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Portrait of Natural Health Clinic

by Tazdin Jivraj(more info)

listed in clinical practice, originally published in issue 135 - May 2007


“The practitioner of the future will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in understanding current views on the cause and prevention of disease.”

My philosophy of healing is that in order to maintain and support optimum wellbeing one needs an awareness of all aspects of the being – mind, body and energy. I am committed to promoting health and well being, preventing illness and treating existing imbalances through a variety of healing disciplines. I believe that excellence in health requires working with mind, body and energy to teach the patient to help themselves via their inner strength. During the course of the treatment, areas of poor health need to be identified and assistance provided in learning how to prevent disease and improve the response of the immune system and nutrition.

The services that my clinic offers include Homeopathy, Allergy Testing/Treatment, Acupressure, Herbal Medicine, Body Reflexology, Nutrition Therapy and Chiropody. I also use bodily movement known as muscle monitoring (Kinesiology) which helps to identify and correct problems such as:
•    Physical injuries/impairment e.g. migraine, scoliosis, sciatica and back problems;
•    Endocrine and circulation imbalances;
•    Faulty immune and digestive systems;
•    Lack of energy;
•    Depression/grief;
•    Anxiety /physical and emotional trauma.

Summary of My Clinic

In 2004, my practice enrolled 234 new patients – 49 men (21%), 130 women (56%) and 55 children (23%). I am surprised that men do not take responsibility for their health. It may be due to the fact that men hide their emotions and are generally not known to discuss them. Women, on the other hand, take greater responsibility, and as a result of caring for their offspring they visit practitioners often. This leads to the realization that British men may be intrinsically less open to Complementary Medicine.

It has become more widely accepted that alternative therapies are effective, so when do people seek them?
•    When they get fed up with their doctors and look for second opinions;
•    When they want to find the root causes of their problems;
•    When they don’t want to experience many side effects.

Today’s patients are well-informed (thanks to the internet), and will seek help from various directions including Complementary Therapy.

A closer look at some cases reported at the Natural Health Clinic clearly shows the number of patients seeking Homeopathic help for symptoms that have not been treated satisfactorily by General Practitioners (see Fig opposite).
•    Highest number (22%) was for joint problems including back pain, knee, shoulder and ankle – due to the cold weather, injuries and bad diet (build-up of toxins in the joints);
•    Skin conditions (12%) including eczema, psoriasis and urticaria due to stress, diet being the main cause of lack of probiotic flora in the gut;
•    Allergies to foods and environmental products (11%) need further investigation, since certain types of food/environmental products are blocking the immune system, causing more problems, hormonal and joint problems;
•    IBS and bowel problems (6 %) due to intolerance to foods, too many acidic foods and lack of probiotics in the gut;
•    Hay fever/asthma (4%) due to secondary allergies e.g. pollen/grass and house dust. Also due to diet which causes primary allergies clogging the system;
•    Urinary-genital problems (8%) e.g. prostrate, cystitis, bed-wetting, are treated with change of diet and homeopathic remedies;
•    Hormonal, including menopausal, PMT and infertility (7 %) due to stress and diet, lack of vitamin C, treated with homeopathic / herbal treatments;
•    Constitutional issues (8 %) needs long-term commitment to homeopathic health care – classical treatment;
•    Diabetes (4%) due to heredity and diet;
•    Mental/emotional, anxiety/stress (6%). These are very high today, causing physical health problems;
•    Headaches/migraines (4%) caused by stress, diet problems and loss of alignment in jaw due to dental treatment. In one case, corrected with TMJ the migraine disappeared. Also removal of corns on the fifth digit of the right foot resulted in the healing of the migraine;
•    Cold-flu and chronic fatigue (3%) caused by faulty immune system due to lack of healthy diet, vitamins and minerals.
•    Six people (3 %) came claiming “never been well” since an illness, injury or event in the past – energy distortion corrected with homeopathic remedy;
•    Another six patients (3%) with acute/chronic depression after giving up chocolate/coffee. After the treatment three of the people’s depression disappeared, as well as the ‘addiction’.

It will be informative to ascertain the number of patients with skin and bowel problems who frequent the clinic at the end of the six-month period.

Patients seeking Homeopathic treatment
Patients seeking Homeopathic treatment


During the course of my work over the last 22 years, I have endeavoured to teach my patients through a holistic approach by treating them as a ‘whole’ – mind, body and energy – and making them realize that ‘you are what you eat’. Connecting the mind and body with ‘energy’ is fundamental to the Homeopathic remedies. I have always paid particular attention to allergies, as 50% of the patients have some type of food intolerance, in addition to a clogged system that manifests the obvious symptoms.

Overall, 75% of patients said they felt ‘better’ or ‘much better’. This observational study has demonstrated positive health changes in routine homeopathic practice for a wide range of conditions. Greater improvements were noted in children. This study offers important evidence in favour of the effectiveness of Homeopathy in a wide range of chronic diseases. This is a rewarding profession for me and I will continue to serve this community in the years to come.


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About Tazdin Jivraj

Tazdin Jivraj BSc DHom(med) MSSch MBchA HPC ARH started practising Complementary Medicine some 25 years ago. He is a qualified Biologist BSc (Hon), Homeopath DHom(Med) ARH and Chiropodist MSSchA MBchA,HPC, and has been running the Natural Health Clinic in Harrow since 1984. He is active in research, lecturing, running workshops and professional training courses, as well as sharing his knowledge with others. Tazdin may be contacted via Tel: 020-8908 4272;;

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