapist with an aim to encouraging those entrusted with the care of vulnerable clients to look ...

  3. Voluntary Self-regulation of Complementary Therapies

    by Carole Preen

    This article discusses the issue of multi-disciplinary establishments that have sprung up over the past few years to cater to the concerns of multi-disciplinary therapists about ha...

  4. Wander-Full, Wonder-Filled Thinking

    by Caroline Barrow

    The author starts enthusiastically by discussing the different passions that people have from golf and fishing to crochet and knitting. Yet, how often does one take time to think a...

  5. What Therapists Need from a Professional Association - An Aromatherapy Perspective

    by Sue Jenkins and Ian Smith

    It is really important that therapists understand what they should get in return for their hard-earned subscriptions and, in turn, how they can influence the professional associati...

  6. What will it be like Returning to Work after Lockdown?

    by Carole Preen

    Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on the complementary therapy industry and it is particularly hard when you are a self-employed sole trader. As a result, the question all compl...

  7. Who Treats the Therapist? - A Therapeutic Journey

    by Stuart Robertson

    The author looks into the workings of therapists in general, their insecurities, uncertainties and belief systems, and how they can break some of these modes.

  8. Whose opinion counts, anyway?

    by Mark Kane

    Everyone has their own opinion about the effectiveness of complementary therapies. As a practitioner of complementary therapies I have to make choices and evaluate the therapies th...

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