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The Promise of a Better World Part I

by Dr Patrick Quanten(more info)

listed in authority rights freedom, originally published in issue 278 - May 2022


Editor’s Note: Please note that the publishers of PH Online do not necessarily agree with all the content of the following editorial feature, but publish this as an alternative expression of the official Covid narrative.


The Covid pandemic is leading us away from the known normal and into a new normal, one that we, ordinary citizens, are not supposed to know yet. On a need-to-know basis we will be told in due course. What we already have been told about the new world we are going to live in is so close to our own ideal picture of human society, it is almost too good to be true. For once, and it took a massive threat to the health of every individual on earth, the leaders of most countries on the planet are promising the following ingredients of our new society.

  • Healthcare prevails over economy
  • Wellbeing prevails over profit
  • Green economy prevails over profit
  • Essential requirements for living, such as housing, water, food, etc., are a priority
  • Safety, individual and societal, is a priority
  • Equality prevails over diversity

Governments will provide the very best for all citizens, on a physical as well as on a mental level, disregarding the cost for these provisions. They will look after us, take care of us, protect us and guide us by showing us the truth and by exposing the untruths, the fake.

The story of this reversal in fortunes for the ordinary citizen starts with the announcement that the global population is threatened by a terrible disease, caused by an invisible something that spreads around in ways we don’t know about. In essence, we are told that massive numbers of people will die from this extremely contagious disease, which individuals may pick up from touching objects or from passing someone in the street. Because individuals are not given anything real, anything substantial, about this contagious disease, they themselves cannot verify their own safety or the level of danger they may be in and they will have to rely on expert advice to guide them through this. Experts predict large numbers of deaths and an overwhelming number of ill people requiring serious medical interventions. From here on, the story is led by experts, their opinions and their decisions. Ultimately it leads to the happy ending of a global society that is benevolent, empathic, caring, safe, earth and life-preserving.


Great Seal Reverse

New World Order (conspiracy theory) – Reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.


A pandemic is declared by the medical authorities, thereby opening all doors for governments to implement extreme emergency measures because it is their duty to protect the citizens from this immense danger. All barriers to question and/or expose weaknesses in governmental policy are removed, declared null and void. As governments everywhere are reacting swiftly and vigorously to this declaration the effects we observe on society, on the economy, on the planet and on the individuals are now no longer due to the impact of the disease itself but rather to a combination of the disease and the response to the supposed threat of the disease. Governments everywhere keep announcing the impacts as a direct result of the disease, thereby not taking into account the immediate effects of the measures they have implemented, which are an integral part of the effects we are observing.

Official figures about all mortality causes for the year 2020, the year of the outbreak of the pandemic, the year this highly infectious and extremely dangerous disease was unleashed on a non-suspecting population, show that nowhere in the world there is a significant rise in numbers. In 2020 there has been no significant increase in number of deaths anywhere. In fact, in most European countries the death rate for 2020 is lower than the previous two years and below average for the past 20 years, which begs the question “where is the pandemic?” So if the medical authority insists on their numbers of deaths due to the Covid-infection then that simply means that almost nobody died of anything they would have died from in previous years. This indicates that the pandemic did not produce excess deaths but did produce a problem of diagnostics. Doctors caused a serious shift in their interpretation of the cause of death of individuals. Overall figures do not show anything unusual happening in 2020 with regards to the health of the population. The only unusual thing that happened was the fact that everything was diagnosed as Covid, which previously was regarded as a whole array of diseases and health problems.

So we start the story of a non-visible, non-measurable threat and right from the beginning confuse matters by all kinds of interferences so that no clean data can ever be collected. Now we only have the ‘experts’ word for it. They can come up with whatever data they want to, whatever explanation for the data they want to and whatever prediction for the future they want to. Nobody can prove them wrong as there are no clean data about the disease itself, about the infection rate, about the way the disease spreads and who is affected most. Everything is a combination of the said infection and the measures taken to combat the infection. All we have is the experts, and all they use is a test which they claim identifies the virus within an organism. It is strange they can claim this as on the one hand no virus has ever been detected and on the other hand the test they use as their gold standard has been deemed to be unsuited for identifying this virus in a diagnostic way anyway. The gold standard the medical profession normally uses, which is a person with specific symptoms combined with various tests results that indicate the same illness, has been abandoned overnight.


Closed Library

A sign in a window of the closed library in Island Bay, Wellington due to COVID-19


From this, we are led through extreme fear, serious restrictions on family life and businesses and the promise of a ‘back to normal’ life via the introduction of an unlicensed injection which is said to be a vaccine but one that doesn’t protect you from getting infected and doesn’t stop you from spreading the disease even further. We end up being presented with a picture of the new society in which all our old grievances and disagreements will be taken care of.

Our leaders tell us they have learned the lessons this crisis is throwing up, although in the first place it is completely obscure as to what lesson is linked to the infection and what is linked to the way they have responded to it, as everything is intertwined. They tell us they now realize that health is the most important thing in life, much more important than economy. Healthcare workers who, so our leaders tell us, have put their own lives on the line in order to save the lives of all of us that survived, need to be rewarded and their jobs need to be upgraded with better pay and better working conditions (which is economy!). All levels involved in healthcare, from doctors and nurses to cleaners and caterers, to lab technicians and computer programmers, to drivers and administrators, are worth more to society than any CEO from a production factory and so their financial reward (economics!) should reflect this learned lesson.

Our leaders tell us they now know that the old industries have no future and no place in the new world, either because they pollute the environment through the emission of CO2 or because they are labour intensive. The lockdown, not the virus, has shown how we can live with minimal contact, which we are being told is the real danger to human life, namely the contact we have with other human beings and nature (viruses can be transmitted from animals to humans!). The parts of the industry that have flourished under the extreme conditions governments have implemented is showing them the way forward for humanity. Healthcare and everything connected to it becomes the top priority, but also communication and transportation have benefitted greatly. We have stayed in touch with friends and family via the internet. We have done our shopping via the internet. We have worked from home using the internet. We have schooled the children at home using the internet. We haven’t been out to restaurants but we have ordered our food on the internet. Food and shopping has been brought to our door by transport firms. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for us to go outside anymore, and at least by staying indoors we are safe, safe from a possible attack by a deadly invisible not-alive something. At the same time there has been very little personal travel, which drastically reduced the use of cars and aeroplanes. Restaurants, hotels and shops have been closed which has allowed supermarkets to become the only real outlets. This has caused a major shift in the economy. Individual businesses and self-employment take a nose dive in favour of the bigger competitors. It has become clear to our leaders that this is the way forward, which will bring more efficiency and better quality control to every citizen.

Our leaders tell us the crisis has shown us that we cannot rely on our own observations any longer. Only expertise and sophisticated equipment can save us from being eradicated. In the future we need to rely more on artificial intelligence, both for our safety and our efficiency.


We need more facilities, more personnel and more research in this area. Huge investments are necessary to not just maintain but to upgrade and to expand our capability. This stands in contrast with the penny pinching every government has been doing for the last four decades! As a Deus ex Machina a virus came to the rescue of an industry that was praised in words but gently pushed to the side for being too expensive for too few real results. Investors had been holding back and confidence in the financial performance of the NHS was waning fast. And suddenly, our leaders realize that a big mountain of money needs to be invested in this industry (economics!). Unlimited funds are being promised and budgets don’t matter anymore, as the lives of every citizen is said to be worth all the money it takes to preserve it. All of the sudden, money is no object anymore when it concerns healthcare, research centres, communication infrastructures. From administration to operation, it can have all the money it is asking for, simply because it is the only way we now have to make humanity survive. We need to rely on their experts and their equipment to keep us safe and maintain our health. There is no alternative, so every penny it takes must be a penny well spent.

The health of the nation, of the world population, has become the priority for our governments. So, the medical profession sits at the top of the governmental tree and has the first pick, can decide what it needs without having to consider any other aspect of life. It is about public health, and the health of the public is made up of the health of the individual, so your personal health is therefore the priority of your government. Total healthcare should therefore be made available to every citizen, irrespective of their financial means. The public purse will fund it, for the benefit of the individual and the whole, irrespective of the financial means of the public purse.

As we now have experienced (because we have been told) that we cannot rely on our own observations about health and disease, our personal health needs to be monitored. The state will then alert you when you are in danger of falling ill. It will set in motion a procedure which will allow you to find out what is wrong with you and what you need to do about it. For this system to work well, an individual must be monitored 24/7 and all individuals must be monitored as that will alert the authorities, and therefore you personally, to the spread of anything that could be a danger to your health.


Sources of Health Data

Sources of health data for an individual


This system will bring treatment more rapidly, and thus more efficiently, to where it is needed, driving down the cost of unnecessary investigations and treatments. Hence, by spending more money the government will save money. That is their prediction; it’s not a promise.

Public money is being invested in a private industry in the belief society needs this industry, is totally dependent upon it and is unable to survive without it. Only allopathic medicine will be available to people, even though to date there is no scientific proof that their basic concept about health and disease is correct. Research will only be their research, aimed at underpinning any theory they put forward. There will only be money available for investigations and treatment options they favour.

Relying on measuring data and test results means that decisions about ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ are made by the experts selected by the system. Gathering the data is ideally done on a permanent basis. Apps on your smart phone and censors on your skin will constantly monitor your temperature, your heart rate, your breathing rhythm, whether you cough or not, muscular tension, air quality, and so on. Other smart devices will test your excretions, such as urine and faeces (smart toilets) or they will monitor what you have eaten or drank today (smart fridges), how many calories you ingested and burned up. All this information will be sent directly to a control centre where algorithms will decide what your risk factor of becoming ill is and what you need to do about it, which further investigations are needed and what treatment you require. You will be contacted when it turns out you have been in contact with someone who subsequently has become ill and you will be treated preventatively. Also, integrating the data that shows when you are stressed, happy, angry and sad with what you are doing at that time (what were you listening to or watching) will allow them to know your beliefs, your thoughts, your preferences and your needs. They now know what you are trying to keep to yourself. You may feel safe in this system but remember that not only your personal stuff (habits, preferences, choices) isn’t private and personal anymore but also that you can be picked out as a source of a health danger to your fellowmen. This may lead to your removal from society without you having any recourse.

Sold under the banner of ‘prevention is better than cure’ it will turn out that this kind of prevention whereby people will be treated even though they are not ill will not be cost effective. In the first place, public money is being diverted into private pockets without any safeguard in place that monitors what the public is buying, is getting back in return. The community will have to pay for everything the medical profession proposes, demands. The cost of the product is set by the medical profession. The investigations and treatments are called for by the medical profession. The industry has been given carte blanche by the government. Everything will be paid for without any questions being asked, without any results being demanded, without any standards being expected by an authority balancing the cost and the benefits. The people, the country, has been sold out to the industry.

The healthcare system needs to run more efficiently, and as we are dealing with a lot more information data we need to triage the patients. Computer programmes will sort out appointments for investigations and interventions. Computer programmes can deal with prescribing straightforward prescriptions after algorithms have made a diagnosis. There will only be a need for large health centres, hospitals, where technological facilities will be available under one roof. People will either travel long distances themselves to get to these facilities or helicopters will bring others in from far afield. Nobody will have direct access to a medical facility or a doctor. Computer programmes will deal with all enquiries and health complaints. This is the new definition of ‘remote healing’.

This healthcare system insists that the biggest threat to our health comes from the environment. Not only is nature fraud with potential danger, now our fellow human beings turn out to be a real danger to our health too. So, in order to save us we will need experts to control our surroundings. We will need to learn to be selective about our contacts with nature and the elements, as well as monitoring our contacts with other people.


Natural Resource Flows

Diagram of natural resource flows-en.svg


Our Environment

Our medical system and the progress they have made in identifying potential threats to our health already warns us about the potential deadly influence from the sun, about diseases caused by air pollution (CO2 emissions), about disease caused by naturally occurring substances such as pollen, sugars, gluten, fats, and water, as well as food items that reach our table without being monitored and checked by the government, such as meat, eggs, milk. Luckily for all those, the industry has found a solution that is much better suited to our health than the naturally occurring stuff. We have found a way to block the sun reaching our inner environment without us having to give up sunbathing. We have been able to remove all potentially dangerous substrates from our food and replaced them with artificially similar stuff, which is much better as the concentration per food unit is regulated by law. We ensure that only food from regulated and approved organisations can enter our markets. The easiest and most efficient way of controlling our food and drink is through supermarkets and ceasing all local trade as that is clearly where the danger to exposure is the greatest.

Our medical system has been warning the population about the effects of polluted air with reduced oxygen content and increased carbon dioxide. This has been linked to lung and heart disease, but also to depression, to nervous disorders and metabolic problems. For a few decades now the air quality gets monitored everywhere in human society and every citizen has been made aware of the fact that our personal mechanical mobility, such as driving a car or flying to a holiday destination, is the largest contribution to this health threat. We all need to stop contributing to this problem, if we want to survive at all.

Our medical system warns us that many diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans. Limiting our contact with nature, especially wild nature, is essential in reducing this risk. We need to monitor our personal contact with animals and their environment. They harbour diseases we are not immune to and via excrements or simply being in the same neighbourhood, their natural habitat, we could become infected. They encourage us to use city parks and controlled nature spots but to stay away from the wild natural areas.

Climate changes, which include extreme weather conditions, are said to be caused by the warming up of the earth’s atmosphere. This is, so we are told, caused by the fact that you and I are driving a car and want to take a holiday abroad. Nothing has been mentioned about the systems that are being used to either collect water from the atmosphere in one place so it rains on the crops of industrial agricultural land, or disperse cloud gathering (water collections) in the atmosphere when and where they do not want it to rain. These techniques have been well understood and have been used for several decades, thereby completely disturbing the natural balance of the atmosphere but they are not included in the analysis of climate changes.

When natural foods have become a threat to some people, not to all people, then it is the easiest option to blame the food item, even though the individual may not have had a problem with that food item in the past. It would be more daring to ask what has changed in the individual for that system to change its reaction to the normal substance. The idea that a human hand, a human mind, can improve on what nature produces is kind of weird as nature has been in this symbiotic relationship and balance for many billions of years. All of the sudden, over the last five decades, mankind is able to survive because it has (finally) found the better alternative to the natural production. Poor plants and animals that don’t have that essential knowledge! Will the human race then ultimately be the only thing that survives?

Medical research confirms that artificial alternatives to sugar are carcinogenic, that fat-free products leads to the need to take fat supplements, that artificial sunblock cause skin cancer and alter the body production of vitamins and essential proteins (essential metabolic processes), thereby weakening the resistance of the body against illnesses.

Medical experts emphasize the need for our contact with nature as part of a health programme. Regular walks in the park will do us a lot of good. Yet, they decided it was best for our health to stay indoors when they saw viruses flying around, viruses we did not see.

Environmental research estimates that over 50% of all diseases contracted through contact with animals can be traced to agriculture. It disturbs the natural environment and ‘releases’ viruses we would otherwise not encounter. They plead for a clear separation between the natural habitat of the animals and the human environment. Our contact with nature needs to be monitored too and agricultural land needs to be limited and separated from our living quarters. It is beneficial to our health for us to be in nature but without the experts’ guidance we will be lucky if we come out alive.

According to the World Health Organisation 90% of the world’s population breathes air that fails to meet safety standards, causing the premature deaths of 7 million people each year. Studies have also shown that air pollution makes the person more susceptible to a whole array of diseases. It turns out that at the height of the complete lockdown there was no significant reduction in CO2 air quality in most cities in spite of virtually no flying, no car transport and a lot less consumption in general. Hence, the emissions from sources that did continue unabated such as electricity, agriculture and industry far outweigh the contributions made by the totality of personal human activity. The solution the new society is proposing is that we, the people, change our consumption behaviour. We need to ‘demand’ through our actions different products, made in a ‘cleaner’ green economy. They do not propose to shut down industries that pollute the air. The responsibility to shut down any part of the existing manufacturing industry lies clearly with the people, not with the government who gets paid by the industry.

An increase in CO2 levels in the air stimulates the growth of green leaved plants and their activity, as the agricultural sector will confirm. These plants turn CO2 into oxygen, thereby solving the entire problem, cleaning the air from carbon dioxide. It is a natural process of supply and demand. Of course, if you keep reducing the green leaved areas on the planet by allowing corporations to continue cutting down large forests, the capacity of the earth lungs keeps being reduced. Again, although the problem is really caused by large companies the responsibility of ending it is firmly put in the hands of the consumer. We need to plant more trees and reduce our paper consumption by making everything digital, but the companies can continue increasing their profits by eliminating well established forests.

Chemical experiments in the atmosphere to successfully interfere with the local weather are never talked about. Neither are the energetic experiments that are being conducted on both the North and the South Pole, disturbing the earth’s magnetic field, the force that keeps everything together on this planet. A cessation of fiddling with the very essence of the existence of life on planet earth is not part of any new world deal they are offering us. In fact, we are not supposed to know about these activities as they pretend HAARP is completely harmless.


Our general wellbeing is of the utmost concern to our government. The crisis has highlighted the need for human contact, the need to feel validated as a person as well as in our work, the need to have space to ourselves. They recognize that we need to spend time together and to spend time outside of our home environment to, at least, have the impression of freedom and expansion.

It wasn’t the virus that created that perception. It was the fallout from the lockdown imposed by the same government that now claims to have learned the lesson. So, they recommend that we take a walk every day, best by ourselves or with a member of the household.

They now recommend the benefits to our health of social contact. As physically getting together has become a deadly pursuit we are encouraged to make use of the video chat facilities the internet offers. Chatting with family and friends on Whatsapp and other platforms gives us the confirmation we are all connected and although the experts do admit it doesn’t give you the same information as being in the same room with the person you are talking to, it is something our systems will adjust to. Our brains are, apparently, so sophisticated that they soon will learn to make up the missing information by reducing the need for it. In other words, we will learn to do with less and still feel satisfied we had a full blown, all encompassing, encounter.

They recommend we make use of the benefits of working from home. You do not have to commute, which is responsible for so much stress and loss of time. You have more control over your own time and you are still available for any situation that may occur at home, emergency or other. You do not have to travel for meetings as they can now be done as video conferences where you simply stay at home. You are not exposing yourself to the dangers of meeting other people in an enclosed environment at work.

They recommend getting out for some time each day. This is something we all did by going to work but going out now has to be done separately. You are supposed to go out but it is recommended you do not meet up with anybody as the danger of catching a deadly disease is constantly present.


Happy Village Kids

A picture of village kids together after a body art session


Physical contact between people is an essential part of living and of our health. We are social beings and therefore need to have that contact. It was the first thing our governments removed from our lives. All physical contact was banned, even though, as the medical authorities confirm, we become mentally and physically ill when physical contact is either denied or impossible. For our own health, they enforced physical separation between human beings, family and friends, our support systems.

Separating us from work colleagues breaks down the unity of workers. Each in their own little cubbyhole they won’t be able to get to know each other. The other big advantage of making people work from home is that it will allow the authority to put in place monitoring devices. On your computer, not the company computer, apps will be installed that monitor when you are actually working, what you are working on, what you are looking at, who you are talking to, how often you frequent the toilet, what you are consuming while working, and so on. This is necessary information for your employer, which you are agreeing to in exchange for the privilege of working in your own comfortable environment. However, these devices continue sending information to a monitoring centre which collects all data about your behaviour and your travels online.

At the same time, children and students can also stay at home for their education. Almost everything can be taught online. It saves on the operational cost of buildings, including less personnel. Class sizes do no longer matter. One teacher can have hundreds of students, which solves the staff shortage problem. In this system, the students are kept safe from possible infection while they are getting the best of both worlds. They get the best teachers and they are at home, with the people that love them and support them. That is if these people are not working themselves, if there are enough computers and internet options available at home and enough physical space to separate them all into different sections of the house or flat, so they do not disturb each other.

It is recommended that you take some time for yourself every day, away from work and home chores. So, you need to go out. But how can you be safe in the outer environment? Your smart phone is equipped with an app that will let you know if an infected or not-protected person is in your neighbourhood. That way you can be sure to avoid all contact with any possible danger. If you do come in contact with a person or situation of high risk your app will advise you on the best procedure to follow. This will allow you to minimalize the risk to your own system. By all means go out but know that you and your app will need to be on high alert all the time as you are moving through a potentially deadly zone.


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